Hunt for the Decepticons Breacher Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2010
Price Point: $7.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Dual barreled blaster


The follow up line to "Revenge of the Fallen" is the "Hunt for the Decepticons", where the battle between Autobots and Decepticons continues on Earth, with the story was chronicled on the Transformers web site and the tech specs printed on the toy packaging. Part of this line was Breacher, a new character who quickly went on to become a fan favorite figure.

Robot Mode:
One look at Breacher and you get the impression that this little guy means business. Maybe it's the really grim look sculpted into his face, maybe it's the pile of body armor over key parts of his form including the chest and legs. I'm not sure which, but the overall effect is one cool looking Autobot. In many ways, he looks a lot like a warrior with a basic body frame with armor on top. If you look at his arms for instance, they're not really that thick but rather are relatively small tubes, but then they each have panels on the sides that look slike shields. Or check out the legs where th ethighs look similar to the arms (small tubes) but his lower legs look like they have heavy duty armor on them. What I really dig about the sculpt is the way the designers managed to make his armor parts look sleek. This is best seen on his chest where triangular armor panels lead to the center of his chest. It's a great balance that looks really cool.

It's pretty much expected nowadays to see Scout Class figures wit good sculpted detail, but Breacher really exemplifies this. His head sculpt is very intricate with a rounded helmet portion that has layers of details curving to the front. In a very traditional touch, he has a central crest with antennae on the sides of his head, echoing Optimus Prime's head design. All over his body you'll find cool sculpted detail including hinges sculpted into each portion of his fists where the hand would curl, horizontal lines within circles (a detail found on his legs and arms) and a series of sculpted mechanical parts on his lower legs including a piston. If you haven't gotten the sense yet, I really like this sculpt!

Breacher is cast in three primary plastic colors: blue, black and white. This form distributes the colors nicely with blue making up a bulk of the "armored" parts while the black and white colors form many of the smaller robot mode sections including his arms, hips, thighs and feet. The paint colors used in this form are silver, red, white, gunmetal grey and green. The silver is found on the chest section where it paints several of the vehicle mode details including the windows. Red is used all over his body including the crest on his head and the sides of his forearms. The white is used as a background color on his thighs as well as the lower part of his face. On his chest you'll also find a white Autobot symbol. The use of gunmetal surprised me a bit as it's used on a very small section of details on the lower legs. I'm surprised the designers didn't just use silver there, but gunmetal is one of those colors that's almost always welcome on a Transformer so I was happy to see it there. Finally, the green color is used to paint his eyes. It's a neon color so it gives the appearance of glowing eyes and is stronger than the more traditional blue eyes would have been.

There are sixteen points of articulation on Breacher. That may not be as much as some other Transformers figures, but it is worth noting that eight of these articulation points are ball joints, giving hm a wide range of motion. This articulation includes waist articulation, which is also a part of his transformation. Breacher is armed with a dual barreled cannon that is wide enough that I could see it doubling as a shield. Interestingly, his weapon is not the usual "peg" based accessory but instead has a clip connected to the weapon by a ball joint. Breacher was one of the first Transformers to feature the "C" clip system that is now commonplace thanks to the "Dark of the Moon" figures and the "Cyberverse". This weapon design informs the figures' functionality. Not only does he have a C clip rod on his fists, but they're also found on the blue panels on his arms as well as two different sections on his back. In total, you could connect seven C clip weapons to Breacher in this form, which probably makes him one of the Scout Class figures with the most arament potential!

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing each foot up against the inside of the lower legs.
  2. On the back of each leg, swing out the panel that rests against the back of the lower legs.
  3. Pull the chest piece forward and the central white hinge piece will extend.
  4. Push the robot head back, then push the small blue panel in the front down.
  5. Rotate the cabin cover section on the robot chest around.
  6. Swing each arm back, position it so the wheels point out to the sides and then swing them under the robot chest piece.
  7. Swing each forearm up on the ball joint, connecing the small pegs on the upper arms to the corresponding holes on the central blue piece.
  8. Swing each fist back and secure the side blue panels into place.
  9. Rotate the robot waist piece around.
  10. Swing the central white hinge forward.
  11. Fold the robot legs up against the front of the vehicle.
  12. Swing the knee armor panels up in the back and connect them together.
  13. Clip the weapon to the bar on the blue piece on the top of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
In this mode Breacher's name makes a lot more sense. Here he is an Armored Personnel Carrier, and he was designed to interact with Sea Spray. In the play pattern/fiction, one can easily imagine Sea Spray smashing up against a beach, opening up his ramp allowing Breacher to go roaring onto land with troops inside. It's a really cool play pattern and I think it's neat that one toy was designed specifically to have an interaction of that kind with another.

A lot of the character from the robot mode carries over into this form. Part of the vehicle looks solid and well armored, specifically the middle and back portions where the troops would go. Then th efront section looks sleek and angular. Also like the vehicle mode you'll find a nice assortment of sculpted details including rivets on the sides of the vehicle, small circles of decreasing size on the headlight sections and panels representing doors and windows on the sides. Other cool details include vents on the front and back of the vehicle and springs sculpted near the front and rear wheels.

This form mostly shows off Breacher's blue plastic color with black plastic showing on his weapon and wheels. All the paint colors from the robot mode are visible here except for gunmetal and green. The silver details are found mostly in th efront on the headlights, windows and vents. White is used for the Autobot symbols on the front and sides. The number "28" is also painted in white on both sides of the figure as well as the front. Red paint is used sparingly, mostly for the rear lights on the back of the vehicle and the turret. Overall, this is a very "clean" look for an APC. It looks good, but I would love to see a redeco in the future where they make it look a bit more gritty and dirty, perhaps with black or silver spray ops on the sides.

Breacher's primary functionality in this mode revolves around his turret and C clip sections. The turret can turn in a full circle and has a bar that allows C clip weapons to be attached. More C clip bars are found on the sides and back section of the vehicle. The ones on the sides are not in the ideal spot unless the C clip weapons in question have a long enough arm to keep them from scraping on the floor as you roll the vehicle along, but I'm sure with the myriad assortment of C clip weapons out there, some will fit the bill.

Final Thoughts:
Breacher is one of those Scout Class figures that really exemnplifies some of the best design work that Takara Tomy and Hasbro can turn out. He looks great, he's functional and he was made to interact with another figure. This is a fantastic combination that makes me hope for at least two redecos of this guy before they retire the sculpt. Highly recommended!