Dark of the Moon Commander Class Ironhide Toy Review

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Dark of the Moon

General Information:
Release Date: April 2011
Price Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Arm cannons x 2


The "Cyberverse" of Transformers is partly made up of figures that are somewhere between the traditional Scout Class in size and complexity and the old Legends Class of figures. In general, Commander Class figures in the Cyberverse (not to be confused with Commander Class figures in the Power Core Combiners line) have weaponry that can be utilized by the smaller Legion Class figures. In concert with the Legion Class and playsets being released, the "Cyberverse" forms a complete world of play at a smaller price point.

Much like his Generation One counterpart, Ironhide is an old, reliable soldier in the ranks of the movie era Autobots. He has appeared in both films so far and even though he was practically in pieces by the end of "Revenge of the Fallen", he lived to fight another day. With that in mind, it's no surprise Ironhide was picked as one of the ""Commander" scale figures for the Cyberverse line.

Robot Mode:
I'm a big fan of smaller interpretations of existing characters who have been done in larger scales before. Not only is it cool to have a more "portable" version of these characters, but it also allows the designers to show off their sculpting skills on a smaller figure. Ironhide's basic form is based on his on screen appearance and in many respects it matches very well. Among the features carried over from his on-screen persona are:

  • The head sculpt has the familiar "bull head" shape along with the distinctive tiny eyes and mouth.
  • Ironhide's vehicle mode front end becomes the chest, complete with the sides angling upwards on the sides.
  • Each arm has a (relatively) large cannon attached, each with its own unique design.
  • A (rougly) diamond shaped waist/torso panel comes up over the chest and leads down to the waist/hip area.
  • The robot legs are not simple blocky legs but rather look like they have several angled armor panels overlapping on machinery.

There are some differences, necesitated by the smaller size of the figure and its transformation. This includes his vehiclemode doors hanging right on his shoulders and the cabin cover panel from the vehicle mode being set above his head as opposed to being pushed up against his back. These are not huge differences from the CGI model of this character and I appreciate the good job the sculptors did on this design.

Considering the size scale, one of the things I look for is how much detail from larger version of the figure are lost in translation. In this case I am happy to report not awhole lot. The head suclpt is rather complex, from the pointed crest to his bull like snout. His cannons each have a different design, with one having a barrel with several tubes around it and the other looking more like a large cannon. The legs also have a lot of nice detailing including tubes and angled armor plates. The only real significant detail "loss" here are on the feet, which wind up a bit flat on the inner halves due to the transformation scheme.

Ironhide is cast in silver and black plastic. The black is the more dominant color, with silver making smaller parts such as his cannons, and waist area. A darker silver plastic is used on smaller bits such as the clip on one of his cannons, his thighs and clips on the sides of his feet. I really like the dark silver as it has some metal flake in it that gives it a more metallic appearance.

Silver, black, blue and gunmetal paint are used for detailing. The silver is the most heavily used. You'll find most of it on the legs, painting in small details and half of each foot. Silver is also found on the chest and the snout area of his face. The eyes are painted blue, matching his on screen appearance. Black paint is used for the Autobot symbol on his chest. Gunmetal is found on the top edge of the panel that fits over his chest. I was surprised that a fourth paint color was brought in when they could have easily used black on that part. It looks really great and I was happy to see the variance in color.

Ironhide has twelve points of articulation in robot mode. Many of these joints are ball joints including the shoulders and hips. The arms are set back at an angle thanks to the transformation scheme, but his arms can still point his weapons up and forward. The cannons can be attached to each arm or be connected together to form a giant cannon (similar to the 2007 Voyager Class figure). The cannon that forms the rear of the larger weapon has a "C" clip on the end, allowing any Transformers with a C clip bar to use the weapon as well. Even better? The C clip is on a ball joint, allowing you to postion the weapon in different ways.

Ironhide's fists are sculpted in a C shape, allowing him to hold the weapons (and those of other Commander Class figures) in his hands. He also has a hole on his back that lets you attach a weapon there for storage. I love the idea that potentially, old Ironhide can have five weapons attached to him at one time!

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the weapons if attached.
  2. Combine the weapons together to form the larger cannon.
  3. Swing the robot feet up against the lower legs.
  4. Rotate both lower legs around so the wheels face out to the sides.
  5. Connect the two lower legs together.
  6. Push the robot head back.
  7. Swing the robot chest up.
  8. Push the sides of the hood section down.
  9. Swing the forearms back against the upper arms to form the side panels of the vehicle mode.
  10. Push the arms into place toform the sides of the vehicle.
  11. Push the rear of the vehicle forward.
  12. You can attach the cannons separately to Ironhide's sides, put a weapon on top or use the C clip to attach the combined cannon to the truck bed.

Vehicle Mode:
Ironhide's GMC Topkick vehicle mode is well represented in this mode. All of the major elements you would expect are present including:

  • The wheels raise the body of the vehicle relatively high off the ground, giving it a tall profile even for a pickup truck.
  • The smokestacks on the vehicle curve back at the top.
  • The front end has a large grille with a hex pattern inside along with the "GMC" logo sculpted on top.
  • Unlike most production line Topkicks, Ironhide's sideview mirrors are relatively small and come out the sides horizontally as opposed to larger vertical ones.
  • The front bumper is a specialized piece which sticks out a bit and has the "Road Armor" logo sculpted into it.
  • The top of the cabin section has a row of lights sculpted on top.
  • While unpainted and a bit hard to see, the Topkick's distinctive rear lights are sculpted on the back of the vehicle.

There are plenty of tiny details too including door handles, the windshield wipers and sculpted lines defining the windows on the sides. Overall, this is a really nice looking vehicle mode sculpt. The only major flaw in it has to do with the hood. In order to achieve the effect of having the halves of the chest folded inward in the robot mode, a gap exiss between the two pieces in this form that looks a bit odd. Truth be told however, this is a very small fault in a sculpt that is nicely done overall.

The vehicle mode is mostly black in color, with the only silver parts showing being those that peek out on the underside of the vehicle from the robot mode. Paint wise, there's not much here. Silver and red are the colors used in this mode. Silver is used to paint the smokestacks and some of the vehicle's front end. Red is used to paint the "GMC" logo and it looks nice, but the windows and rear lights really could have used some extra color. This mode is sculpted well, but the relative lack of color is a bit too plain for my tastes.

As mentioned before, you can use the clip on the combined weapon to form a large cannon attached to the truck bed. You could also just use one weapon clipped to the back and separate the other one to attach elsewhere. Altogether, Ironhide can have four weapons attached in this mode, which is not only cool in principle, but also helps add some color. In a bit of fun I had not expected, the front portion of the larger cannon can actually spin, mimicking the action of the weapon in the movies!

Final Thoughts:
I really like this sculpt and I think there's a lot of play value in the figure. The robot mode is the strong suit of this figure, with the vehicle mode having a weak paint scheme. That and the gap on the hood in robot mode are my main strikes against the figure, but overall it is still recommended.