Transformers Car Robots Wildride / Super Wildride Toy Reviews

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Car Robots

Wildride is the eldest of the three Car Robot brothers. This toy represents some of the best Transformers toy technology today with a good dose of classic Transformers features. Wildride is also one of the first Transformers: Car Robots toys to return to having the classic "Autobot Symbol" as his faction symbol.

Vehicle Mode:
In vehicle mode, Wildride is a sports utility vehicle (SUV). A friend of mine who is a mechanic believes that this car is based on the SUV's released by Mercedes Benz. It certainly shares many of the same features. Among the details to note are:

  • Spare Tire in the back, complete with a "cage" to protect it.
  • Runners along each side.
  • Doors open, as does the hood revealing the engine running this Transformer!
  • Rubber tires with the word "Transformers" molded into them.
  • Look carefully and you'll see Wildride's head peeking out from the passenger side.

Wildride's color scheme is mostly silver, with nice metallic green tones used for detailing along the lower section of the van, the spare tire and beautiful spray painting towards the rear of the car. Clear translucent plastic is used for the headlights whereas the tail lights use a combination of clear and red plastic in an alternating pattern. Vacume metallized silver parts are used for both the runners and front grill. Altogether, Wildride's vehicle mode is superb, offering a great representation of the vehicles which have been so popular in the late 90's to the year 2000 (and possibly beyond).

Transformation to Robot Mode:Begin Wildride's transformation by removing the runners. They are attached via two peg in hole systems each. Next, remove the front grill. Set these pieces aside for now. Fold down the parts covering the "spare tire" on the back of the vehicle. Flip open the doors, and then extend the rear of the vehicle back so it straigtens out to reveal Wildride's robot legs. Next, rotate the roof/windshield piece, and then carefully swing the upper section of the body down. Flip up the robot head and swing out the right robot arm. Now fold down the vehicle mode's front section, and the swing back the tire to reveal his left fist. Insert the front grill/axe weapon into his left hand by sliding up the thumb, inserting the weapon and then sliding the thumb back down. Now take one of the runner pieces and insert it into his right wrist as a missile, and attach the other one to the windshield/roof piece on his back. Wildride is now in robot mode.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Wildride look very dynamic. Each side of him has parts angling outwards, making him look much bigger then he would without all the parts expanded outwards. Wildride is mostly dark gree in this mode, with red, neon green, black and silver used for detailing. The paint job on Wildride is superb. Although he has several colors on him, none are too intrusive upon the others. Each detail is painted to let it blend in with the other details rather than stand out.

And what details there are! From the chest, to arms and legs, every inch of Wildride is filled with fantastic mechanical style detailing. A nice detail exists on his right arm, which at first looks like just a blunt end leading to a missile launcher. Look closer and you'll see a hand is there, painted in silver and that his missile launcher is more of a wrist mounted launcher. The robot head is very nicely done, with a classic Transformers "robotic head" sensibility, tempered with the sleek and detailed designs born from the Generation 2/Beast Wars era of toys.

In robot mode, Wildride has fourteen points of articulation. This includes articulation in the wrist and hand of his left arm. The only parts which get in the way of articulation are the doors on his left arm. They really have nowhere to go, so they just wind up flapping around as you try to pose the figure. Other than that, Wildride is an awesome robot. Highly recommended. A.

Super Wildride Review

The three Car Robots brothers were each "upgraded" in the television series, gaining enhanced powers, strength and new paint jobs. Thus the three Car Robots brothers were repainted and re-released in exciting new colors. Please read the Wildride review for a more detailed toy review. This review focuses on the changes made to the toy.

Vehicle Mode:
Whereas Wildride’s original color scheme was a fairly "sophisticated" scheme, Super Wildride’s color scheme is very bright and sports-like. His primary color is white, but that only enhances the other colors used. All over the hood, sides, rear and top of the vehicle are green and yellow curve designs. In addition, the number "24" is also painted on to different parts including the top of the vehicle, the side doors and hood. Super Wildride’s not afraid to let people know who he is either. On his hood the words "Cybertron Wild" appear. On his doors, the word "Wild" is above the number 24.

Each of the Super versions of the Car Robot brothers have vacume metallized gold somewhere. In Wildride’s case, he has gold on his hubcaps.

This color scheme offers a great contrast to the original Wildride, making it quite exciting. Some have also remarked that Super Wildride’s color scheme is similar to that of the classic Autobot Wheeljack.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, another set of colors come into play. White is still the main color, but there are two shades, a bright white and an off-white. Dark grey also makes an appearance on his feet, weapons, arms and waist. Metallic red and green are used for detailing and gold details appear on his chest and arm.

Like the vehicle mode, this color scheme is much more ornate than the original. My personal favorite part of this toy in terms of detailing is the chest section. It is a combination of about six different colors, yet they are used together very nicely.

The new color scheme of this toy is very nice, but many fans may balk at paying another $25-$35 for a toy they already have. However, if you missed the first Wildride, here’s your chance to get it. For completists and hard core collectors however, this is a very nice piece to own. A