Transformers Car Robots Wreckerhook / Super Wreckerhook Toy Review

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Car Robots

Wreckerhook Review


Wreckerhook is one of the two Flipchangers released for Transformers: Car Robots. This would have been part of a larger vehicular based Transformers line before, and thus Hasbro/Takara were experimenting with different types of transformations. In the case of Flipchangers, they each contain spring activated transformations such as those on first year basic Beast Wars toys. Both Flipchangers were previously un-released molds in Japan. However, in the United States, the two molds were used for four different toys in the Machine Wars toy line. In Wreckerhook's case, he was originally released in two different color schemes as Hubcap and Hoist for the Machine Wars line. Now he helps battle the Destrongers with Fire Convoy.

Vehicle Mode:

In vehicle mode, Wreckerhook is a tow truck. His primary color is neon green with aqua green parts. His hook his purple and details such as his smokestacks, fuel tanks and hubcaps are silver. His windows are translucent orange and an Autobot/Cybertron symbol graces his hood.

Keeping in mind that this mold was developed over three years ago, it is quite a nice job. The front grill has detailing on it for vents, headlights and even room for a license plate. The top of the cab section has horns where the truck horn would blare from and the smokestacks to the side are nicely unobtrusive. However, being a truck he does not have posability in this mode, but the wheels roll freely. A cool vehicle mode overall.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

Detach the front grill/headlights section from the truck. Flip the gun up and set it aside. Now pull up the purple hook and most of the transformation takes place. Place the gun in Wreckerhook's hand and his is now in robot mode. If you wish to create a slightly more interesting robot mode, detach the smaller gun piece from the grill, and place the grill back on, having Wreckerhook only hold the gun. That way, it looks much more like a pistol.

Robot Mode:

Wreckerhook's robot mode carries over most of the colors from the vehicle mode, but more aqua green shows up now, making up the lower arms, legs, part of the main body and part of the robot head. The same translucent orange plastic used for his windshield in vehicle mode is used for his robot eyes. Although a basic sized toy, Wreckerhook's bulk makes him look like one big, tough Cybertron warrior. In robot mode, he has nine points of articulation.

Wreckerhook is a nice addition to the Car Robots line. Of course, if you can find his cheaper Machine Wars counterparts, you may wish to spend your money on Hubcap or Hoist. But if you want to be a Car Robots completist, I recommend Wreckerhook. B+

Super Wreckerhook Review

As part of a promotion campaign, the two Flipchangers were remolded in translucent plastic and released in limited numbers. Designated as the "Super" versions of their prior selves (like the three Car Robot brother repaints), these items are nice to add to one's collection. See the review of the regular Wreckerhook above for more detailed information on the toy. The review below focuses more on the changes from one version to the next.

Vehicle Mode:
In vehicle mode, Wreckerhook is almost all translucent orange plastic. However, this is not the same translucent orange used on the regular Wreckerhook, this one is much more colorful and vibrant. The hook on the back of the vehicle is green and the windshield is translucent dark green. Not all the parts that were painted silver before are painted any longer. The horns, smokestacks and fuel tanks are all translucent orange now. However the hubcaps and front grill are silver.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Warning: The plastic used for this version of Wreckerhook is slightly inferior to the original version. That means when pushing up the hook, do not force it too hard or the translucent orange around it may snap.

Robot Mode:
Wreckerhook's new look is great, especially under the right lighting conditions. He is mostly translucent orange. The green parts are sparse, mainly on his waist and upper arms. His robot eyes are translucent green and his gun is translucent orange.

Super Wreckerhook is a nice find as a collector's item, but generally it is more worthwhile to obtain the plain Wreckerhook or the predecessors to Wreckerhook, Hoist and/or Hubcap. B