"The Last Knight" Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime Toy Review

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The Last Knight

Optimus Prime General Information:
Release Date: August 2017 (Official Street Date)
Price Point: $29.99 USD
Retailer: Toys 'R' Us Exclusive, Argos (in the UK)
Accessories: Sword, Shield

Official photos above and text below in italics are from Toysrus.com:
Autobot or Decepticon? Choose your side, and Reveal the Shield. This Premier Voyager Optimus Prime figure is detailed with red reveal camouflage. Place sword and shield accessories over the camouflage to uncover hidden images. Change this Optimus Prime figure from robot to truck mode in 23 steps.

In the explosive Transformers: The Last Knight movie, new heroes must rise to forge a future for all. Optimus Prime leads the Autobots with legendary wisdom and power, but a force more epic than Earth has ever seen may push him to the brink. Will Earth's greatest protector be able to defend against unforeseen enemies? Or will evil forces prevail?

The Transformers: Reveal the Shield Premier Edition Voyager Action Figure - Optimus Prime Features:

  • Premier Edition Voyager Class Optimus Prime figure
  • Detailed with red reveal camouflage
  • Converts between robot and truck modes
  • Converts in 23 steps
  • Accessories reveal hidden images on all Reveal the Shield figures
  • (C) 2016 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
  • (C) 2016 Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  • Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Traditionally when a new Transformers movie opens the bigger chains fo stores wind up with some type of exclusive item. For "The Last Knight", Toys 'R' Us went all in and had their very own sub-line of figures. Among these exclusives were Skullitron and Cybertron. Those exclusives however fit under the "Mission to Cybertron" banner, which focused on the last act of the movie where Cybertron comes to Earth.

After those exclusives were released, an extra one kind of got wedged in there with a different theme dubbed "Reveal the Shield" (a term borrowed from a previous line that featured figures such as Chop Saw). This figure was a redeco of "Dark of the Moon" Voyager Class Optimus Prime with new weapons: a sword and a shield. What's interesting is that this "Reveal" gimmick was used for a set of Target exclusive figures, yet somehow Optimus Prime wound up being a Toys 'R' Us exclusive, TRU sticker on the box and all! This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release. For a detailed look at the original figure, check out my "Dark of the Moon" Voyager Class Optimus Prime review.

The packaging for this figure uses the "Premier Edition" packaging and then adds on to it. While it still has the regular details like a vertical Transformers logo and the "Premier Edition" logo, it has a corner that shows a red pattern inspired by the Generation One Tech Specs, which required a red plastic piece to be put over the stat numbers to read them. The Toys 'R' Us version of the box just had a regular "The Last Knight" logo towards the bottom with artwork of Optimus Prime (that represents his appearance in "The Last Knight" and not "Dark of the M oon"). Meanwhile the Argos release replaced "The Last Knight" logo with a logo towards the bottom that is half Autobot and half Decepticon symbol with the "Reveal the Shield" call out.

The back of the box features Optimus Prime in both modes and again the corner has a red spotted "Reveal the Shield" gimmick call out. The back also indicates a twenty three step transformation for this figure.

The base sculpt for this figure was originally developed for the "Dark of the Moon" Mech Tech gimmick which involved weapons that transformed. Figures in this line had several attachment points for these weapons. However this figure does not include any Mech Tech weapons. Instead it comes with a sword and shield, which brings the figure more in line with Optimus' appearance in "Age of Extinction" and "The Last Knight" where he used a sword and shield.

Both of these are original designs and they look great. The sword is huge and has several arrow like details running along the blade. The handle has a guard on one side and the hilt has a nice angled design. The shield looks like a combination of an Autobot and Decepticon symbol. The outline resembles the Decepticon symbol but the designs inside the edges call back to elements of the Autobot symbol. The shield has a handle in the back, allowing any figure with 5mm fist ports to hold it. Both accessories are cast in red plastic with no deco. This allows them to be used to "reveal" the details with red dots on them on Optimus Prime himself.

Robot Mode:
This figure was originally designed to represent Optimus Prime as he appeared in the first three Transformers live action films. However, I can see how the designers thought it could be repurposed to represent Optimus Prime from "Age of Extinction" and "The Last Knight". The way the design of this figure work out, he winds up with a torso section that is curved a bit, resembling the torso on "Age of Extinction" Optimus Prime. His arms also look somewhat rounded here and his legs are long like they looked in "Age of Extinction".

Despite those superficial similarities hwoever, there are still some details on this figure that only call back to his form in the first three movies and not the other two. For instance, the tanks from the sides of the vehicle wind up on his back. Also he has small panels stucking up near the shoulder areas on either side. His legs also do not quite have the same armor designs as "Age of Extinction" Optimus Prime, instead looking a bit more angled than curved. At the time, I rather liked the sculpt on this figure when I first reviewed it, and I still do, but in retrospect the proportions are a bit off and that may bother some fans.

Much of the "Reveal the Shield" gimmick plays out visually in vehicle mode. This mode seems to be more of an exercise in trying to overlay an "Age of Extinction" Optimus Prime's deco onto the body he had before that film...kind of. This mode is mostly made up of red, blue and silver plastic. There are several translucent red parts sticking out such as wheels on his arms and the tanks on his back. However for the most part this mode is made up of your normal "Optimus Prime color assortment". Silver paint is used on the face, torso and arms for detailing. Red paint is used on the shoulders and most notably for flame patterns on his chest and ankle area (this is borrowed from "Age of Extinction" Optimus Prime's deco). The eyes are painted light blue. Overall this is a good deco, but it is very standard and not really anything that screams "Premier" or "premium" to me. I think the deco on figures like Cogman were much more deserving of the "Premier" title.

The joints on this figure are all still nice and tight and the accessories fit well into his fists. There are also connection points for weapons with 5mm pegs on his back, allowing for accessory storage. I was pleasantly surprised by this given how old the sculpt is and the fact that it was used three times previously in "Dark of the Moon".

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Remove any weapons attached to the figure.
  2. Lift the back panel on each robot leg.
  3. Swing the wheels on the inside of each robot leg out.
  4. Swing up the robot feet and tuck them against the lower legs, with the raised section on each foot fitting into the slot in the center of the legs.
  5. Connect the two legs together.
  6. Swing each robot arm forward.
  7. Swing the chest panel down.
  8. Swing the robot arms back up on their hinges so the part they are attached to is now on the back of the chest panel.
  9. Raise each arm and bend the forearm so the fists point down.
  10. Rotate the upper arms around so the pegs on each upper arm connect to the holes on the forearms.
  11. Move the fists up against the forearm.
  12. Connect the forearms together.
  13. Connect the two panels with the hex patterns on them together.
  14. Push the hex panels back so the pegs at the end connect to the holes on his chest.
  15. Behind the head, swing the red panel down.
  16. Push the robot head down.
  17. Swing the panels from the back of the robot (with the cylinders attached) down and then forward to form the sides of the truck.
  18. Swing the robot legs up and connect the panels from the legs to the front of the vehicle, forming the top and sides of the truck cab.
  19. Rotate the smokestacks so they point up.
  20. Swing each of the cylinders back on its hinge and connect the using the tabs on the sides.
  21. Rotate the front wheel wells so they align with the rear wheels.
  22. The sword can attach to the shield, and then the shield connects to the hitch in the back.

Vehicle Mode:
Optimus Prime's truck mode represents the form he had before "Age of Extinction", a Peterbilt long nose truck. This mode shows off a lot of the dark blue plastic with a healthy dose of the translucent red on the wheels and the tanks on the sides. Translucent blue plastic is found on top of the cab section and silver plastic is used on smaller bits like the hitch in the back. Some silver paint is used on the vertical tanks on the sides, the panels above the windshield and the lower half of the smokestacks. You'all also find silver on the grille and headlights in front.

With so much translucent red and blue plastic showing, it really gives Optimus the look of a vehicle that is "powering up", and as if to punctuate that point four panels on this mode have lightning patterns on them. You can see these pretty clearly but if you put the shield over them, it clears away the red spots on top so you can just see the lightning underneath! It's a fun gimmick and I love how it calls back to Generation One's tech specs. Mind you, overall the deco is a bit...odd. However if you use your imagination and think of this as a "powered up" Optimus Prime it is quite fun.

This figure was originally developed for the "Mech Tech" line of figures which allowed you to attach a pile of weaponry onto the Transformer. This one is no exception. Optimus has five attachment points for weapons with a 5mm peg. Two are on the sides of the cabin section. Another two are found over the rear wheel wells, and finally the rear hitch is another. This really lets you give Optimus some crazy firepower! If you want to stow away his sword and shield, the sword connects to the top of the shield, and then the shield's handle connects to the hitch piece in the back.

Final Thoughts:
As I write this review Toys 'R' Us stores in the United States are winding down their operations so they have been selling toys at dramatic discounts. At a discount of maybe 20-30% this figure would be worth the purchase partly for being a fun toy and partly for the G1 era inspired gimmick.


  • The tooling has held together well over the years (joints are still tight etc.).
  • Unique, G1 inspired deco and gimmick.
  • Cool new accessories.


  • Needs more deco to truly be a "Premier" figure.
  • The translucent parts may turn some fans off.