"Reveal the Shield" Bodyblock Toy Review

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Reveal the Shield

General Information:
Release Date: Unreleased, originally intended for release some time between 2010-11
Price Point: $5-7.99 (Original intended price point)
Retailer: Intended for General Release
Accessories: Blaster/cannons


Back in 2010, a small line of Generations style figures were released under the banner Reveal the Shield. The idea revolved around the use of heat sensitive stickers on each figure, but really it gave Hasbro the chance to use the line as a "bridge" between the Classics era and what would become Generations.

Unfortunately, Reveal the Shield ended prematurely, and with that end some figures were left unreleased. One of these was a new character named Bodyblock (though in 2008 there was a Mini-Con with the same name). Bodyblock is a straight up redeco of Hunt for the Decepticons Breacher. This same sculpt would later be given a new deco as Generations "GDO" Brawl. At the time of Breacher's release the figure was very popular among fans, making him a natural choice for a redeco. You may want to check out the reviews linked above. This review will focus on the changes made to the sculpt for this release.

This sample is a factory production sample sent for final approvals. You will notice a paper sticker glued onto one part of the figure. This was basically a reference note for the factory for symbol placement, though I do not believe this made it to the few packaged samples that made it out into the aftermarket.

Tech Specs: (Transcribed from a photograph of packaged samples from the TFWiki)
BODYBLOCK is an expert in the fine art of extreme robot wrestling. Back in the league he was considered a heel; the sort of guy who might sneak a laser blade into the ring, or hit an opponent over the head with a length of tungsten rebar. Now he uses his talent for dirty fighting to bring the pain to the DECEPTICONS every chance he gets.

Robot Mode:
The Breacher/Brawl sculpt is one of my favorites from this era. It has a unique look, a beautiful head sculpt and he looks like a character who can take care of himself on the battlefield. There have been no sculpt changes made to this figure for this release to this figure looks just as cool as his predecessors!

Bodyblock is cast in a combination of green, brown, black, grey and light beige plastic. The green and the brown may sound like a repeat of the colors used for "GDO" Brawl, but both colors are actually different shades. Brawl's green is more of a "pea soup" color while Bodyblock's is more olive. The brown on Brawl is darker and bolder than the one on this figure. The addition of the grey plastic offers some variety into the color mix and it looks great.

The paint colors on this figure mostly match the plastic colors, offering some nice contrast. For instance, the chest panels are green plastic with light beige (almost off-white colored) paint on them. Orange is used to paint in the lights from the vehicle mode, most of which face forward in this mode. His face is painted silver with blue eyes. His Reveal the Shield heat sensitive symbol is attached to his left knee armor. While there was a "paper sticker" glued to the chest by Hasbro for factory reference, the final product does not appear to have had a symbol on the chest based on photos I have seen online.

All sixteen points of articulation on this figure are nice and tight. Thanks to the number of ball joints on this figure, he has a wide range of motion. His weapon is a dual barreled blaster with a "C Clip" attachment claw. This can snap on to one of seven potential connection points on this figure, but the most commonly used ones are the bars on the top of his hands. All this means Bodyblock does not just look good, he's fun too!

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the blaster and set it aside for now.
  2. On the back of each leg, swing out the panel that rests against the back of the lower legs.
  3. Pull the chest piece forward and the central white hinge piece will extend.
  4. Push the robot head back, then push the small panel in the front down.
  5. Rotate the cabin cover section on the robot chest around.
  6. Swing each arm back, position it so the wheels point out to the sides and then swing them under the robot chest piece.
  7. Swing each forearm up on the ball joint, connecting the small pegs on the upper arms to the corresponding holes on the central piece.
  8. Swing each fist back and secure the side panels into place.
  9. Rotate the robot waist piece around.
  10. Swing the central hinge forward.
  11. Fold the robot legs up against the front of the vehicle.
  12. Swing the knee armor panels up in the back and connect them together.
  13. Clip the weapon to the bar on the bar on the top of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
Bodyblock is an Armored Personnel Carrier in vehicle mode. There are many designs for APC's, but this vehicle uses designs similar to the Boxer APC. The front end is angled and flat, angling back to a boxy carrier section. The vehicle rolls on six wheels instead of the eight seen on many real life APC's, likely a good way of keeping away from any trademark issues. Between the armored look of the vehicle and the weapon on top Bodyblock looks fantastic.

This mode shows off a lot more concentrated light beige color with some green breaks here and there. The windows are painted silver while the headlights are painted orange. This mode could have used slightly more deco on the sides to bring out the sculpted details, but given the intended price point of this figure I can understand why the deco worked out the way it did.

Bodyblock's primary functionality in this mode revolves around his turret and "C clip" bars. The turret can turn in a full circle and has a bar that allows "C clip" weapons to be attached. More "C clip" bars are found on the sides and back section of the vehicle. The ones on the sides are not in the best spot unless the "C clip" weapons in question have a long enough arm to keep them from scraping on the ground as you roll the vehicle along.

One more play feature involves this vehicle form interacting with the sculpt that was released as both Sea Spray and Deep Dive. In this form, Bodyblock fits right into the back section of Sea Spray or Deep Dive in vehicle mode. This is a fun extra play feature which many fans loved when the figure was first released as Breacher.

Final Thoughts:
Bodyblock is a cool redeco of a sculpt that I already really liked in both its previous versions. Unfortunately getting your hands on one is a tough order. Samples appear for sale online once in a blue moon but this guy can run close to $100 USD (if not more). That said, if you don't own any versions of this figure, I highly recommend picking up the original Breacher sculpt to get a sense of how cool this figure is.


  • Excellent sculpt.
  • Fun play value.
  • Deco is very different from the previous releases.


  • Could use a bit more deco in vehicle mode.
  • The "C Clip" bars on the sides in vehicle mode should have been angled a bit higher.