Dark of the Moon Legion Class Starscream Toy Review

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Dark of the Moon

General Information:
Release Date:April 2011
Price Point: $4.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


Among the flood of new characters running around the Transformers movie universe, a few of the staple characters from the first film have returned as well. One of them is Starscream, Megatron's right hand 'bot. When last we saw him, he was retreating with Megatron after the Fallen's defeat. This figure is not a reissue of the Legends Class figure used previously, instead it is a brand new sculpt.

Robot Mode:
The Michael Bay movie universe took a very different design tactic with the "Seeker" design used by Starscream than we've seen in the past. Instead of a blocky robot with wings on its back and blasters on its arms, the Starscream design is flat, roughly triangular in shape with short "chicken walker" legs and proportionally long arms. Perhaps the only common elements carried over from previous Seeker designs were the wings on the back and the jet cockpit becoming part of the torso. All these design elements are reflected in this Starscream figure.

Many of the smaller details from this Starscream design appear on this figure as well. This includes his rounded head sculpt with mandibles on his mouth, hands with three fingers in the middle and two "thumbs" and intricate patterns of machinery and tubes in between his torso connecting to the arms. He also has a nice amount of layered details sculpted into his legs. If you look carefully at his arms, you'll also see machine guns sculpted onto the sides of the forearms. Fantastic work on the sculpt.

Starscream is cast in light grey plastic. Normally I'd say this is disappointing, but with Starscream it makes sense. One thing the CGI model in the film does not have is a whole lot of color variations on his basic skin. Any color details are provided by paint applications. These applications are done in white, grey, metallic blue, black and gold. The white is the most prominent of his colors. When looking at the robot, you'll see it on his wings forming a Decepticon symbol on the right and glyphs on the left. These are perhaps my favorite details out of all the ones painted in robot mode. The white can also be found on the edges of his horizontal fins from the vehicle mode and on the end of the nosecone on his torso. The blue paint is used to give color to the panels on his chest that connect to the arms. The grey only plays a small role in this mode, found in a camo pattern on the top of his chest. The chest is also where you'll find the black, used to paint the cockpit cover. The gold paint used is so tiny you could miss it if you don't stare at the figure. Gold is used to paint his eyes, which are very small on this figure. It is a nice touch, and wow, it's amazing they even got a detail so small painted but it almost makes you wish the figure was slightly bigger to draw more attention to the detail.

There are eight points of articulation on this figure in robot mode. This includes ball joints on the shoulders and hips as well as elbow articulation, which is not common for Legion Class figures. The only thing that is a bit annoying is that the panel that connects the arms to the main body tends to move as you move the arm. There's no real way to lock it in position. It's not a huge deal, but one I would be remiss not to point out. His right hand is sculpted in a grasping position to allow him to hold weapons from Commander Class figures such as Megatron. The left hand is open palmed so it cannot hold any weapons.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the nosecone up over the robot head.
  2. Swing the robot legs forward.
  3. Rotate the robot legs so the toes point towards each other.
  4. Swing the arms (and the panels connected to them) down.
  5. Connect the C shaped sections on each forearm ro the tabs under the horizontal stabilizers in the back of the vehicle.
  6. Angle each of the vertical stabilizers upwards.

Vehicle Mode:
While his leader Megatron changes forms each movie, Starscream has kept his spiffy F-22 Raptor mode through all three feature films. This version of the sleek jet fighter has all the characteristic design elements including the wings with flat angles at the ends, angled vertical stabilizers and the distinctive, pointed horizontal stabilizers in the back. Many of the smaller details fans have come to expect are intact as well including rows of jagged line details on the nosecone, the middle and the rear of the vehicle. There are other shapes sculpted into the top of the jet including rectangles and diamond shapes.

In this mode all the colors seen in the robot mode appear, but they come together in a more uniform manner. The best example is the white trim that wraps around the edges of the wings and rear stabilizers. The dark grey camo pattern hinted at in the robot mode comes together fully here on the middle of the vehicle and the wings. I do find it interesting that the glyph patterns Starscream had adopted in "Revenge of the Fallen" are only hinted at in robot mode but not vehicle mode. I'm curious if this will hold true for the on screen CGI model in "Dark of the Moon". White paint is also used to paint the end of the nosecone and a Decepticon symbol with wings on the right wing.

The only real negative to this mode is the amount of undercarriage junk, but given the size of the figure and its price point, it's not a shock that most of the robot mode bits just tuck under the top of the jet. I do find it cool that the landing gear was sculpted into the legs.

Final Thoughts:
Starscream isn't the best of the Legion Class figures in the Cyberverse, but it's not a bad figure either. In general, if you have previous iterations of Starscream in the Legends scale you can probably skip this one. However, if you want a "complete" Cyberverse and a Legion Class figure that can use weapons from Commander Class figures, this figure will fit perfectly into your Decepticon army.