Robotmasters Toy Review: Gigant Bomb

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Robotmasters Transformers

General Information:
Release Year: September 2004
Retailer: Japanese exclusive
Price: $30 (Depending on Import Retailer)
Accessories: Pulverizer weapon, Missiles x 12


Tech Specs (Translated by Doug Dlin):
Name: Gigant Bomb
Function: Assault Captain
Profile: Develops tactics to deal with both air and land.
His enormous, six-barreled gatling cannon boasts of destructive force in the
tens of kilotons. Body contains a purification plant that can adapt to various types of energy.

Weapon(s): Gatling Cannon/AI-equipped Lighton Missiles/Pulverizer

Rank: 8 Power: 10 Defense: 7 Stamina: 9 Speed: 7

One pair of molds that has popped up again and again since the days of Generation 2 are the ones from the G2 Dreadwing and Smokescreen set. This time however the pair has been split up, with the Smokescreen mold being used for Smokesniper and Dreadwing used for Gigant-Bomb.

Robot Mode:
Gigant-Bomb is mostly made up of the same colors as Smokesniper. His primary color is blue. His upper legs and upper arms are dark grey while his lower arms and lower legs are light blue. Gigant-Bomb utilizes a lavender color, which Smokesniper does not. This color is used for detailing on the legs, head and cannon. Silver and yellow are used for smaller details such as the edges on his arms and vents on his legs. A really nice Decepticon symbol is on his upper body with silver trim.

Gigant-Bomb includes an additional weapon. His Pulverizer is a translucent green gun. However, the handle is smaller than the ones on the original G2 Dreadwing guns, so the fist holes have been filled in a bit to accomodate the weapon.
The weapons were included with Smokesniper but can be used by Gigant-Bomb.

While his gatling gun action feature and upper body joints are tight, Gigant-Bomb's knee joints are a tiny bit looser than those of his predecessors. Because of this it takes a bit of adjusting to get him standing properly.

Aerial Vehicle Mode:
Like his counterpart, Smokesniper, Gigant-Bomb's color scheme appears to be based on the one used by the Aerial performance group the Blue Angels.
Their primary color is blue with yellow edges, and that's what Gigant-Bomb has. He also has silver to add detail as well. The missiles included with him are a darker shade of blue than the main vehicle itself.

Smokesniper can combine with Gigant-Bomb in this form by docking in the bay in the back. You have to swing the cannon out of the way to do this, but it looks really cool, almost like Gigant-Bomb is an aerial station and Smokesniper is his
personal fighter jet.

Ground Vehicle Mode:
The ground vehicle mode is really just a variant of the aerial mode. The wings are folded up, revealing the dark grey underside. The treads are also dark grey. A part of me was a bit miffed that after all these reuses of this mold, the treads
weren't colored in or given a wash of some sort. The grey is okay, but it looks a bit plain there.

Final Thoughts:
The only really big disappointment here are the knee joints being a bit loose. However, it could just be mine - or more likely the mold is starting to show signs of its age. Still, if you never managed to get any of the previous versions
of this toy, it's worth picking up. Recommended.