Transformers Cloud Megatron Toy Review

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General Information:
Release Date: May 29, 2014
Price Point: $85.00
Retailer: E-Hobby Exclusive Exclusive
Accessories: Katana sword/part of tank barrel, Wakizashi sword

Profile: (Translation by Goktimus Prime)
The only thing that Megatron believes in is absolute power. Spreading chaos across space and time, dedicated to bringing peace and order through the power of domination. Willing to achieve his unwavering goals through any means. Will Megatron destroy himself, or will he tear down every world across time and space in order to hold onto the Cloud World for his insatiable desires? Armed with the great Fusion Blade, forged by combining special alloys from different dimensions. It is said that this sword is without peer. In tank mode, Megatron takes pride in his firepower’s ability to reduce all who stand against him to ash. Megatron has turned his fearsome power towards the former Autobot space-time police. With SARA’s unknown powers in his hands, Megatron will become an absolute dictator, reigning all worlds across time and space, ushering in an age of darkness.

For the first Decepticon released in "Cloud", Takara Tomy chose the most iconic Decepticon of all: Megatron. This figure is a redeco of "Generations" Voyager Class Megatron who in turn was a retool/redeco of "Reveal the Shield" Bludgeon. The same sculpt was also used for Banzai-Tron (a figure I have yet to get my hands on). This review will focus on the changes made to this figure for this release. Check out my previous reviews for a lengthy look at the sculpt and features of the figures.

Robot Mode:
The first time this sculpt was used as Megatron the colors used were based on his "Generation 2" incarnation featuring lots of green and purple colors. This time out the designers decided to go Old Skool and use G1 Megatron's colors as the basis for this figure instead. This means his primary colors wind up being silver and gunmetal grey. The silver makes up most of the figure including the tank's armor panels, most of the arms and legs and his weapons. Gunmetal grey is used on smaller pieces such as the fists, feet, waist armor and the tread pieces that show prominently in this mode.

Megatron's paint applications utilize gunmetal grey, silver, grey and red colors. Gunmetal grey is used on parts like the raised sections on his right shoulder, the legs, the parts that flank his head and the tread sections on the lower legs. Silver is used most heavily on the chest and the helmet section of the head. I almost missed the grey paint on this figure til I stared carefully at the lower legs. They look like they're silver plastic but it's really a light grey that blends in beautifully with the rest of the figure. Red is used on several of the rectangular patches of armor from the tank mode, so they show prominently here. It's also used on the sides of his waist, echoing a design element from G1 Megatron. His eyes are also red and the brow above his eyes are painted with black lines. The center of the chest has a small purple Decepticon symbol on it. Normally I'm a huge fan of G1 homage paint applications that try to match up with the G1 source. However, this deco doesn't do that but it still looks great. It uses G1 as its source material and uses those colors very well.

All the joints on this figure are as tight as the ones on my "Generations" version. This includes the panel that swings out on the tank turret where he can store the smaller sword. There is one change however that I'm not particularly fond of. The two weapons have been cast in a very soft plastic. The original release of this sculpt also had the swords in softer plastic, but it was still rigid enough that you would be confident that it could keep its shape. This is so soft however that I fear it would warp really easily. Normally I'd say this was a safety issue but it's so floppy that it just feels more about saving money than safety. If this were a mass U.S. release I think I'd be more forgiving, but for a high priced Japanese exclusive I expected better.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Stow away each of the weapons in the turret section.
  2. Swing the robot fists into the forearms.
  3. On each shoulder, swing up the silver panels.
  4. Swing the arms up.
  5. Fold the elbow/forearm section up against the silver panels.
  6. Swing the arms in, connecting the two silver panels.
  7. Pull the lower body down, which will move the robot head into the torso cavity.
  8. Swing the waist panel up.
  9. On each lower leg, swing up the green panels and swing the feet in, then push the panels back down.
  10. Swing the legs out on the hip sections, each swings out to the side.
  11. Swing the silver armor piece on the hips over the thighs.
  12. Rotate the legs so the tread sections point down.
  13. Connect the leg armor sections to the rest of the tank, including the silver panel on the back.
  14. Swing the waist panel down, connecting it to the tab from the robot waist piece.
  15. Connect all the tread pieces together.

Vehicle Mode:
In tank mode Megatron winds up consolidating a lot of his silver panels together. I'm not just talking about the rectangular portion of the tank's main body, but also the turret. To keep him from looking totally dull there are some gunmetal grey and red paint decos painted on. The gunmetal grey is found on the ends of the rocket launchers and part of the front of the vehicle. Red is used on several panels in the front and side armor panels. Red is also used on the searchlight built into the turret. A large Decepticon symbol is painted on the top of the turret section. It's a good deco but honestly it could have been much better. A lot of the details including a lot of the more intricate sculpted details are left unpainted and I really think they could have used more deco. Again I'm holding this figure up to a much higher standard than normal. I think for the price the deco could be a lot stronger perhaps with "damage" spray ops or "dirt" making it look less pristine. Even some brush work to enhance the details would be great.

For the robot mode I mentioned the softer plastic on the weapons. Unfortunately this carries over to the rocket launchers and the small gun on the turret section. This is particularly worrisome because the rocket launchers hang off small pylons that could easily be warped and stressed. The barrel of the small gun could also be warped. The original version of this figure also had softer plastic on those parts, but they weren't this soft.

Final Thoughts:
As one of the debut figures of "Transformers Cloud" Megatron is a bit of a disappointment. He's not a bad toy mind you. I like the sculpt a lot and I think it's a fantastic retool but for the price, this figure should have had a much stronger deco and the soft plastic parts should not be that soft. If this was a $25 figure it would be one thing, but for $85 or more? Definitely not worth it.

Cloud Megatron (In Box)
Cloud Megatron (Box open)
Cloud Megatron comic book cover
Cloud Megatron (Official Photo)
Cloud Megatron (Official Vehicle mode Photo)
Cloud Megatron Art
Cloud Megatron (Robot Mode)
Cloud Megatron (Robot Mode, side)
Cloud Megatron (Robot Mode, back)
Cloud Megatron (Robot Mode, close up)
Cloud Megatron (Robot Mode, focus on head)
Cloud Megatron (Robot Mode, angle view)
Cloud Megatron (Robot Mode, holding swords)
Cloud Megatron (Robot Mode, holding sword)
Cloud Megatron (Robot Mode, weapon storage)
Cloud Megatron (Robot Mode, turret storage)
Generations & Cloud Megatron
Cloud Megatron (Vehicle Mode)
Cloud Megatron (Vehicle Mode, side)
Cloud Megatron (Vehicle Mode, back)
Cloud Megatron (Vehicle Mode, front view)
Cloud Megatron (Vehicle Mode, angle view)
Cloud Megatron (Vehicle Mode, turret turned)
With Generations Megatron (Vehicle Mode)