Movie Advanced Ratchet Toy Review

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Movie Advanced


General Information:
Release Date: July 2014
Price Point: $25-30 (Japanese Retail); $35-50 (At US Based Importers)
Retailer: Japanese Exclusive
Accessories: Sword


*Official photos are from Amazon Japan.

While he does not appear in a lot of the movie, Autobot Ratchet plays a very crucial role in "Age of Extinction", so his inclusion in the Movie Advanced line is not as out of left field as some may think. This figure is a redeco of the "Dark of the Moon" Deluxe Class Ratchet figure. Originally, that figure was going to get a new deco and released at the tail end of the "Dark of the Moon" line. That release was cancelled, but this deco reflects the deco intended for that release.

Robot Mode:
The original Generation One Ratchet was mostly white with red detailing, iconic ambulance colors (at the time at least). Over the years, the various live action movie based toy lines have featured Ratchet redecos in these colors. This includes Rescue Ratchet from "Revenge of the Fallen" and the reverse (mostly red with some white) on Specialist Ratchet from "Dark of the Moon". This Ratchet figure continues that tradition by offering a redeco of a previous sculpt in a red and white based deco.

While red and white plastic do make up a good chunk of this figure, there is a significant use of black plastic, which does a great job of offering some contrast to the otherwise bright color palette. In fact, much of the center of the body is black, including the chest area, the thigs and even the insides of the arms (the outer parts are covered in white and translucent grey parts). Translucent grey is used on the doors on his shoulders and for light piping on the head. The red plastic is used to suggest inner workings behind this robot in disguise. This is done by using it in key areas such as the faux pistons on his inner thighs, the joints on his elbows and his ankles. Having that red color peek out adds an interesting visual element to the figure.

The paint colors used on the figure include white, red and silver. White is used on the shoulder armor and for the lights on his chest. Red is used on the robot head, the mid-body area and for details on the sides of the arms such as an Autobot symbol on the shoulders. Silver is used on the feet, hands and on his face, providing some really nice detail that I didn't expect. Silver is also found on the rims of each of his vehicle mode wheels, all of which show prominently in this form.

Overall, Ratchet looks fantastic. This is easily one of my favorite "red/white" color interpretations of the character. The use of black really helps offer some beautiful contrast and the use of paint applications makes an argument for paying a premium price for a premium deco.

The joints on this figure are all nice and tight. Even with his ball jointed feet there are no balance issues. The "Mech Tech" weapon included with the original version of this sculpt has been replaced with a sword. The sword is cast in grey and painted gunmetal. It has a triangular design and some really nice asymmetrical designs on it. The sword can be held by its handle or attached to the hole on his back using the 5mm peg on the side of the blade. While not as big or impressive as a transforming blaster, the sword is a cool accessory and it offers a different take on the warrior side of this character. Also keep in mind, there are 5mm ports on both his lower legs and shoulder area if you want to attach extra weapons to him.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the weapon and set it aside for now.
  2. Push up the lower part of the chest panel.
  3. Swing the shoulder panels with the wheels on them out.
  4. Swing the forearms back and up against the upper arms.
  5. Rotate the feet around and push them up.
  6. Swing the panels on the ankles down.
  7. Push the lower legs up against the back of the thighs.
  8. Push the leg section against the back panel, connecting the tabs on the back panel to the corresponding gaps on the leg sections.
  9. Pull the panel with the wheel on it all the way back to finish forming the rear of the vehicle.
  10. Swing the robot chest up.
  11. Rotate the robot chest around in a circle.
  12. Rotate each arm section so the wheels match the alignment of the rear wheels.
  13. Rotate the section with the red cage on it around.
  14. Swing each arm in.
  15. The sword can be attached to the wheel on the top of the vehicle.

Vehice Mode:
Most of the details that were only hinted at in the robot mode come together in this form thanks to all the panels on the sides of the vehicle lining up. The vehicle is mostly white, which represents a combination of white plastic and white paint (particularly on the front of the vehicle). The cage sections on the front and top of the vehicle are cast in red. The windows are translucent grey. Much of the lower section of the vehicle including the cage around the rear lights and the wheels are cast in black. The most dramatic detail is an Autobot symbol inside a red hexagon. That shape leads to a red "lifeline" pattern that dips down then up, reminiscent of a detail seen on the live action movie CG model for Ratchet. At the back are red details that form a white cross in the center. Right near that cross are two small hexagon shapes. Add to this touches like the silver on the rims and the white in the front and this mode looks every bit as detailed and sharp as the robot mode.

Functionally you can use the spare tire on the top of the vehicle to attach a weapon. If you want to go a little extra crazy, flip out the panels on the sides of the vehicle above the rear wheel wells and you can attach additional weapons with a 5mm peg.

Final Thoughts:
The "Move Advanced" series continues to impress me. Ratchet looks fantastic and I'm happy to see a figure that was meant for release (but cancelled) finally see the light of day. Since it is an import I'd recommend getting this only if you're a huge Ratchet fan or someone who wants a representation of the character in a premium deco.