"The Last Knight" Legion Class Grimlock Toy Review

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The Last Knight

Grimlock General Information:
Release Date: April 28, 2017 (Official Street Date)
Price Point: $6.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, K-Mart, Target etc.)
Accessories: None

Official photos above and text below in italics are from Amazon.com:
The explosive Transformers saga continues with Transformers: The Last Knight. With the fate of Earth at stake, new heroes must rise in an epic struggle to forge a future for all. Transformers: The Last Knight Legion Class figures are smaller-scale figures that feature classic Transformers conversion. Change this Legion Class Grimlock figure between robot and T-rex mode in 6 steps. Collect other Legion Class figures and unite with the most powerful Transformers warriors. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.) Grimlock is a rampaging force of destruction who leads the ferocious combat unit known as the Dinobots. With steel-crushing jaws and mighty fighting skills, he is one of the most powerful warriors in the universe. When the Autobots charge into battle, all those on the side of evil should fear the thundering strength of Grimlock. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Once upon a time the Legion Class was a very robust part of the movie toy lines. However over the years it has largely been relegated to the "Robots in Disguise" line. "Age of Extinction" only had a few Legion Class figures, a couple of which were exclusive to Wal-Mart. This time out, Hasbro has made the Legion Class a part of the regular toy line.

One of the first figures in the Legion Class assortments was Grimlock. However, this is not a new sculpt. Like Barricade, this figure is a redeco of a figure from a previous line. In this case Grimlock is a redeco of Rippernsapper from "Beast Hunters". This is not the first time this has been done. In the "Age of Extinction" line Rippersnapper was also given a new deco as Grimlock, but that one was more a combination of copper, black and red colors. For a detailed look at this figure, check out my "Beast Hunters" Rippersnapper review. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

The Legion Class packaging for "The Last Knight" is different than the Legion Class packaging for "Robots in Disguise". Instead of the figure being set on a plastic tray against a card, this is more traditional. The figure is inside a bubble glued to a card. The insert features the logo for "The Last Knight" with the character name and Class above it. The insert also features a photo of the figure in its alt form. The figure itself is in robot mode. The card has the vertical Transformers logo on the right side (if you are facing it) with artwork of the character. The back of the card shows the toy in both modes along with lots of safety and legal information under it.

Robot Mode:
The aesthetics of the "Transformers Prime" (and "Beast Hunters") figures were, in part, inspired by the designs of the live action movies. They featured a lot more curved parts anad more of the details look like overlapping layers of metal. Thanks to that aesthetic, you can kind of see how Rippersnapper's sculpt could kind of vaguely pass for Grimlock as seen in "Age of Extinction" and "The Last Knight". However, there is no retooling on this figure so the overall design still looks more like Rippersnapper than Grimlock. I admit this may be a personal preference thing. Some fans may be able to look at this with a much more open mind than me and say "Yep, that looks like Grimlock to me." and if you can, more power to you!

This figure is now cast in gunmetal grey and silver plastic. The gunmetal makes up the head, torso and feet. The rest is silver. There is a nice amount of deco on this figure. The torso has a lot of shiny, dark grey paint on it. The face is painted silver. Red is used for his eyes and a tiny Autobot symbol on the right side of his chest. These colors are all similar to those seen on the Voyager Class Grimlock figure which tries to duplicate the mostly silver and black appearance of the character's CG model in the film. In that respect it succeeds.

All the joints in this mode are nice and tight. The fists still feature 3mm ports which allow you to attach Cyberverse weapons.

Transformation to Beast Mode:

  • Swing the beast mode arms on the feet down.
  • Rotate each foot piece around.
  • Swing the beast mode head halves up and push them together.
  • Swing the robot arms up to form the beast mode feet.
  • Swing the back armor up and connect the tabs on the end to the slots on the back of the beast mode head.
  • Lift the robot chest piece and swing it up.

Beast Mode:
In G1 Rippersnapper transformed into what is best described as a shark monster with arms and legs. In his "Prime" release this was modified a bit to look more like a lizard like creature but the big fin like section on the back still echoed his "shark based" past. So yeah, in some respects this two legged lizard-thing mode could be interpreted as Grimlock, but it is really hard to see this as a T-Rex inspired creature. However I echo my point above, some folks may be more forgiving of the design than I and accept it as Grimlock's beast mode. I just have some trouble with it visually. That said, it is a nice sculpt. Push asid ethe baggage of being called Grimlock and he is a cool creature-lizard-thing.

This mode features the same colors as the robot mode, with the gunmetal focused on the central trunk of the body and the silver parts serving as his limbs. The top part of the head is painted silver and his eyes are red. From a color standpoint this is not a bad representation of Grimlock as he appears in "The Last Knight".

The joints are all nice and tight on this figure. For those wondering if you could still use this figure as a limb for Abominus you absolutely can. He still retains the "C" joint that connects to Hun-Gurrr's legs.

Final Thoughts:
Of the redecos/retools used in the first wave of "The Last Knight" Legion Class figures this is the one I like the most. While it is a redeco with little tooling it still looks good in both modes and I like the colors used on the figure. I would say this is mainly aimed at kids who want a pocket sized Grimlock from "The Last Knight" and not so much for older fans.


  • Good sculpt (even if not 100% appropriate for Grimlock).
  • Nice choice of plastic colors.
  • Good paint deco.
  • You can use Cyberverse weapons with this figure.
  • Joints are still nice and tight.


  • Not a new sculpt.
  • No retooling.