"Generations" War for Cybertron: Autobot Lancer Toy Review

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War for Cybertron: Siege

General Information:
Release Date: July 16, 2019
Price Point: $19.99 (Depending on retailer)
Retailer: Fan Channels (BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth, Hasbro Pulse etc.)
Accessories: Hand/Prime Armor, Blaster


Official images and text below in italics are from Amazon.com:
Fans have seen her in the G1 animated series and comic books, but now Lancer can been seen as an official Transformers figure, the mystery 5th figure of the combiner Orthia! The WFC-GS05 Autobot Lancer figure completes the combiner, along with Power of the Primes Elita-1, Power of the Primes Moonracer, Power of the Primes Novastar, and War for Cybertron Greenlight. (Each sold separately, subject to availability).

This Generations Selects WFC-GS05 Autobot Lancer comes equipped with 2 weapon accessories: a JF-10 Gravitus Blaster and a C-50 Sonic Electro-Armor.

Features classic conversion from robot to vehicle modes in 14 steps.

  • Generations Selects is a fan-dedicated line of figures featuring special edition characters that can’t be found in the main line.
  • Fans have seen her in the G1 animated series and comic books, but now Lancer can been seen as an official Transformers figure: Generations Selects WFC-GS05 Autobot Lancer
  • WFC-GS05 Autobot Lancer figure is the final figure that will complete the Orthia combiner (other combiner figures each sold separately, subject to availability)
  • Comes with 2 weapon accessories that combine together to form a larger weapon. Weapon ports on figure enable accessories to attach in custom configurations. Fans can use weapon accessories from other Siege figures to expand figure’s loadout (each sold separately, subject to availability)
  • Includes Generations Selects Deluxe Class Autobot Lancer figure, 2 weapon accessories, and instructions.
  • Ages 8 and up

Last month, Greenlight was released as an Amazon exclusive figure. As part of the "Siege" line, her packaging had a hidden code that revealed the name "Lancer". At the time, I speculated this referred to the fourth "limb" of the Combiner Orthia as well as the character from the G1 cartoon. Less than a month after Greenlight's release, Lancer was officially unveiled and released and San Diego Comic-Con 2019 via Entertainment Earth! Pre-orders for the figure shortly went up on Entertainment Earth's site, BigBadToyStore and Hasbro Pulse. This figure is a redeco and retool of Greenlight, who in turn was a redeco and retool of the sculpt used for Moonracer and Novastar. This review will focus on the changes made to the sculpt for this release.

Lancer is packaged in the same style of box as other "Selects" releases such as Ricochet. She is attached to a plastic tray along with her accessories. This tray then sits in a cardboard box with graphics printed on it that look like they were spray painted on. A sticker in the front keeps the box sealed and identifies what is inside.

In a fun extra, shining a black light on the packaging will reveal Cybertronian glyphs. Input them on Hasbro's "Teletraan-1" web site and you get a translation. Unfortunately, while Lancer does have glyphs inside her box, they do not come up with a code that the web site recognizes. My guess is this is due to the figure being released very recently. In a month or so this could change.

Robot Mode:
When the Generation One cartoon introduced the female Autobots, it was clear the designers wanted to be sure that each character was easily distinguishable from another since they basically only had one episode to make an impression. In Lancer's case, the the designers chose a combination of orange and purple to be her primary colors, so those are the colors that this figure is made up of. She also features translucent purple and black plastic.

The paint colors on this figure are primarily purple and silver. A fairly dark purple is used on the torso, while the paint on the face and hands look more like lavender. Her eyes are painted metallic blue and her lips are painted a lighter purple color. Silver is used for smaller details on the head and chest. A tiny Autobot symbol can be found on the chest. These colors are all inspired by the character's appearance in the Generation One cartoon, but the orange is rather bright compared to what was used in the animated series. Some fans will appreciate the rather retro color combination while others may find it too bright. This is really one of those decos that will appeal to different fans in very different ways (if at all). Personally I dig it and I appreciate the attempt to replicate the cartoon's deco as much as possible.

This figure uses the Greenlight sculpt, including the modified forearms and hands and other parts such as the legs. However, she also features a new head sculpt based on her animated appearance. This includes a curved "helmet" section in the back, a crest on top and a part that sticks out a bit in the front. It looks great and helps to distinguish the sculpt from its predecessors.

Lancer has fourteen points of articulation in this mode. Several of these including the shoulder and elbows are ball joints, allowing for a good range of motion. In addition to the 5mm ports in the fists, there is another on her back that can be used to attach any accessories with 5mm ports. Unfortunately the decision was made to remove the 5mm ports from the forearms, a decision that kind of mystifies me since it would have added to the "Siege" play pattern. This is a shame and one of the drawbacks of the figure. From a Q/C perspective, the hip joints on my copy of this figure are slightly more loose than the ones on my copy of Greenlight, but all the upper body joints are nice and tight.

Lancer includes the same weapon as Novastar, which can be connected to Moonracer's blaster to form a larger weapon. She also includes Prime Armor cast in purple and orange colors with no deco.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach any accessories and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing each foot up.
  4. Push the feet together.
  5. Swing the arms up.
  6. Rotate the top half of the body around to one side.
  7. Swing the back panel out.
  8. Swing the chest panel forward, tuck the head in, then swing the chest panel back into place.
  9. Swing the rear wheel well panels down.
  10. Swing the arms back, overlapping the flaps from the forearms onto the wheel well panels.
  11. Rotate the legs section around.
  12. Swing the back piece down to form the middle of the vehicle.
  13. Attach the Prime Armor to the port in the back of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
Lancer's vehicle mode shows off a lot of the translucent purple parts. Underneath the translucent parts the mechanical details have been painted silver. With the orange plastic the combination of colors looks wonderfully "80's retro scifi" and it's really nicely done. Silver is also used for the headlights and the sides of the wheels.

The Prime Armor can still be attached to the back as a pair of boosters and of course you can attach the weapons to the Prime Armor.

Transformation to Leg Mode (Starting in vehicle mode):

  1. Push the front of the vehicle mode down and swing it back. Connect it to the thighs using the tabs from the front of the vehicle and the attachment points on the thighs.
  2. Swing the middle section of the vehicle up, swing down the 5mm port under it, then swing it back into place.
  3. Swing the robot fists back.
  4. Swing the Combiner connection piece up.
  5. Attach a foot piece to the bottom.

Leg Mode:
Lancer's leg mode is a good shape with a good thickness to look like a limb that can support a Combiner. It really helps that the front of the vehicle folds back, making the base of the leg nice and solid looking. The Combiner peg is nice and solid both on the hinge and swivel joint. Thanks to Greenlight, Moonracer and Novastar all utilizing the same basic design, they make for very uniform looking limbs. The orange color also helps balance this limb nicely with Novastar.

Transformation to Arm Mode (Starting in vehicle mode):

  1. Detach the Prime Armor if attached.
  2. Swing the middle section of the vehicle up and against the back.
  3. Rotate the lower half of the vehicle (the robot legs) around to one side or another (depending on which arm you want it to form).
  4. Swing up the Combiner connector piece.
  5. Transform the Prime Armor into its fist form and attach it to the 5mm port at the wrist.

Arm Mode
Arm modes are not always the easiest ones to pull off. Depending on the form of the figure's vehicle or robot mode, they can wind up looking too chunky or obtrusive. However, Lancer's arm mode works out perfectly. The top part of the arm is nice and thick, like a powerful looking bicep. Then the forearm is smaller and more narrow. Sure the fist is kind of big (but not comically so) but I think overall the arm mode looks good.

The only shame with this mode is the loss of the 5mm ports. Without them, you cannot attach additional weaponry to "beef up" the weaponry on this limb.

Final Thoughts:
The base sculpt used for Lancer may not be a fan favorite, but it is absolutely extraordinary that we live in an age where most of the female Autobots from Generation One have been made into action figures. Bonus: This piece also helps fans complete the team they need to form Orthia. Recommended!


  • References an obscure G1 character.
  • Nice and unusual deco.
  • Good play value.
  • Completes the "Orthia" Combiner.


  • The base sculpt is still awkward in its own ways.
  • The new forearm design was a big mistake. It takes away functionality and hampers the vehicle mode a bit.