"Generations" War for Cybertron Trilogy Decepticon Mirage Toy Review

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Generations Selects War for Cybertron Trilogy

General Information:
Release Date: April 1, 2020
Price Point: $19.87 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: Wal-Mart Exclusive
Accessories: "C-20 Electro-Disruptor Cannon", "Distortion Missile", "W-15 Armor-Piercing Rocket-Dart Launcher"

Disclosure: This figure was provided to Ben's World of Transformers at Toy Fair 2020 as part of a bag of complimentary figures. Special thanks to Hasbro for providing this figure for review.


Official images and text below in italics are from Walmart.com. Product description from official product descriptions released at Toy Fair 2020:
The War for Cybertron series-inspired Deluxe DECEPTICON MIRAGE figure stands at 5.5 inches tall and converts from robot to race car mode in 19 steps. The deceptive MIRAGE uses his signature hologram technology to spy on his enemies and comes with 3 accessories. With 51 deco ops and battle-worn details this is the most series-accurate version of the character. Build the Battlefield Beyond – when fans see the iconic red and white packaging, they know they're getting a figure inspired by the War for Cybertron series (each sold separately, subject to availability). Deluxe Class figures come with a piece of a Teletraan-1 backdrop, which can be collected to build the full Teletraan-1 backdrop. Adult fans nostalgic for the original TRANSFORMERS animation and kids discovering classic characters for the first time can share and experience exciting play patterns for all generations.

At Toy Fair 2020 Hasbro and Netflix announced a new Transformers cartoon aimed at the fans of the Generations series of figures. This series would be based on the follow up to the Prime Wars Trilogy: War for Cybertron. The first chapter of this series was Siege. However, since the Siege toys would be off shelves by 2020, Hasbro worked with Walmart to develop an exclusive line of figures that would help promote the series. Each figure is a redeco of a Siege figure intended to reflect how the characters look in the cartoon!

One of these figures was "Decepticon Mirage", a redeco of Siege Mirage. Why is he a Decepticon? That will probably be revealed once the series airs. I can say however that the idea of questioning Mirage's loyalty goes all the way back to the original 1984 cartoon series, where one episode had a story element around whether or not Mirage had abandoned the Autobots or not (Spoiler: he did not). IDW Publishing also played around with this idea as well in a Spotlight issue focused around the character. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

The Netflix Siege packaging utilizes the same basic box design as the mainline Siege boxes. They feature a rectangular shape with an angle on the left side (if you are facing the box). A large window box is set in the center with the figure in robot mode. Unlike the Siege packaging these boxes have a white background with red and black borders. Most of the elements fans have come to expect are in the same place such as the vertical Transformers logo on the right and the Generations logo above it. However, instead of a big Siege logo, the box utilizes a more generic Transformers War for Cybertron Trilogy logo. One addition is the box design is an extra bit of cardboard with the Netflix logo prominently displayed. Under it is the phrase "A Netflix Original Series" (which the streaming service uses on anything it has a hand in producing or licensing).

The angled part of the packaging has new package art for Mirage that is focused on his head and parts of the upper body. The other side of the box features the Siege "poster" art with the Ark launching into the air. Instead of full color, the art is grey and black, giving it an extra gritty feel. The back of the box features Mirage in both modes with no cosells (but tons of legal info). This packaging is absolutely beautiful. It is clean, crisp and I imagine it will really pop on shelves.

Like this G1 counterpart, Mirage includes three main accessories (technically G1 Mirage had extra missiles but let's not nitpick here). The first weapon is his handheld blaster, the "C-20 Electro-Disruptor Cannon". This design is based on the model used in the G1 animation and Marvel comic book. It features a thin rifle with a thin barrel in front, a weapons clip on the bottom and two "fins" sticking out on the sides. This weapon has a 5mm peg on the bottom, one at the back and the front can fit a Blast Effect. This piece is cast in a darker grey plastic instead of the lighter silver that Siege Mirage comes with.

The other weapon is the "W-15 Armor-Piercing Rocket-Dart Launcher". This is based on the shoulder mounted launcher from the original G1 Mirage toy and animation/comic book model. It even replicates that launcher's "button/trigger" which is sculpted to look like a targeting scope. The launcher features a 5mm port in front and a peg in the back. The third accessory is the "Distortion Missile" which goes along with the launcher. This piece features a 5mm peg on the back and bottom so it can be held as a separate weapon or attach to other weapons in the line. This piece is cone shaped with fins on the sides and top, just like the G1 model. Both of these pieces are cast in the same grey plastic as the Electro-Disruptor Cannon with no paint applications.

Robot Mode:
There are no obvious tooling changes made to the figure for this release. "Decepticon" Mirage appears to be a straight up redeco of Siege Mirage.

Unlike his white and blue colors from the Siege release, Decepticon Mirage is mostly made up of grey plastic with some smaller parts cast in black and gunmetal grey. Since this represents the character long before his arrival on Earth and possibly in disguise or before his Autobot affiliation I am totally fine with him not being in traditional Mirage base colors. However, the grey plastic is just a canvas which the designers used to paint on an incredible deco.

The paint colors on this figure are beautifully applied. Light blue is painted on the torso, forearms and thighs. Purple is used on the head, chest, waist and lower legs. The face is painted gunmetal grey with yellow eyes. The gorgeous part of the deco comes in on paint that is layered over the base colors described above. Gunmetal grey is used to paint parts of the chest, the arms and legs, but they are applied with a spray op that looks like a burn or wear and tear. Black is used in a similar manner to look like "burn" damage. In another fantastic design choice the legs have purple paint "broken up" with gunmetal and black "damage". In many respects this deco succeeds on conveying the idea of a battle damaged Mirage than most of the mainline Siege figures. Perhaps the biggest criticisms of those figures was that they only had battle damage in select areas while other areas were pristine. No such issue here. He has "wear" from his upper body all the way down to his feet and it looks great.

All the joints on my copy of this figure are just as tight as those on my Siege Mirage so no concerns there. Also, since this Mirage's legs are not translucent plastic, use those 5mm ports with abandon! He retains all the same 5mm ports and Blast Effect attachment points as Siege Mirage, meaning he's lots of fun.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the accessories and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing each fist into the forearms.
  4. Point the robot feet down.
  5. Rotate the arms around.
  6. Bend each arm at the elbows and swing them up.
  7. Swing the arms in over the chest, connect the the forearms together.
  8. Connect the spoiler halves together.
  9. Swing the wheels behind the chest out to the sides.
  10. Lift the upper body up, extending it on the hinged pieces connected to the upper body.
  11. Swing the head in behind the chest.
  12. Swing the upper body piece down.
  13. On each leg, swing up the lower leg over the thighs.
  14. On each leg, swing out the wheels to the sides.
  15. Connect each leg half together to form the front of the vehicle.
  16. Push the front half of the car against the rear section to connect the two halves of the vehicle together.
  17. The weapons can be attached to the ports on the spoilers.

Vehicle Mode:
There are no sculpt changes between the original release of this figure and this version. Instead, the differences are all in the colors, and by Primus do they look good! The same combination of spray ops, color layering and "broken edges" continues here, making the combination of blue, purple and silver look fantastic. The spoiler and the front of the vehicle both have black "damage" blotches on them that look fantastic. Overall I love the way the deco in this mode came out. It's gorgeous!

The two 5mm ports on top of the spoiler are still the main points to connect extra weapons. I like the way they are spread far enough apart to attach large and small weapons for extra play value.

Final Thoughts:
When I first heard Mirage was going to receive a new deco for the Netflix-based series of figures I was not particularly excited. After seeing the renders released by Hasbro that did not change. But when I finally saw this figure in person I was amazed at the deco. I really do feel like this represents how the battle damage deco on Siege figures should have looked from the start (but I also understand the budgetary limitations that kept that from happening). I know this is the third release of this figure, but I absolutely recommend it.


  • Good sculpt with G1 influences.
  • Amazing deco.
  • Good play value and articulation.


  • A bit bulky in vehicle mode.