Robotmasters Toy Review: Victory Leo

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Robotmasters Transformers

General Information:
Release Year: November 2004
Retailer: Japanese exclusive
Price: $25 (Depending on Import Retailer), Purchased at Image Anime
Accessories: Rifle, Missile x 1, Missile Launcher, Cannons x 2


Tech Specs (Translated by Doug Dlin):
Name: Victory Leo
Function: Armed Knight
Profile: A Cybertron warrior born to support Star Saber. His abdomen contains a generator for his power source, Grunium. His final attack is the Leo Grand Burst, in which he fires off all the cannons on his body at once.

Weapon(s): V-Lock Cannon/V-Lock Rifle/Super-Motorized Rifle S (Second)

Rank: 9 Power: 9 Defense: 9 Stamina: 9 Speed: 9

Tech Specs (Translated by Doug Dlin):
Name: Victory Saber
Function: Supreme Commander
Profile: A giant warrior formed from the combination of Star Saber and Victory Leo, he displays incomparably mighty power befitting his title of "Ultimate."
In super-large jet mode, capable of firing particle shock waves from his wings.

Weapon(s): Saber Blade/V-Lock Cannon/V-Lock Rifle

Rank: 10 Power: 10 Defense: 9 Stamina: 10 Speed: 9

Every leader has good back up. In the case of Star Saber that backup is Victory Leo. Together, the two form a team that combines in vehicle and robot modes!

Robot Mode:
Victory Leo's robot mode is quite simple in design, yet extremely dynamic looking. One of the things which is great about Japanese robot design is the use of angles and parts coming out in different directions to give visual appeal. Victory Leo utilizes that very well.

The biggest features on this guy are his wings and cannons. The wings come out from his back on either side and they look fantastic. Not only are they impressive in size, but they are also well sculpted with line details with cannons on the end. Then we have Victory Leo's shoulder cannons, which look great either mounted on his back or shoulders.

Victory Leo is primarily yellow, black and white with red details. The colors all balance out well and the yellow used is a slightly darker shade so it looks really nice.

The main body has some cool design work too. His shoulders are angled upwards and his chest has several layers and vent details worked in. His chest even has the same design as Star Saber, which resembles a "V" shape. If his shoulder mounted cannons didn't hint to you that Victory Leo means business, he also has gatling guns on his hips, another nice design touch.

Victory Leo includes two hand held weapons, a missile launcher and a rifle. One neat feature is the ability to detach his cannons and mount them on his arms. Anything that adds play value is always welcome.

Victory Leo's posability is a bit better than Star Saber's. He has eight points of articulation and thanks to ball jointed legs, this includes being able to kick forward. Personally I would have liked it if the designers had worked in knee articulation as well.

Transformation to Beast Mode:

  1. Detach his weapons.
  2. Swing the yellow parts of the lower arms forward to form the beast mode's front arms.
  3. Swing the beast mode legs on the robot legs forward.
  4. Flip the robot feet in.
  5. Push the robot legs up.
  6. Attach the weapons to the back of the beast mode.

Beast Mode:
Based on a lion, Victory Leo's beast mode seems almost more like a mechanical version of a Beast Wars Fuzor. His beast mode head design clearly has a metallic mane sculpted in, but then he has tusks coming out of the lion mouth.
Couple that with the wings on his back and this is one strange beast indeed.

The core figure itself is rather simple. The best details are on the rear beast legs which have line details and tech details. However, when you take the wings and cannons into account, Victory Leo looks like one powerful critter.
Even this wings look like they have blasters on them!

This form has as much posability as you'd expect. Basically all the posability is in the legs, equalling eight points. If you want to stretch it and include the wings moving up and down, the number goes up to ten.

Victory Leo Transformation for Combined Vehicle Mode:

  1. Starting in Beast Mode, detach all the weapons and reattach them pointing in the reverse direction.
  2. Swing the front arms forward.
  3. Pull the rear section back.
  4. Swing the rear beast legs down.
  5. Push the rear section back in.
  6. Attach the two pegs on either side of Victory Leo to the holes on the rear sections of Star Saber.

Combined Vehicle Form with Star Saber:
It's pretty easy to look at Star Saber's vehicle mode and wonder why he has that big gap in the back. The answer comes in the form of his combined form with Victory Leo. Their combined vehicle form looks excellent, adding a ton of firepower to Star Saber's vehicle form via Victory Leo's three cannons. I also really like the wings in the from Victory Leo, which really adds to Star Saber's sleek appearance.

While Victory Leo differs in colors from Star Saber, the two blend together well owing to the white wings with the red details on them. Most of Victory Leo's yellow is tucked out of the way and black goes with all colors. Very cool overall.

Transformation to Victory Saber Mode:

  1. Start with both robots in Robot Mode.
  2. Detach the weapons from Victory Leo.
  3. Slide the top portion of the robot up to separate it from the mid/lower body.
  4. Split the lower body section in half.
  5. For each half, flip up the red foot piece.
  6. On the left half, swing in the silver peg.
  7. Push in each section with a rear beast mode leg on it.
  8. Flip the rear sections forward.
  9. Fold in Victory Leo's red foot pieces.
  10. Attach the shoulder cannons on Victory Leo's upper body piece facing the opposite direction from his face.
  11. Fold Victory Leo's head down.
  12. Attach Victory Leo's upper body to Star Saber's back.
  13. Fold in Star Saber's feet and attach each leg piece to the pegs on his legs.
  14. Attach weapons as desired.

Victory Saber Mode:
Victory Saber is the combined form of Star Saber and Victory Leo. Rather than forming a whole new robot like five combiners, this is more of an upgrade for Star Saber with extra armor and weaponry. If you thought Star Saber's feet were big before, Victory Leo's foot pieces are even larger. However, it does add a good bit of height to him. The nicest part of this combined form are the wings Victory Leo provides for Star Saber which spread across his back nicely. The shoulder cannons added on
are also really cool.

Like their combined vehicle mode, this pair works very well since they share the same red and white colors, and the yellow from Victory Leo is largely absent in this form.

If you need a place to stash Star Saber and Victory Leo's guns in this form, look no further than the back where Victory Leo's hands aren't doing much of anything.

Final Thoughts:
Victory Leo stays true to his core G1 character design but improves on it slightly. His personal arsenal of weapons offers lots of play value too. Recommended.