Revenge of the Fallen Skystalker Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: February 2010
Price Point: $7.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Axe weapons x 2


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SKYSTALKER is more than happy to let DIVEBOMB, in his new form, take fire from SCATTORSHOT. While his partner is busy getting his wings singed, SKYSTALKER is swooping in from behind in stealth mode, preparing to snatch the hapless AUTOBOT and carry him off into the sky.

Add another warrior to your action-packed robot battles with this sinister SKYSTALKER figure. Start the excitement in robot mode and then convert him into stealth jet vehicle so he can tear through the “skies” in pursuit of his enemies!

SkystalkerTowards the end of the first Transformers Movie's toy line, several new characters with new sculpts were brought into the fold in an effort to expand the universe this cast of characters live in. The current extension of the movie toy line centers around characters, with a narrative carrying through the tech specs and online episodes of Transformers adventures at The "N.E.S.T." crossover largely centers around Dirge, but in the next wave of toys Mindwipe and Skystalker take center stage. Skystalker is a name that has its origins in Generation One, originally used for a Micromaster Decepticon. The name fits perfectly for a character who transforms into a jet and is nice to see again in the Transformers line.

Robot Mode:
There is definitely a movement within the Movie aesthetic to make Decepticons look evil or creepy. Few would look at the likes of Megatron or Barricade and call them cuddly and loveable. Skystalker continues this theme by looking somewhat mysterious and creepy all at the same time. His overall design is very angular and sharp looking, due in part to his aerial alternate form. The wings from his vehicle mode splay out in the back as armor bits from the vehicle mode form points at the ends of his arms. His legs have pointed parts on them and even his feet are made up of thin claw-like sections that point downward. His chest has part of the plane cockpit pointing down and his robot head is triangular in the front with two antennae sweeping back at an angle. It's a very dynamic appearance for any Transformer, and it works very well for Skystalker.

I think the details are what really make the creep factor here. He doesn't have a friendly face or happy smile - he just has a single dot in the middle of his head in true G1 Shockwave style. Such a face betrays no emotion and looks emotionally cold, which is really what you want in a Decepticon killing machine anyway. Look inside the chest armor panel and you'll find ridged lines angling down his sides, looking like a set of robotic ribs. His three fingered claws are sharp and his feet also look like claws from a bird of prey, adding to the menace of his appearance.

I'm a sucker for lots of detail on a figure, and Skystalker has that in spades. His arms have several parts sculpted in such as the hinges on his fingers and a tube that runs from his elbow up his forearm into his hands. The wings on his back are full of details including turbines, raised lines, tubes and raised lines set at nice looking angles. Even his feet have some detailing including non-bending hinges towards the top of each claw and raised, vertical armor in the middle of each claw. In the detail department, Skystalker definitely does not disappoint!

Skystalker is cast in black and metallic flake green. The green color border lines on being a grey or silver color, but there is definitely a green tinge to it. Not surprisingly, the black parts mostly come from his jet mode. The green parts are mostly his robot mode parts that are hidden in his vehicle mode. This includes his arms, thighs and feet. Several parts are painted a dark red color (almost the color of wine). These parts include his waist, the aforementioned "ribs" and the bottom and antennae on his head. A more traditional bright red is used for the single eye on his head. A touch of gold paint can be found in the center of his waist section. Some gunmetal is found on his wings (they're part of the weapons) and his lower legs.

There are sixteen points of articulation on this figure. That sounds average (and it is by the numbers), but when you look at the quality of those points, the articulation is pretty darn amazing on this figure. Nine of these articulation points are ball joints, allowing for a wide range of movement. His feet are spring loaded, giving them a "grasping" motion as he gets up and lands. You can't really have him hold anything bigger than a Mini-Con or weapon with it, but it's a nice play action. On each wing you'll find a silver tube. This connects to his axe weapons. Detach these pieces and connect them to the holes in his hands to give him two very cool looking weapons. Each weapon also has a clip on it that allows you to attach the weapons to his forearms, giving him two ways to hold them. It also allows you to connect the two weapons together (though not in any particularly useful configuration). With so many of the initial "Revenge of the Fallen" Scout Class figures lacking accessories, it's refreshing to have one that not only has accessories, but really cool ones to boot!

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing each foot up into the back of the lower legs.
  2. Straighten each arm and then swing them down, connecting the two pieces that have "808" on them in the back.
  3. Swing the robot head back, and flip up the black section of the chest to form the front of the vehicle.
  4. Rotate the lower robot legs up.
  5. Push the wing pieces into the clips on the sides to complete the vehicle mode.

Vehicle Mode:
If you're going to make a creepy looking Decepticon who flies, you may as well give him a vehicle mode that matches his emotionless face. A stealth bomber is the perfect mode for this. Skystalker transforms into a B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber-inspired vehicle. Like the B-2, he has a wide shape instead of long like an F-16 jet. His front end is short, and pointed and he has two large engines on the top of his wings towards the central body of the vehicle. These engines have air intakes facing front. Where he differs a lot from the B-2 is the shape of his wings on the back. The B-2 has a jagged shape whereas Skystalker's is mostly a straight line that angles forward. His engines and the center of the plane come to three distinct points on the back. It's a really cool looking vehicle and I dig how it looks dark and mysterious.

In this form, almost everything you see is black on this aircraft. A bit of the green color from the robot mode shows through at the top, but not so much that it's distracting. Color decos in this mode are mostly gunmetal and white. Gunmetal is found on the engines and white is used on Decepticon symbols on his chest as well as the numbers "808" on the back of the vehicle. His red eye shows through in this mode on the front, making it look like he is glaring at any targets he pursues, quite fitting for the personality of the design.

In a fun bit of homage to Mecha series such as Robotech, Skystalker has a "Battle Mode" which is really just his vehicle mode with his legs set up as they would be in robot mode. This form stands without a problem, but in all honesty it winds up looking more cute to me than menacing, and I'm not quite sure how he would "battle" in this mode (maybe use his claws to swipe at enemies), but it's neat that the designers even worked this into the transformation at all.

If you flip Skystalker over in this mode, you'll see he has two very distinct pegs in between the two front claws of his feet. These allow him to attach to Mindwipe, a Voyager Class Decepticon released around the same time. Mindwipe is also based on a stealth bomber in vehicle mode, making these two quite an interesting pair. This is a nice sign of things to come, having two figures sold separately able to interact with each other. In the upcoming "Hunt for the Decepticons" line, a Scout Class Autobot named Breacher and the Voyager Class Autobot Sea Spray will be able to perform a similar interaction, with Breacher fitting on Sea Spray's back in vehicle mode. I like this play pattern a lot, especially since it's one not often seen nowadays in the Transformers line.

Final Thoughts:
I don't think it's any surprise to regular readers that the Scout Class figures from "Revenge of the Fallen" have really impressed me thus far. I've found their ability to blend the live action movie aesthetic with the more traditional Transformers aesthetic and creating fun figures. Skystalker continues this tradition. He is highly articulated, looks super cool and he can interact directly with Mindwipe to boot. This is quite simply an awesome figure, go out and get him now. Highly recommended!