Power Core Combiner Toy Reviews

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Power Core Combiners

Expanding upon the essence of DEVASTATOR — a robot built by combining multiple construction vehicles — the TRANSFORMERS brand unveils the new POWER CORE COMBINERS expression that redefines the magic of combination play. The toys deliver an interchangeable system of robots, vehicles and weapons that escalates the level of fun and increases the number of robots within a child’s TRANSFORMERS toy universe.

Two Packs
  • Darkstream with Razorbeam
  • Heavytread with Groundspike
  • Huffer with Caliburst
  • Icepick with Chainclaw
  • Leadfoot with Pinpoint
  • Salvage with Bomb-Burst
  • Searchlight with Backwind
  • Smolder with Chopster
  • Skyhammer with Airlift
  • Sledge with Throttler
  • Steelshot with Beacon
  • Undertow with Waterlog
  • Windburn with Darkray
  • Five Packs
  • Bombshock (Combaticons)
  • Crankcase (Destrons)
  • Double Clutch (Rallybots)
  • Grimstone (Dinobots)
  • Mudslinger (Destructicons)
  • Over-Run (Stunticons)
  • Skyburst (Aerialbots)
  • Stakeout (Protectobots)
  • Steamhammer (Constructicons)