"Robots in Disguise" Prowl 2 and Side Swipe 2-Pack Toy Review

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Robots in Disguise

General Information:
Release Year(s): 2001
Retailer: General Release
Price: $5.99
Accessories: Blasters x 2
Transformation Difficulty: Level One (Beginner)

Towards the end of the Generation 2 series of Transformers toys, a set of six small cars were released called the Gobots. These cars were the size of Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars. This allowed the toys to interact with the playsets from those toylines. Each vehicle also had a weapon, which was unusual for Transformers of that size. Six Gobots molds were released during Generation 2, but it was known that several more existed that never saw general release. These four, long awaited molds have now been used to bolster the Robots in Disguise toy line up. This review will cover Prowl 2 and Side Swipe who come in a two pack.

Prowl 2

Vehicle Mode:
In vehicle mode, Prowl 2 is a police car. He is primarily white with blue details running from the hood of the car to the sides and on the spoiler. The windows are all light metallic blue. A large Autobot symbol graces his hood and his sirens are bright red with silver in the middle. His front fender is silver.

Prowl 2 is a nice looking police car. All the shades of colors they picked are bright and vibrant, and the dark blue offers a fantastic contrast. He does roll well, but he won't make it on some of the more complex Hot Wheels tracks since he does not have the weight of your typical Hot Wheels car. It's always nice to see another police car in the line however.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Detach the gun from the middle of the car's underside, set this aside for now. Pull the rear of the vehicle back and stand the car up. Fold the front of the car down, and pull out the car doors to the sides to form the arms. Place the gun into his hand. Prowl 2 is now in robot mode.

Robot Mode:
Prowl 2 is one mean looking guy in robot mode. The new colors added to the mix are black (for his legs, gun and detailing on the face) and yellow (for the upper legs and head). His face is painted in such a way that this face is all black except for his eyes, which are yellow and slant down. Throw the big honking Autobot symbol on his chest in for good measure and Prowl 2 looks like one Transformer you don't want to mess with.

As with all the Gobots toys from Generation 2, and later the Spychangers from Car Robots, Prowl 2 only has two meaningful points of articulation, his arms.

Despite having one of the most unimaginative names in Transformers history, Prowl 2 is an awesome toy. His weapon stashing feature in vehicle mode is a great idea and he looks cool! B+

Side Swipe

Vehicle Mode:
Side Swipe is a sports car in vehicle mode. More accurately, he appears to be a racing car of some sort. His front hood has an engine sticking out at the center and the hood has details showing that it is bolted down. Look in the back and it appears that Side Swipe has parachutes in the back to help the car brake! The front of the car comes to a point towards the front, making it reminscent of the Pontiac Sunbird.

While the design of the car itself is very nice, the colors are not the most attractive. Side Swipe's primary colors are black and green. An Autobot symbol is on the top of the car and his engine is silver. The fender and windows are also silver. Bright red has been used for the headlights and rear lights. Overall, this is a nice looking vehicle, but I would have liked to see another color scheme.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Flip the car over and detach Side Swipe's weapon. Set it aside, and pull the rear of the vehicle back. Stand the car up and fold down the front of the car to form the robot chest. Slide out the doors to reveal the robot arms. Place the gun in his hand and Side Swipe is ready for combat!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Side Swipe is one cool, yet odd looking robot. Many will note that the chest component does not completely fold down, causing it to stick up a bit and obscure the robot face if you look at the toy dead on. This minor detail does not affect the toy too dramatically, but it is a bit annoying. The new colors introduced into the mix are dark blue and yellow. Side Swipe's lower legs and gun are yellow while his upper legs and robot head are dark blue. His robot face is mostly obscured by two silver parts that look like binoculars, which makes him look funny and cool at the same time.

Side Swipe only has two meaningful points of articulation, his arms. However, this does not subtract from the thrill of having a toy that waited over five years to see release. Plus, the cool binocular details makeup for the chest problem in my book. B-