Dark of the Moon Scan Series Ironhide Toy Review

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Dark of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: June 2011
Price Point: $12.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: Toys R Us Exclusive
Accessories: None


Text from ToysRUs.com:
IRONHIDE may be the most battle-hardened AUTOBOT. Countless encounters with the DECEPTICONS® have taught him that the proper vehicle mode is essential to battlefield success. Trucks, he thinks, are the ultimate in vehicle mode superiority. And he's just found one that rivets utility, durability and performance together in one mean DECEPTICON®-smashing package!

Smash into battle with your IRONHIDE figure! Put your robot hero figure into GMC TOPKICK® concept vehicle mode when he needs to be a solid block of toughness and strength. Convert him back to robot mode when its time to stand and fight! Keep converting him back and forth so he can handle whatever comes next in the battle against DECEPTICON forces!

IronhideWhenever a new Transformers film is released, you can bet that there's going to be a virtual army of store exclusives in the form of redecos using sculpts from previous years. "Dark of the Moon" is no different. This time out, a series of Toys R Us exclusive figures have been released on the Deluxe scale with a common theme: "Scanning". Another term for this theme is "Trans Scanning", referring to the process where Transformers scan a form and then change their bodies to turn it into their alternate mode. This was featured in the first Transformers movie when the Autobots arrived on Earth in their "Protoform" bodies only to scan Earth vehicles and then take on their forms. These Toys R Us exclusives had stickers on the bubbles with the Toys R Us logo and an additional sub-line indicated: Mission Earth.

At the tail end of the "Revenge of the Fallen" based "Hunt for the Decepticons" toy line, Ironhide was given the "Deluxe Class" toy treatment after years as primarily a Voyager Class figure. This sculpt has been brought back out as part of this "Scan series". This review will focus on the changes made to this figure for this release. For my thoughts on the original version of this figure, take a look at my review of "Hunt for the Decepticons" Ironhide.

Vehicle Mode:
The first release of this figure focused largely on Ironhide's darker black color, but here the focus is on more translucent plastics. Almost the entire vehicle is made up of translucent clear plastic. The middle section is also translucent, but more of a light blue color. His wheels and front bumper section are cast in black while other parts are silver. There are two shades of silver plastic used here. A lighter one is seen on the smokestacks, but his Drone/Weapon is a darker silver.

On its own this would really only look like a clear variant of the original figure, but it's the paint deco that makes this something more. The paint colors used are black, silver, light blue and white. As you'd expect, the black color makes up the front end, matching the color that we've been used to seeing on Ironhide. This black color then leads to a white line set at an angle behind the side windows which blends into the translucent blue plastic. The rear section is clear, representing Ironhide's still "forming" section. Layered over the white line and center section are light blue lines resembling a circuit pattern, similar to the effect seen on screen when the Transformers adopted new forms on Earth in the first live action "Transformers" film. The silver paint is foun don the front end, where it paints his headlights, the outline of his grille and an Autobot symbol right in front of the windshield on the hood. The red paint is used on the "GMC" logo on the grille as well as the front of the barrels on the Drone/weapon. Overall, this is an awesome color scheme. I'm a big fan of this idea for store exclusive redecos and it works beautifully on this sculpt. The dramatic contrast and shift from black to light blue to clear plastic looks awesome!

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the Drone if attached.
  2. Push the front of the vehicle down.
  3. Swing the two halves that make up the truck cabin and the top of the truck bed forward.
  4. Split the rear section of the vehicle.
  5. Swing the rear wheels in.
  6. Move the L shaped vehicle piece on the sides around so the piece next to it can also be rotated around.
  7. Swing the sections with the rear lights up.
  8. Swing down the robot feet.
  9. Swing the robot arms out to the sides.
  10. Swing out the halves of the vehicle's front section and tuck the wheels into them.
  11. Swing the chest panel forward.
  12. Push the windshield piece back and the robot head will swing up.
  13. Connect the two halves of the vehicles front end to the small tabs sticking out of the chest piece.
  14. On each arm, swing back the flat pieces from the truck bed.
  15. Rotate the cabin pieces on the arms around.
  16. Attach the Drone to the left arm section to form its weapon.
  17. Swing the door panels to the back and connect them together.

Robot Mode:
I confess that after transforming Ironhide, I kind of stared for a bit, looking back and forth between the photograph on the back of the packaging and the product I held in my hands. The thing is, they don't quite match, but that's to be expected when you're talking about the packaging photos, which are usually photos of prototypes, not the final product. Still, what struck me is that one key part of the color scheme is significantly different than what you see on the packaging: the legs. While the vehicle mode featured a heavy amount of clear plastic, in robot mode, Ironhide's lower legs and feet are cast in silver plastic. That's all well and good, except that the packaging clearly shows the legs were intended to be translucent as evidenced by the super bright "light up" effect Photoshopped on them. I can't see why the photographers and packaging team would do this for these parts if this was for silver plastic, but for translucent plastic it makes perfect sense. color me disappointed on that count.

Overall, the color scheme of this iteration of Ironhide is far darker than the first. The first featured a combination of black, silver and metallic blue colors that contrasted nicely against each other. This Ironhide is much darker, with most of his torso, arms, hip area and thighs all either cast in or painted black. Silver and gold are used to paint some of the finer details such as the are around his face, the cannon on his right arm and details around the waist area. Silver plastic is also found on his upper arms and fists. I think I'm coming across a bit more disappointed than I actually am. I mean, the color scheme looks fantastic and much more in line with the rather dark colors of the movie CGI model. I just think that since the "scan" technology is the feature that is being emphasized with this figure, it would have made more sense to make the legs translucent in addition to the vehicle mode parts, especially given how the packaging portrays it.

All of Ironhide's joints are nice and tight and his weapon stays in place on the left arm perfectly. From a functional standpoint, this figure is spot on.

Final Thoughts:
Despite my disappointment with the color scheme not quite living up to the name of the sub-line, I do have to admit it looks fantastic in its own way in both modes. I'm knocking off some points, but for the most part this figure is still recommended!