Dark of the Moon Megatron with Blastwave Weapons Base

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Dark of the Moon

General Information:
Release Date: July 2011
Price Point: $14.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Trailer/Base/Jet Pack, Missile x 1, Cannon/missile launcher x 1
Image Gallery: Photos of Megatron with the Blastwave Weapons Base

*Images with asterisks above and text in italics below from The Official Transformers web site
Few AUTOBOTS have ever seriously challenged MEGATRON and his fusion cannon. Far fewer will dare challenge him when the BLASTWAVE WEAPONS BASE is deployed. This powerful piece of weaponry is equipped with the latest generation DECEPTICON particle blasters and multiple missile pods. The base's jet mode allows MEGATRON to swoop from battle to battle, leaving AUTOBOT scrap in his wake. Race into battle with this 3-in-1 converting action set! Your mighty MEGATRON figure changes from Mack truck mode to attack jet mode to battle base mode and back again. With launching missiles in both battle base and attack jet mode, you and your fearless-looking figure can be ready for anything the AUTOBOT forces can dish out! As the battle rages on, keep converting back forth and keep your enemies guessing. 3-in-1 converting action set brings you triple the fast-paced fun! Package becomes an action scene! Ages 5 and up.

During my review of the first Cyberverse Megatron figure, I did mention that the vehicle for was very much a truncated version of the character we saw on screen. Well, Megatron finally gets a proper trailer section with the release of Megatron with the Blastwave Weapons Base. This is partly a redeco/re-release and partly a new sculpt, so this review will reflect that. For the portion where I discuss the Megatron figure itself I'll mostly comment on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Blastwave Weapons Base

Base Mode:
The Blastwave Weapons base really harkens back to the Micromaster era of Transformers. Back then, if you took a vehicle and had it stand up in some way or stick some weapons out of it, it became a "base". The Blastwave base is essentially a standing weapons platform. There are no control panels or computer consoles, just three primary weapons and a couple of panels you can maybe duck behind for partial cover, but you know what? That's perfectly cool by me. I like to think of this as a mobile support platform that Megatron can transform quickly and take to different parts of the battlefield, not something that was meant to be stuck in one place for long periods of time.

The front part of the base is one of the nicest. There, you'll find several curved sections that come to points in the front, with layers of armor on top of it curving up to the main section of the base. On the sides are two hinged panels that form the sides of the trailer in vehicle mode. Each of those has a double barreled weaon attached to it on a ball joint, allowing you to target enemies from all sorts of directions! The centerpiece of this base is the giant cannon in the middle, which is connected to a neck with two hinges, one at the base and one at the point where it connects to the cannon. The cannon itself is rather big and definitely conveys a sense of power. The cannon has two barrels. One has a eight sided barrel and the other is a missile tube. On the top are two triangular shapes, but only one is actually functional. Press the one on the left side and the missile fires out of the barrel.

Being from the "Cyberverse", there is some extra functionality built into the base, allowing it to interact with weapons from other Cyberverse figures. On the front of the hinged panels, there are holes in the middle to attach Cyberverse weapons. On the back of the same panels are holes to accomodate Cyberverse and Mech Tech weapons. Yet another Mech Tech weapon can be attached to a hole in the front piece of the base. It is interesting to note that each of the double barreled weapons on the base have pegs on them that fit into Megatron's hand. However, I'm not a big fan of ripping parts out of a ball joint so I'd be really careful if you do. Interestingly, you can connect the two weapons together using the curved section on one weapon to attach to the "C" shaped section of the other. This quad-cannon can then be held by Megatron using the pegs on the sides. Finally, the main cannon has two handles on it allowing Megatron to "control" the cannnon while standing behind it. His claw hands fit right onto the handles without a problem. That same section has a handlebar that can accomodate C Clip weapons, though they do fit a bit more snug than I'd generally prefer.

The Blastwave base borrows its color palette from Megatron, being mostly mae up of beige and brown Earth tones. There are some dark grey parts as well, mostly from sections that are not seen in the vehicle form such as the top of the main cannon and the curved parts in the front. Silver is the most heavily used paint color, which you'll find on the wheel wells, the mechanical details near the hinges on the side panels as well as the curved section in the front. As a carry over artifact from the vehicle mode, you'll also see silver at the base of the cannon and on the cannon barrels themselves. A bit of red is used on a raised circle on the base of the cannon. Finally, a small purple Decepticon symbol graces the curved/pointed sections in the front.

Transformation to Attack Jet Mode (from base mode):

  1. Swing the support leg in the center section under the middle section.
  2. Detach the main cannon from the base.
  3. Swing the arm the cannon was connected to down.
  4. Rotate the panels on the sides so they face down.
  5. Clip Megatron to the Attack Jet back pack by using the clips on the underside of the base to connect to the side windows from Megatron's vehicle mode.
  6. Connect the main cannon to Megatron's hands.

Attack Jet Mode:
Megatron's "Attack Jet Mode" is really just a very loose variant of the Blastwave Weapons base mode. The side panels of the base are now basically "wings" and the curved section in the front is analagous to a nosecone on a jet. I do like how neatly the jet pack clips onto him and it holds really nice and tight. As mentioned before, you can attach quite a few weapons to this jet pack, and in this mode the ability for you to do so makes a lot more sense.

You're not really going to see much more paint detail here than you saw in the base mode. However, the beige paint on his cannon gets emphasized here, and it becomes pretty obvious that the cannon will become one of the tanks on his back in vehicle mode.

It is important to make sure Megatron is holding the main cannon in this form if you expect him to stand. While his feet are very wide, the jet pack is heavy enough that without the counter balance of the cannon, he'll fall right over onto his back. While comical, it doesn't make for very good display! I do like this transformation option. I think it adds something to the character which we didn't see on the big screen: his ability to fly, which we saw in both previous films but wound up getting negated in "Dark of the Moon".

For those curious, this jet pack clips on just fine to the first Commander Class Megatron, there were no modifications made to the actual Megatron figure for this release.

Megatron Review

Robot Mode:
It may not look like it at first, but this version of Commander Class Megatron has almost a completely new color set from the last version. For the most part, the plastic colors have undergone a one to one swap. The dark beige color on the first version is now a lighter shade of beige. The grey parts are now a dark brown color. Interestingly enough, some of the beige/brown parts from the first release are now cast in silver plastic instead. This includes the head/chest panel and his forearms. Finally, the dark panel that forms his chest armor is now silver as well. Using the silver plastic is a neat idea as it brings more of Megatron's color scheme from previous movies into the color mix, and it makes the figure quite distinctive from its predecessor. I like the choice even if it isn't 100% screen accurate.

Where this version of the figure is a bit lacking are paint decos. Most of the paint in this mode is on the face, where his "damaged" side is painted light blue, most likely representing the electric energy that sparks off his face. His other eye is painted red, matching its look in the movie. Then on his legs you'll find some silver on the vehicle mode's smokestacks, but that's it. I am actually surprised there wasn't at least one or two more decos on this figure, but I'm guessing most of the deco budget went to the trailer. Given a choice, that would be where I would have put it as well.

All of the joints on the figure are still tight and he can hold up the (relatively heavy) main cannon without a problem.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode (Megatron):

  1. Swing each forearm up and tuck it under the upper arm.
  2. Swing the truck grille section up over the robot head.
  3. Swing each arm up at the shoulder joints.
  4. Swing the legs forward.
  5. Swing the waist piece up.
  6. Fold the robot thighs up against the front section of the vehicle.
  7. Connect the lower legs together and straighten them out to form the rear of the vehicle.
  8. Swing the panels with the smokestacks on them up against the front half of the vehicle.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode (Blastwave base, from base mode):

  1. Swing the support leg in the center section under the middle section.
  2. Point the main cannon down, then swing it forward.
  3. Rotate the side panels around.
  4. Rotate each of the double barreled cannons back and then attach them to the tab behind each wheel well on the side panels of the base.
  5. Swing the two side panels together, connecting them using the tabs on the double barreled weapons.

Now connect the clip from the front of the trailer to the tab on the back of Megatron himself to complete the vehicle mode.

Vehicle Mode:
I think it's fair to say that no toy version of Megatron so far has completely nailed his vehicle mode design as he appeared in "Dark of the Moon", but this version of the character does come pretty darn close. A lot of the more proprietary Mack truck details are already present thanks to the front end, but I do find myself wishing parts had been modified for this release to make him look more like his on screen counterpart, especially the use of some spikes on the front end, even if they were shortened for safety reasons.

The trailer manages to replicate some of the design elements of the real life vehicle. There are flat, rounded elements that resemble tanks on the back. The side panels have some of the details that the real life truck has including a ladder at the very back, two panels on the sides and some mechanical detail towards the middle. The beige painted section of the main cannon even resembles the tarp that is seen on Megatron in the film. Overall, it's not perfect (where did the spare tires on the sides of the tank come from for instance?), but it's enough that it is unlikely anyone would mistake this for anything but Megatron's vehicle mode in "Dark of the Moon".

The only color reveals in this mode involve silver paint decos. Some of these are on the trailer, with the front section and part of the back painted silver. There's also silver seen on the cab section along the sides and front (including the Mack logo and the windshield). A bit of brown paint is used to color the spare tires on either side of the tank in the front. While these colors look good, I really wish more had been done to give Megatron that rusty, worn out look. Instead of straight on silver paint applications, I think it may have worked better to use brush patterns across the sides and other parts of the figure, giving it a more worn look than it has.

Running along the sides of the vehicle are two holes to attach Cyberverse weapons, offering up some additional firepower for Megatron in this form. You can also attach certain Energon weapons to the peg on the top of the tank to really make Megatron look like he means business! Overall the play value is definitely cool.

Final Thoughts:
I really like this playset, though I have a couple minor reservations such as the overall paint job. Still, it represents Megatron as he appeared in "Dark of the Moon" nicely and it gives Optimus Prime with the Armored Weapons Platform someone powerful to duke it out with! Recommended, but with reservations.