"Robots in Disguise" Daytonus and Side Burn 2-Pack Toy Review

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Robots in Disguise

General Information:
Release Year(s): 2001
Retailer: General Release
Price: $5.99
Accessories: Blasters x 2
Transformation Difficulty: Level One (Beginner)

Towards the end of the Generation 2 series of Transformers toys, a set of six small cars were released called the Gobots. These cars were the size of Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars. This allowed the toys to interact with the playsets from those toylines. Each vehicle also had a weapon, which was unusual for Transformers of that size. Six Gobots molds were released during Generation 2, but it was known that several more existed that never saw general release. These four, long awaited molds have now been used to bolster the Robots in Disguise toy line up. This review will cover Daytonus and Side Burn who come in a two pack.


Vehicle Mode:
In vehicle mode, Daytonus is a race car. His primary color is a dark yellow. Black and silver details run from the front of the vehicle to the sides all the way to the rear spoiler. The windows are light metallic blue and an Autobot symbol graces the rear of the vehicle. This is one cool looking vehicle, and the color scheme works very nicely.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Flip the car over and remove the weapon. Set it aside for now. Pull the rear of the car back and stand it up. Fold down the hood to form the robot chest and then slide out the doors to form the arms. Place the gun in his hand and Daytonus is ready to battle!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, white is added to Daytonus' color scheme. His upper legs and robot head are white. The face has some black detailing while his lower robot legs are black. For a basic sized toy, Daytonus strikes an impressive figure. He is a bit wider than the other "Gobots" toys and the design of his chest panel gives him a bit of added bulk.

As with all the Gobots toys from Generation 2, and later the Spychangers from Car Robots, Daytonus only has two meaningful points of articulation, his arms.

Daytonus is a fun toy. His vehicle mode is sleek and his robot mode looks cool. B+

Side Burn

Vehicle Mode:
Side Burn's vehicle mode is a Viper, just like the deluxe version of this character. Working with the coincidence of having a basic and deluxe sized Viper, Hasbro painted this with a similar color scheme to that of the deluxe sized Side Burn. This version is a slightly lighter blue, but the flames on the hood and doors make it obvious who this is meant to be. The designers even went as far as painting the windows metallic gold, which is not a far stretch from the translucent yellow used for the deluxe version. An Autobot symbol also graces the top of the car, just like on the deluxe. This paint job looks fantastic on this car and it is really neat to have a "tiny" Side Burn.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Flip the car over and detach Side Burn's weapon. Set it aside, and pull the rear of the vehicle back. Stand the car up and fold down the front of the car to form the robot chest. Slide out the doors to reveal the robot arms. Place the gun in his hand and Side Burn is armed for battle!

Robot Mode:
Unlike the vehicle mode, Side Burn (of course) looks nothing like his deluxe counterpart in robot mode. However, this is still one neat looking little bot. His primary color is still blue with the blue and white flame details. Yellow makes up his robot head and upper legs while his gun and lower legs are white. His face has a cool visor like eye strip running across and the design is very nice.

Side Burn only has two meaningful points of articulation, his arms. Despite the fact that he does not look like the deluxe Side Burn, this version of Side Burn is definitely fun and worth picking up. B-