Dark of the Moon Legion Class Crowbar Toy Review

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Dark of the Moon

General Information:
Release Date: May 2011
Price Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


*Images and text in italics from The Official Transformers Web Site:
CROWBAR infiltrates and observes AUTOBOT tactical movements with unmatched stealth and intellect. He has been trained in the most brutal DECEPTICON attack strategies for the unlikely event he is discovered.

Spring into action with this vehicle-to-robot villain! Switch your sneaky CROWBAR figure from police car mode to battle-ready robot mode. Convert him back to vehicle mode so he can chase down his enemies. As the battle rages on, keep converting him back and forth, so he’s ready to face whatever his enemies throw at him! Ages 5 and up.

As part of the "Dark of the Moon toy line release, several price points have been rearranged and renamed. One of them was the line that fans have known for years as the "Legends" class. This line of smaller sized Transformers figures spread across many segments of the Transformers over the years including the movie line, Animated and Classics. Now the class has been renamed as the "Legion" class, with Ratchet being one of the early "Dark of the Moon" releases in this line. Instead of serving as a standalone class of figures, these toys are being placed in a new context, as part of the "Cyberverse", a line of Transformers focused on creating a small world/universe of play at a lower price point than deluxe and ultra sized figures. Included in this line will be "Commander" Class figures, slightly larger figures with weapons that interact with the smaller figures as well as transformable bases, echoing the Micromaster bases from Generation One.

"Dark of the Moon" introduces several new characters into the movie universe. One of the new Decepticons is Crowbar, though it is unknown at this time how prominent he will be, he is represented in the Legion Class line of figures. The name Crowbar is quite appropriate for a Decepticon as it refers to a tool, but also on sometimes used for violence, giving it a negative connotation.

Robot Mode:
Crowbar's name may refer to a tool, but the designers seemed to have taken his name an extra level and actually made his robot form echo some of the features of an actual crow (as in the bird, not a guy coming back from the dead with white makeup on). This gives Crowbar a rather interesting body shape. His head is very sleek and sharp looking. Part of the car forms his chest, which is a bit wide but then his waist narrows a lot before coming to the hip joints. Comparatively speaking, his arms are very large and flat, looking like large wings on the sides of his body. His thighs are rather thin and tube shaped, leading to feet with three "claws" in the front. It's quite striking how animalistic he looks and it gives him an extra creepy appearance befitting a Decepticon.

The head design on Crowbar seems to follow some of the same design aspects of Crankcase. He has four very demonic looking eyes and a scary looking mouth that is set in an open positioin, as if he is screaming. The helmet portion resembles design aspcts of the Decepticon symbol, with a double tipped crest and angles on the sides, all of which curve back, much like feathers on a bird's head. Other cool details include a series of pointed ridges running down his torso (partly underneath the chest armor) and ridges on his back with a central column, giving him a skeletal appearance. I'm also very fond of details that look like overlapping wires on either side of his head (on the car/chest piece). Like Crankcase, he looks a lot like some type of demon creature instead of a robot in disguise!

Crowbar is cast entirely in black plastic. Silver, gold and red paint colors are used for his detailing. The silver is found on several parts including the head, chest and a Decepticon symbol on his left arm. Gold is most prominent on the torso section, but you'll find it on his head and arms as well. The red is used for tiny details, most notably his eyes. It's not a very complex paint job, but it's an effective one. I really like the way the red practically glows contrasting against the black, and the gold and silver give him a more mechanical look than the sculpt would have otherwise.

There are nine points of articulation on this figure, including waist articulation which is quite unusual for this size class. The arms and hips are on ball joints and thanks to his transformation scheme his feet can move as well. Because of the ball joints on his hips, you may have to play with the legs a bit to get him to stand properly, and the hinged feet really come in handy in that situation. My biggest concern with this figure is the left leg. An odd statement I know, but for some reason the left leg on my Crowbar pops out very easily. The funny part is, when the leg is attached, the joint isn't loose as you'd expect it to be. However, if I manipulate the figure enough, the leg just pops off without much strength being used at all. It's very odd as it has only happened with the left leg, so I am chalking this up to some type of flaw particular to my figure for now.

Part of the Legion Class figure functionality is the ability to hold weapons from Commander Class figures, and Crowbar is no exception. His left fist is able to hold a weapon from figures like Megatron and if balanced properly, he can stand just fine even with the extra weight.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing each of the robot feet up.
  2. Rotate the waist around.
  3. Swing each arm back.
  4. Swing the chest piece over the head.
  5. Swing the two arms in and connect them together.
  6. Swing the lower leg panels forward to complete the robot mode.

Vehicle Mode:
According to Crowbar's packaging, he transforms into a police car. Unlike fellow Decepticon Barricade however, he has no lightbar mounted on the top of the vehicle nor does he transform into a licensed vehicle. Instead, this is a rather generic looking vehicle, but a nice one regardless. Crowbar is a sleek vehicle with some rather aggresive looking detailing. The front end has an angled grille and headlights with a raised air intake on the hood. Judging by the details on the figure he is a four door car as the sides have two "door handle" details on either side. The back section has a thin spoiler that angles upward with a spot sculpted for a license plate in the back. It's a really cool looking vehicle that I'd love to see a larger version of!

Silver, red and blue are the feature colors in this mode. The silver is used on the front end to paint the lights and the grille. Red is used on the rear lights as well as the front of the left side sideview mirror. The other sideview mirror has blue on the front. This red and blue is pretty much the only indicator that he is a police vehicle at all, making him appear to be more of an undercover vehicle.

Crowbar rolls on all four wheels without a problem. All his robot parts hold together well in this form, but I did find I had to give the two robot arms an extra squeeze to keep them together after the initial transformation. Afterwards they were fine.

Final Thoughts:
Like Crankcase, Crowbar is one downright creepy looking Decepticon. I'd place him in the highly recommended category were it not for the weird left leg issue.