Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime with Armored Weapons Platform Toy Review

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Dark of the Moon

General Information:
Release Date: July 2011
Price Point: $14.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Trailer, Missile x 1
Images: Gallery of Armored Weapons Platform with Optimus Prime

*Images with asterisk and text in italics below from the Official Transformers web site:
OPTIMUS PRIME turns to his ARMORED WEAPONS PLATFORM when his Energon blades can’t quite cut it. The strike base is equipped with weapons far more powerful than the handheld variety he usually wields. The ARMORED WEAPONS PLATFORM also converts to a mechanical exosuit if mobility enhancement is required. DECEPTICON foes beware – OPTIMUS PRIME has become even more powerful!

Your OPTIMUS PRIME figure is three times as dangerous in this 3-in-1 action set! In assault mode, he attacks with his Energon blades, but if those aren’t enough, convert him to battle base mode and its powerful launching missile. Convert him to vehicle mode if a big, brawny truck can help him prevail over his enemies! Convert your OPTIMUS PRIME figure into assault vehicle mode, truck mode or battle base mode! Ages 5 and up.

Part of the Cyberverse line are transports and bases intended to allow more interaction between the Legion figures and their Commander counterparts, much akin to the Generation One "Micromasters" line which also featured bases that could sometimes transform into vehicles. The second wave of these vehicle/bases features Autobot leader Optimus Prime. This set takes the Preview Optimus Prime figure and pairs it with a trailer, making him truly a "complete" Optimus Prime toy and playset! While other Optimus Primes of the past have had trailers included with them, it has been rare to see an Optimus Prime on a smaller scale such as this include a trailer making this a nice treat to see in the toy line.

The portion of this review for the cab/robot will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release. The trailer review and how it interacts with Optimus Prime will of course be a fresh review.

Robot Mode:
This version of Optimus Prime is a straight up redeco of the base figure in the preview figure pack. The clip on "trailer/weapons" pack that was included with the preview figure is not included in this set. Instead, his trailer provides his weaponry. The color distribution of the plastic colors is basically the same as the first version including having blue on the sides of the torso, red on the forearms and grey on the arms and legs. So what's different? Well, the grey, blue and red plastic are metallic flake versions of those colors, giving Optimus a shiny, metallic appearance, especially when you hold the figure up to the light.

The deco pattern on this version of Optimus is very similar to the original, with some colors swapped out for others. For instance, silver is used here on his face, chest, windshield and legs with no metallic blue this time around. The "engine" section on his torso is painted a dark grey color this time out instead of a lighter silver. What has been left unpainted are his lower legs, which had silver details on the original version but are left unpainted in this form.

This all sounds rather dull, but the figure does look very nice and I think these colors are just as tight as those on the first version of this figure. Still, it would have been nice to see silver on the lower legs and maybe a bit on the forearms, however it is hardly a deal breaker - especially if you didn't get this figure the first couple times it came out.

All of Optimus' joints are very tight on this figure. Indeed, they're a bit tighter than the joints on my first Commander Class Optimus. Sadly, the waist joint problem still occurs now and then. I popped Optimus in half about three times during the course of doing his photo shoot. This remains the primary weakness of this figure design.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode (Cab):

  1. Push the robot feet up.
  2. Rotate the upper body around.
  3. Move the panels on his back down and connect them together.
  4. Push the robot head down.
  5. Slide the chest piece forward.
  6. Swing the side blue panels with the smoke stacks back.
  7. Tuck each of the arms up vertically and connect them together.

Vehicle Mode:
In vehicle mode you really see a big color difference between this version and previous ones. The plastic color distribution is the same, but you really get to see the metallic shine of the blue and red plastic come through now since all the blue and red parts come together in this form. All the silver parts are colored in the same pattern as the previous version, but what is very different is the lack of flames in the front. Instead, the front is solid red in color, making him more reminscent of"Transformers Prime" Optimus Prime. But wait, there's more! A red paint spray op is used on the sides of the blue section in the middle, making it look like the red color from the front is spreading to the back. It's a really nice effect and looks fantastic!

In this form, the trailer clips on to Prime on the clip located at the back of the cab. I'll go into the trailer more in its "vehicle" form.

Trailer (Exo Suit Mode):
The trailer comes packaged in its Exo Suit Mode. Exo Suits have long been a part of Transformers lore since the original animated film "Transformers: The Movie". When Optimus Prime came back to life in Generation One, the first new figure made of him was his "Powermaster" form which involved him combining with his trailer to form a larger robot. This figure continues that tradition.

There are five primary components to the trailer's Exo Suit mode. On top there is a missile pod with three tubes, then there is the foot rest piece on the bottom. On each side there is a (relatively) large arm. Holding all these parts together is a piece in the back that is made from the bottom of the trailer's vehicle mode. Each of these parts is worth a closer look:

  • Missile pod: Though not explicitely called a missile pod, it sure resembles one, with a curved top section and three hollow tubes. On the top is a "C-Clip" weapon bar, allowing you to augment Prime's weaponry in this mode. On the back of this section is a standard 5mm hole to allow weapons (such as a Mech Tech weapon) to be attached.
  • Right Arm: This arm is made up of the arm itself and the side panel of the trailer which acts as a bit of a shield here. This arm has a three fingered claw hand and other cool details such as a piston connecting the upper arm with th eforearm. On the top of the shoulder joint is a "C-Clip" weapon rod. The side of the elbow joint allows you to connect a standard 5mm weapon (such as a Mech Tech weapon) and right above it a hole to accomodate a Cyberverse weapon. The inside of the claw has another 5mm hole to allow another weapon to be held by the arm.
  • Left Arm: The left arm design is almost the mirror image of the right arm except for the forearm piece, which has a dual barreled blaster on it instead of a claw hand. You can still attach weapons to it in the same manner however.
  • The platform on the bottom of the Exo Suit basically acts as a platform for Prime to stand on. The platform does not split in two, but it does have clips that slot into the openings on the insides of Prime's legs, connecting his feet to the platform. There are two holes on the platform, each set in front of one of the "feet" with 5mm holes. Each of these can fit extra weaponry, though I do confess it does look a bit goofy with two big weapons sticking out of his feet, but it's cool that the designers tried to find another slot to accomodate weaponry.
  • The back piece has four small holes towards the bottom that can hold the weapons included with most of the Commander Class weapons including those included with other versions of this Optimus Prime figure.

Optimus connects to this Exo Suit by connecting the aforementioned tabs to his feet and by using the clip on his back to fit into a slot at the base of the missile pod. His arms can then hold on to control sticks on each of the Exo Suit's arms. In many ways, this figure reminds me of the Power Loader from "Aliens".

The trailer is mostly cast in blue and silver plastic. Smaller parts such as the forearms of the Exo Suit and the piece connected to the missile pod are cast in dark metallic grey. Silver paint is used to provide paint details. Some reveal themselves on the side panels, but it's also found on the back of the suit.

The suit itself has six points of articulation, all focused on the arms. The hinges that connect the arms to the main body can swing in and out. The shoulder joints are connected to ball joints as are the forearms. The top panel of the trailer becomes a missile launcher in this form. The missile launcher can be held by Prime himself using two small pegs or you can use the larger 5mm peg on the flat side to be held by the arms of the Exo Suit. The missile itself is sculpted to look like the barrel of a machine gun and the platform it rests on has all sorts of detail on it including tubes, raised rectangles and angled lines. Altogether this is a cool looking and fun package.

Transformation to Armored Weapons Platform (starting in Exo Suit Mode):

  1. Swing the missile body down.
  2. Swing the platform for Optimus' feet down at an angle.
  3. Swing the arms of the Exo Suit out to the sides.
  4. Rotate the panels on each of the arms around.
  5. Attach the missile launcher to the hinge at the base of the missile pod.

Armored Weapons Platform:
The Armored Weapons Platform focuses on the other side of the Exo Suit. The biggest detail that is focused on here and not in other forms is the main ramp that the missile launcher covers. The central section has several designs etched into the ramp that resemble arrows, giving direction for vehicles going down the ramp. On the sides, the arms seem to double as both shields for warriors to sit behind for protection as well as a place to hook up additional weaponry. If you position the arms correctly, you can attach two Mech Tech weapons and a Cyberverse weapon to each, helping this Armored Weapons Platform live up to its name! If he has no vehicles on the ramnp, you can attach four more weapons. Overall, it's a pretty incredible amount of weaponry this trailer can hold, which echoes its appearance in the feature film where it served as a mobile armory for Optimus Prime.

Optimus can man the missile launcher be kneeling behind it and holding on to the two pegs that point downward. I really love this mode as it reminds me a lot of Generation One Optimus Prime's Powermaster trailer, which could transform into a base (albeit a more complex one). I also love the way the arms of the Exo Suit wind up allowing you to connect so many extra weapons.

Transformation to Trailer Mode (starting in Armored Weapons Platform Mode):

  1. Detach the missile launcher platform.
  2. Swing the end of the ramp back.
  3. Swing the missile pod up so the tubes are pointing down.
  4. Swing each of the Exo Suit shoulders up.
  5. Rotate the forearms so the panels of the trailer are facing out to the sides.
  6. Swing the arms down so the elbows wind up inside the holes on the ramp.
  7. Attach the missile launcher platform to form the top of the trailer.
  8. Attach the trailer to the cab using the clip at the front end.

Trailer Mode:
The trailer is a very simplified version of the larger versions, which is to be expected at this size scale. The trailer has the Generation One inspired designs on the sides seen in the feature film. This includes a series of ridged, horizontal lines and a single smooth line that goes across, then angles up and then goes across again to the back. This section is painted silver with an Autobot symbol outlined in blue towards the back.

The trailer is mostly successful but the one part that I find a bit weak are the wheels on the part that would normally be the platform for th feet. Here there are two sets of "wheels", but only one can actually roll. The thing is, they're rather cheap looking, basiclaly plastic discs with a raised section in the middle. I would have much preferred wheels similar to those on Prime himself to match up with the cab. There's also a break in the sides of the trailer showing the handles for the missile launcher platform.

I don't want to make the trailer sound like it's bad because it's pretty neat. The "C-Clip" weapon rod winds up on the front end and you can attach an additional Mech Tech weapon on top, giving him more firepower for his vehicle mode. Also, given how rare it is for Prime to even have a trailer nowadays, it's neat to see a version at this scale have one.

Final Thoughts:
Despite it's flaws, I really enjoyed reviewing this figure. It's not perfect, but at this scale I doubt it could be without the price tag being $10 more. If you haven't picked up the other versions of this figure yet or you want a Prime with a trailer without having to spend $80, then this is a great alternative. Recommended!