"The Last Knight" Tiny Turbo Changers Grimlock Toy Review

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The Last Knight

Grimlock General Information:
Release Date: April 28, 2017 (Official Street Date)
Price Point: $3.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, K-Mart, Target etc.)
Accessories: None

Tiny Turbo Changers are a new series of figures intended to cater to the market for "blind bagged" figures. Each figure is about 1.75 inches (approximately 4.4 centimeters) long (with the robot mode sizes varying of course). The style of these figures are similar to Japanese Super Deformed caricatures based on designs of characters from the live cation films. Given the prominence of the Grimlock character in "Age of Extinction" and "The Last Knight" it made perfect sense for the character to be among the first to receive the "Tiny Turbo Changer" treatment.

The Tiny Turbo Changers are blind bagged figures. From what I have seen each box contains roughly two sets of figures. The box itself has some cute artwork featuring the characters inside along with photos of the various figures included in the assortment. Fans hoping for codes on the bags will be disappointed. There are no codes associated with individual figures. Instead there is a tiny window at the bottom of each bag on the back that allows you to catch a glimpse of the figure inside. The window is big enough for instance that I could see a corner of Bumblebee's face, so it works fairly well to identify most of the figures in the assortment. The front of the packaging features the vertical Transformers logo on the right with a "Series 1" logo above it. The other corner tells you to collect all 12 figures. Under that is artwork featuring Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in both modes. Below that is the "Tiny Turbo Changers" logo along with the logo for "The Last Knight". The back of the packaging features legal information in various languages along with GM and Western Star logos on the bottom.

Beast Mode:
Grimlock's beast mode exaggerates the head and legs. As if T-Rex arms aren't already kind of comically tiny, they really look small here. His body and tail are also fairly small in comparison, but the of "proper" proportion works out. Grimlock has a lot of the key details from the movie design. This includes the distinctive snout, sharp looking teeth and "horns" that extend above his beast mode eyes. Running along the spine are some raised spikes all leading to a pointed tail. His legs have a plenty of mechanical detailing on them as well. The sculpt is not perfect however. His chin has odd bits on it which are actually the robot feet. Overall however the sculpt looks good.

Grimlock is cast in a metallic beige soft plastic. Interestingly when Grimlock was given golden and beige colors in the "Age of Extinction" toy line (you can check out my Voyager Class and Flip & Change Grimlock reviews for reference). However this was partly due to Hasbro not having finalized color models for the Dinobots in 2013. When the character was revealed in the film, he was largely silver with some green accents. However since so many Grimlocks were released with this color I suspect the idea was to stay consistent with previous releases to avoid any confusion. Interestingly, other versions of the character in this toy line do have him in more movie accurate silver colors. The deco is rounded out with a bit of blue on the eyes.

Grimock has two points of articulation in this mode: the legs.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Split the beast mode head and spread the halves out to form the robot legs. The beast mode legs form the arms.

Robot Mode:
Grimlock has a lot of the key design elements from the movie model. This includes a large, thin crest on his head, a beak-like mouthplate, "tooth" like designs on his chest and even the dinosaur head halves on his shoulders. The head and arms are largely out of proportion with the rest of the figure which gives it the "Super Deformed" look. It is kind of a cute look for Grimlock (as cute as he can look anyhow). There is also a nicely sculpted Autobot symbol in the center of the chest. The only odd parts of the sculpt are the T-Rex arms sticking out in the middle of his body and the dinosaur feet stuck to the bottom of his hands.

This mode features blue eyes and some silver paint on the face and chest. Given the simple nature of the figure this is a good amount of paint and it looks great.

This mode features two points of articulation: the arms. Since the arms were the beast mode legs, this makes perfect sense.

Final Thoughts:
Grimlock is a cute little version of the Dinobot commander. I am impressed with just how much detail there is in the sculpt, and the SD proportions are cute. If you're into this style of figure, having a transforming dinosaur as part of your SD display is not a bad idea.


  • Nice sculpt featuring many of the key details from the movie.
  • Good amount of deco for a "cute"/simple figure.
  • Somehow manages to look cute and threatening all at the same time.


  • Limited articulation.
  • T-Rex arms in robot mode look odd on the torso.