Dark of the Moon Legion Class Soundwave (Redeco)

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Dark of the Moon

General Information:
Release Date: June 2012
Price Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Hack tool/weapon


*Photos marked with an asterisk and text below in italics are from The Official Transformers Web Site:
SOUNDWAVE enjoys it on the ground where he can immerse himself in the ever-present flood of information. Cruising the highways, he has access to the personal data of millions, and that gives him all the power he needs.

CYBERVERSE brings all the incredible, converting action of TRANSFORMERS robots to the collectible world of action figures! Awesome transparent weapons come in every pack, and can be used by any other CYBERVERSE figure, or plugged into CYBERVERSE vehicles to reveal an incredible ENERGON glow. Plus, quick conversion keeps the action going, no matter your skill level!

Snap-on hacking tool included! File card included! Includes converting SOUNDWAVE action figure and snap-on hacking tool. Legion Class Series 2 007 SOUNDWAVE Ages 5 and up.

Released in the Summer of 2012, this Soundwave figure has a semi-vague place in the Transformers series. He's packaged on a card that features "Transformers Prime" characters, but the "Prime" part of the logo has been removed, leaving only a generic "Transformers" logo by itself. Once upon a time this wouldn't have been a problem since all Transformers just had a generic logo, but in this age of multiple universes flitting about at the same time, it helps to be able to define just where a character belongs. In this case, I've decided to place him in the "Dark of the Moon" universe for a couple reasons. First, the vehicle form of this figure is the one from "Dark of the Moon". Secondly, the figure was released alongside other figures without the "Prime" logo including Evac, who is firmly based in the live action movie universe.

This Soundwave figure is a redeco and slight retool of the "Dark of the Moon" Legion Class Soundwave. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Robot Mode:
Previously Soundwave's form focused on metallic colors such as silver. With this being a redeco, the designers were able to play a bit more with his colors, and the result is a bit of a homage to Animated Soundwave (who himself has many homage elements to Generation One Soundwave. This time out, Soundwave is mostly a really, really dark shade of blue plastic. I thought it was black at first, but looking at the bottom of his feet, there are some stress marks where bits of flash plastic had been carved off, and they are clearly blue stress marks, not grey or black. Also, his wheels (which are definitely black) contrast a bit against the dark blue plastic.

Paint applications are done in silver, electric blue, dark blue, silver and red. That's quite an assortment of colors, but they all play into the homage that Soundwave represents. Several parts from the "helmet" section of his head to the area of the torso under his chest and even the front of his thighs are all painted dark blue, giving echoes of his "Animated" and "Generation One" counterparts. The electric blue is used on the "speaker" like details on his forearms, which calls back to a similar design on "Animated" Soundwave's shoulders. The silver color is found on his mouthplate, chest and lower legs, giving some nice metallic looking contrast to the rest of his relatively dark colors. I really like the look of this and actually find myself wishing this is how he had looked in the film!

Soundwave's robot mode has undergone a slight retooling for this entry into the Cyberverse arena. Whereas the previous version was only able to hold weaponry in his right fist, this time out both his hands have fists that can hold Cyberverse weapons. Even better, he has holes on the sides of his arms that allow you to attach additional weaponry. On the packaging, Soundwave is said to come with a "hack tool" but really this weapon is the same one included with the "Transformers Prime" Legion Class Vehicon figure. It's even cast in the same shade of purple. Call it what you will, but I'm glad to see Soundwave with a weapon included this time out and with the ability to carry additional weapons to boot!

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. On each leg, swivel the foot sections up into the top of the lower legs.
  2. Swing the robot chest up.
  3. Rotate the legs around and connect them together to form the back of the vehicle.
  4. Push the arms in to form the sides of the car.

It may just be my particular copy of this sculpt, but when I attempt to swivel around his right leg on the hip joint, the leg has a tendency to pop off. It's no big deal, the part snaps right back in and is still tight but I could see this getting annoying if you transformed the toy often.

Vehicle Mode:
Once you transform Soundwave, most of his parts wind up consolidating, making him almost all dark blue. His wheels are black and that's about it. The real color contrast comes in the form of silver paint on all his windows, his headlights and the Mercedes Benz symbol on the front of the grille. A bit of silver is even used on the sides on the small air intakes near each front wheel well. It's a bit hard to see at first, but the cross hatch pattern that forms the grille itself is painted black. At the back of the vehicle his rear lights are painted red. Overall, this actually means he has more paint details in this form than his predecessor, and for that I'm glad to see. If you're going to reuse a figure, you may as well make it special however you can and adding a couple paint applications will do the trick!

It's already been mentioned that weapon connection points have been added to the sides of Soundwave's arms, which wind up becoming the sides of the vehicle in this form. However there is one more connection point: the top of the vehicle. Previously this was just a flat, solid piece but in this version of the figure there is a hole in the center of the cabin section allowing you to attach a weapon on the top of the vehicle as well as the sides.

Final Thoughts:
I already liked the first version of this sculpt a lot, but this version really tops it. Between the homages and the functional changes made to the figure I'm really happy and highly recommend it!