Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Ultimate Gift Pack

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Dark of the Moon

General Information:
Release Date: November 2011
Price Point: $29.96
Retailer: Wal-Mart Exclusive
Accessories: Rocket pack, Rifles x 2 (Optimus Prime), Missiles, Missile/Blaster (Powerglide)


*Official photos and text below in italics from The Official Wal-Mart web site:
Get in on the action with the Transformers Dark of the Moon Ultimate Gift Pack. This ultimate gift set includes five Transformers action figures - Optimus Prime, and his friends Powerglide, Sideswipe, Bumblebee and Crowbar. Each figure changes easily from Robot Mode to Vehicle Mode and back again. The electronic robot warrior figures feature missile-launching sounds, and Optimus Prime has three modes - Robot, Truck and Trailer, and Power Up. He also features the Ultimax Super Canon with extending wings on the armor. It's a fun and transforming experience for action-loving children and their friends.

Christmas shopping season is generally an open invite for redecos to invade toy store shelves at an aggressive pace. The idea of luring shoppers with exclusive figures they can only get at certain chains is a strong one and so in the winter of 2011 the Dark of the Moon "Ultimate Gift Pack" was created for Wal-Mart. As of the writing of this review (June 2012) this multi-pack is available online though it seems to have vanished from the shelves of all the Wal-Marts in my area. This multi-pack is quite an impressive sight and would be a fun present (even months after Christmas). The set includes five figures, all redecos of previous "Dark of the Moon" Cyberverse toys. I recommend checking out my previous reviews (listed below) as this review will focus on the changes made to each figure for this release.

Bumblebee Review

Bumblebee Images:

BumblebeeIf there's going to be a multi-pack of Transformers figure redecos, it's almost guaranteed that Bumblebee will be one of them. This redeco uses the "Dark of the Moon" Bumblebee Legion Class figure as its base.

Robot Mode:
Yellow and black are Bumblebee's most commonly used base colors. The tones and proportion may differ from figure to figure, but the colors are fairly constant. In this incarnation, Bumblebee is cast in black and metallic yellow plastic. The black makes up most of what's visible in this mode including his torso, arms and waist area. The yellow is found on his robot head and the lower legs. Paint applications are done in yellow, silver and blue. The yellow is used on the black parts of his body, most notably on the sculpted arm details on the insides of his arms and on the panels on the outside. Silver helps provide a bit of "mechanical" color contrast against the yellow and black colors. The silver is also used for an interesting Autobot symbol design on the left side of his chest. There, an Autobot symbol is seemingly "folded" over the left corner of the car's front enddsew (which becomes the chest). inally, the blue paint colors in details such as the headlights and his robot eyes.

All of the joints on this figure are tight and his left hand can still hold a Cyberverse weapon. I still dig the idea of his right arm being already "transformed" into its blaster. There are no sculpt changes to the figure for this release.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing each foot up against the lower legs.
  2. Connect the two lower legs together.
  3. Swing the chest panel up to form the front of the car.
  4. Point the robot arms down and then swing them in.

Vehicle Mode:
In his car mode, Bumblebee's colors wind up forming large chunks that alternate from one side of the vehicle to the other. The base is mostly yellow, but then the front, part of the cabin section all the way to the back is black. Then that is topped with a yellow stripe running down the center of the car. The overall effect looks good. It's a very neat color scheme that is appropriate to the character.

Additional paint details come in the form of the blue headlights and metallic blue paint used on the windows. They add a nice contrasting color to all tye yellow and black and look really nice.

Crowbar Review

Crowbar Images:

CrowbarCrowbar is one of the "Predators" who were featured in the "Dark of the Moon" film but not really given quite as much attention as I had hoped for. He has the somewhat unfortunate distinction of being the only Decepticon in this set, which means he's pretty grossly outnumbered and outpowered. This figure is a straight forward redeco of the Legion Class Crowbar figurue.

Robot Mode:
In the feature film, the Predators were primarily black in color, making them menacing and evil looking. In this redeco, Crowbar hasn't strayed too far from the dark aesthetics of the first version of this figure. His primary plastic color is now dark blue with some black tossed in for good measure. His head, chest, arms and lower legs are all dark blue while the mid-body to thigh sections are black. The paint colors used on this figure include silver, red and purple. In this form silver is heavily used. You'll find it on every section of the body except for the legs. This includes patterns on his head, the arms and his chest. The silver looks fantastic against the dark blue and really gives him a more dynamic appearance. On top of that, the red offers up some additional details that help enhance his ominous look. This includes red details on his eyes and chest. The bright purple color comes into play on the arms and lower legs where you'll see it painted over parts that form the windows of the vehicle mode. Overall, I appreciate the effort in keeping the integrity of the character while providing a cool new color scheme.

Crowbar's joints are all tight in this form. The oddity I experienced with my first Crowbar figures' leg falling off has not repeated itself with this figure at all and for that I'm glad. He also still grips Cyberverse weapons in his left fist nice and tight.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing each of the robot feet up.
  2. Rotate the waist around.
  3. Swing each arm back.
  4. Swing the chest piece over the head.
  5. Swing the two arms in and connect them together.
  6. Swing the lower leg panels forward to complete the robot mode.

Vehicle Mode:
In this form, Crowbar reminds me a lot of the characters we have now come to know as the Vehicons on "Transformers Prime". All his colors come together so the dark most of the black is covered up by the dark blue panels and his windows are all combined. This severe contrast of the bright purple and dark blue looks fantastic. Having the red paint on his headlights and rear lights is an extra treat as most figures don't generally have both painted. His most dramatic detail is on top of the cabin section. There you'll find a silver Decepticon symbol outline with a flame trail. This brings his deco into a street racer car's territory and I think it looks cool and makes it distinct from its predecessor.

Optimus Prime Review

Optimus Prime:

Optimus PrimeIf there's any character who has been just as ubiquitous as Bumblebee in the movie toy lines, it's Optimus Prime, so it's no surprise he too is included with this multi-pack. This figure is based on the "Preview" Optimus Prime figure released before the "Dark of the Moon" movie hit theaters.

Robot Mode:
In terms of the tone of the character, not much has changed between this figures' original release and this one. His primary colors are still red and blue, but now there's a lot more black tossed into the mix thanks to parts of his legs, waist, his weapons and rocket pack all being cast in black plastic. The tone of his red and blue parts are much more solid and their contrast is deeper. The blue is dark and the red is quite bright, which really draws the eye in to the figure's overall color scheme. Breaking up some of these solid colors is silver, which paints details ranging from his windows to his mouthplate to parts of his legs. There's even a tiny silver Autobot symbol on the left side of his chest. His eyes are painted light blue, and I do find myself slightly surprised the chest windows weren't painted the same color.

One thing that the live action movie Optimus Prime is known for are the flames that are found in his vehicle mode, but they're less obvious in his robot mode here. Instead, the biggest flame patterns you'll find are silver ones painted onto the rocket pack on his back. Each wing has some of these flame patterns and the silver is a nice color set against the black.

All of Optimus Prime's joints are tight in this mode and the back pack snaps into place without a problem. His weapons fit nice and snug into his hands as well.

It would be fair to say that this color scheme is, for the most part something we've seen before, but it's a really sharp and visually appealing color scheme, which makes it a cool redeco. Nothing outstanding, but nothing bad either.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the rocket pack and weapons.
  2. Swing the wings on the jet pack down.
  3. Attach the weapons to the holes on the bottom of the jet pack so the boosters are facing back.
  4. Push the robot feet up.
  5. Rotate the upper body around.
  6. Move the panels on his back down and connect them together.
  7. Push the robot head down.
  8. Slide the chest piece forward.
  9. Swing the side blue panels with the smoke stacks back.
  10. Tuck each of the arms up vertically and connect them together.
  11. Clip the rocket pack/trailer onto the back of the cab.

Vehicle Mode:
Unlike Powerglide or Crowbar, Optimus' colors in this version aren't terribly different from his other incarnations and the vehicle mode is no exception. The vehicle mode basically alternates between red and blue, starting with red in the front, leading to a blue middle section and then some more red in the back. His rocket pack, weapons and wheels are all black. Silver provides the expected paint detail on his front grille, windows, smokestacks and the tanks on his sides. In this mode you get a better look at the flame patterns fans have come to know on Movie Optimus Prime. The middle has red flames painted on it, but it is the blue flame patterns on the nose of the truck that I find most interesting. Instead of the typical tattoo style flames, the blue flames in the front are flames with an Autobot symbol in front, reminscent of the Decepticon symbol design on Crowbar. It's a subtle detail and I almost missed it my first couple of transformations.

Optimus looks cool in both forms, but I think I actually prefer this one as this is the one with more distinctive details in the form of the flames on his cab and rocket pack sections. It's not a figure I think would have been a good standalone redeco, but as part of a set it works for me!

Powerglide Review


PowerglidePowerglide was perhaps one of the figures that fans looked forward to the most in the "Dark of the Moon" toy line. Based on the Generation One character of the same name, the Commander Class size of the figure made him perfect to either serve as a larger figure in the Cyberverse or as a "mini-bot" among larger G1 "Classics/Generations" style figures.

Robot Mode:
Once upon a time, "Transformers" competed with another line of transforming robots known as the "Go-Bots". As you'd expect, many of the popular vehicles of the time overlapped between the two toy lines. Tanks, planes, trucks etc. all appeared in both lines and G1 Powerglide's A-10 Thunderbolt vehicle mode was no exception. In the "Go-Bots" line, a character by the name of Bad Boy who was primarily green in color. This connection between the two characters lives on in this iteration of Powerglide, who is now mostly green and silver in color. However, his green isn't a dark military green. Instead, it's a lighter, metallic green (and I suspect there's more to this color scheme than meets the eye, but I'll get to that in the review of the vehicle mode). The same parts that were silver on the first "Dark of the Moon" Powerglide are silver here, but it looks a shade lighter to me. Having these two metallic colors together looks really great and does make him look more like a "real" machine.

Paint decos on Powerglide are done in blue, mustard yellow and silver. The silver is found on his face, where the eyes have been left unpainted so they're green (unusual for any Transformer). There's also a bit of silver on his feet, helping to brin gout the sculpted detail on each. The yellow is found on the intricate details on his lower legs and on the sides of his torso. The blue comes into play on his chest, where it paints parts of the cockpit windows that are revealed in this form. Overall, it's a very different color scheme for Powerglide and not one you'd expect to see on the Autobot. However, it's a cool looking color scheme and it's among my favorites from the set.

All of Powerglide's joints are nice and tight in this form and his weapons combine without a problem. Since the sculpt has barely been reused, I'm not surprised it's still holding together so well.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the missile pods from each other, and swing each of their sides out so they are relatively flat.
  2. Swing each robot foot up into the lower leg.
  3. Swing each fist into the forearms.
  4. Swing the nosecone of the plane on the back of the head up.
  5. Swing the waist/hip section down.
  6. Swing the panels on either side of the torso out and rotate them around.
  7. Swing the panels from the last step down and connect them.
  8. Rotate the wings around and connect them to the main body of the plane using the tabs and corresponding slots on the central section.
  9. Connect the robot legs together.
  10. Swing the legs up, bend them at the knees and then connect the back section with the front, using the small tabs near the robot knee joints.
  11. The missiles each connect to the undersides of the wings using the pegs and tabs, so connect the pegs the robot arm sections, then swing the pieces up to connect to the tabs.

Vehicle Mode:
So before I go on about the vehicle mode it is important to note that in early prototypes and photography for this set, Powerglide was going to be a Decepticon (name unknown). In terms of balance this would have made more sense in the set, but I'm guessing someone decided "bad guys" don't sell as well and defaulted back to Powerglide. This is important to keep in mind.

In this form, Powerglide is mostly metallic green, but a bright red color (almost orange) is painted onto the edges of his wings. The sides of his vertical stabilizers have angled silver patterns on them and the end of his gun barrel on the front of the vehicle is also painted silver. On each engine is an Autobot symbol with "wings" painted in red. The nosecone of the vehicle has a red "flame" pattern on it with yellow eyes painted onto it, a modern day version of some classic World War II style plane paintings. Finally, the cockpit windows are blue, as are the fans in the engine sections facing front. Taken individually, these colors don't sound like much, taken together in vehicle form and I felt a twinge of recognition. Then it occurred to me: this vehicle mode is a homage to Beast Wars Sky Shadow! Whether conscious or not, all the colors on this vehicle match up to Sky Shadow from the green to the red and even the blue. The lizard like "eyes" on the front are the same color as Sky Shadow's beast mode eyes as well. Sky Shadow even featured blue on his design. If this wasn't intentional (conscious or otherwise) I think it's one heck of a coincidence! Either way, it really elevates the coolness factor of the toy and makes it my favorite redeco out of the whole set!

Sideswipe Review

Sideswipe Images:

SideswipeSideswipe was easily one of my favorite characters in the Transformers live action movies. He was sleek in both modes, had a unique form and killer weapons (literally). I liked his first Legion Class toy so I'm glad to see it again with a cool new deco.

Robot Mode:
One of the complaints many folks had about the Transformers in the live action films was the lack of variety in color. You can only look at so much bronze/silver/black before you start forgetting who's who unless you're a serious fan. Sadly, Sideswipe fell into this category through no fault of the designers. He simply wound up getting the vehicle mode of a car that was, well, silver. This version tries to pep things up a bit. Though his base colors are still silver and a dark brown for the wheels, the paint applications added on to the figure are what really distinguishes it and helps it pop on a visual level. Among the colors used are red, light blue, metallic blue, maroon and dark grey. The colors are distributed nicely throught the figure. His eyes are metallic blue, which is different than the light blue use don his headlights. The dark grey is found on details like the air vents on the hood and his front grille. The red forms really cool tribal tattoo like designs on his chest. Meanwhile, the inner layer of his thighs is painted maroon, offering a nice color middle ground between the brighter red and the brown that forms his wheels. Overall, it's a really nice, intricate paint scheme that is a huge bump up from the original figure. Kudos to the designers on this one!

All of Sideswipe's joints are tight, no shock considering the sculpt has barely been reused. His right hand is shaped to allow him to hold Cyberverse weapons so he doesn't just have to rely on his blades!

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the black tabs on the feet up.
  2. Swing the back panel down.
  3. Swing the robot chest up.
  4. Turn the feet up at the ankles.
  5. Swing the robot arms forward and in.
  6. Connect the back of each foot to the back panel.

Vehicle Mode:
Sometimes with redecos you can have an awesome paint job in one mode, then the other mode is kind of blah. Not so with Sideswipe. In his vehicle mode, a lot of the colors from the robot mode appear again and use the silver plastic as a base for bright contrasting paint colors. The red seen on the chest in robot mode appears again, this time on the seats. Since they're relatively wide parts of the sculpt, they really help "fill in" color in the middle section. Red is also found on the right side of the vehicle where there's a curved line pattern. Interestingly it only appears on one side. Take a closer look at the right side pattern over the front headlight and you'll see there's an Autobot symbol embedded into the "tattoo" pattern. It's a really nice and intricate looking design and quite unusual for Transformers which usually have more straight forward designs.

Final Thoughts:
Taken as a whole, this set is well worth the money. It's priced roughly what the figures would have cost you individually (slightly cheaper actually) and it's in a cool, multi-pack window box. Powerglide alone practically makes the set for me, but Sideswipe and Crowbar's color schemes really make me happy too. If you're into redecos (especially homage based ones) this set's for you. If you want to get a gift for a kid, this is a fantastic and impressive looking way to go. It's not perfect (Bumblebee and Prime are a tad bland overall) but definitely recommended!