Movie Advanced Protoform Optimus Prime Toy Review

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Movie Advanced

Optimus Prime

General Information:
Release Date: July 2014
Price Point: $25 (Japanese Retail); $30-40 (At US Based Importers)
Retailer: Japanese Exclusive
Accessories: Blaster, "Flame"


*Official photos are from Toys R Us Japan.

In the first "Transformers" live action feature film, Optimus Prime arrives to Earth from space. Falling out of the sky like a meteor, he crashes onto Earth and then takes on a new form. In the toy line for the first movie, a figure of Optimus Prime in his "pre-Earth" form was made: Protoform Optimus Prime. As part of its "Movie Advanced" line, Takara has brought this sculpt back with an all new deco. Check out my original review of the figure for details on the sculpt and functionality. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Robot Mode:
The original Protoform Optimus Prime figure was cast in silver plastic and mostly had silver paint applications. This roughly matched the colors on the CGI model (who was only seen very briefly in the film). This time out, the designers decided to go full out on color. Instead of the less colorful version of the figure seen in the film, this version seems to be more based on how Optimus may have looked on Cybertron before he came to Earth. The figure is full of color and paint details and utilizes many of the iconic colors often associated with Optimus Prime.

The key plastic colors used on this figure are red, blue, silver, black and translucent blue. The red and blue plastic are used to form the upper and lower parts of the figure. Silver and black fill in most of the smaller parts such as the forearms and hands as well as the middle of the body. Even without paint applications this combination already screams "Optimus Prime". The way the colors wind up being laid out looks great and there is constant contrast happening whether it's between red and blue or red and silver and so on. The translucent blue plastic is used for the light piping on the eyes. Unfortunately the light piping effect is mostly blocked because the eyes are painted light blue.

The paint colors used on this figure further draw a strong connection to classic Optimus Prime colors. Paint colors include red, light blue, black, gunmetal grey, metallic blue and gold. The biggest painted section is the chest, where the classic Optimus Prime "windshield chest" is given a more modern design touch where it's thin instead of tall and angles forward. The outer edge of the chest panels are painted red and the windows are light blue. The black is used on details like his faux "wheels" on the legs. The gunmetal color is found on several parts including the head, the outside of the forearms and the feet. Tiny details are added in with metallic blue and gold. The metallic blue is found on the corners of his forearm armor and the middle of the waist. Gold is used on the are right above the waist (looking very much like headlights from a vehicle) and on the round details on his shoulders. Overall he looks absolutely amazing. The colors really do a great job of bringing out a lot of the wonderfully sculpted details on the figure.

All eighteen points of articulatin on this figure are nice and tight. Little surprise considering this particular set of tooling has barely gotten any use over the years. Optimus' weapon fists nicely in his hands and the "flame" that comes with the figure can attach to the barrel to make it look like it's firing.

Transformation to Entry Mode:

  1. Detach his weapon and detach the flame. Fold the barrel and end in.
  2. Point the robot feet down, and turn them to the sides.
  3. Attach the two legs together at the lower legs and feet.
  4. Rotate the upper body around.
  5. Swing the panel on his back up, and then swing down the panel in the middle.
  6. Swing the robot head down, and fold the flap with the Autobot symbol on top of it.
  7. Swing each arm up out to the sides, then rotate the shoulders forward and swing the arms back.
  8. Attach the gun to the underside of the flap that was on the back.
  9. Swing the leg sections up, connecting the section with the feet to the tab on the panel that forms the top of the entry mode.
  10. Swing the panels on the shoulders forward.
  11. Swing the panels on the robot legs forward, then swing the panels on the front back to connect to them.
  12. The flame piece can be attached to the "tail" for a "trail effect"

Entry Mode:
While it's shaped like a meteor or comet falling out of the sky, it's clear Optimus Prime's "Entry Mode" is largely based on his iconic truck mode. To that end, he has plenty of details including windshield windows in front, headlights and even a grille. On the original Protoform Optimus figure these details kind of blended into each other thanks partly to the heavy use of silver tones. Here, the distinctive color patterns help separate out the details from one another. The red colors even wind up mostly on the front with blue in the back. Silver is mostly found on the top.

Red paint is largely used to outline details including the Autobot symbol above the windshield section and several of the raised details on the top of the vehicle. Silver is used on the front grille area while gold paints in the headlight details. Gunmetal is used on lines that extend out from the grille section, a visual analog to the silver lines on the original Optimus Prime in vehicle form. The Entry Mode looks absolutely amazing with this deco.

Final Thoughts:
When I reviewed the original figure, I gave it a good but not great rating, but this deco has really changed my mind. The toy is already fun and well sculpted, but this strong deco has really elevated the toy in my eyes. For those into Japanese exclusive Transformers figures, this guy is definitely highly recommended!