Transformers Car Robots Super Fire Convoy Toy Review

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Car Robots

Super Fire Convoy is the commander of the Cybertrons \in the Transformers: Car Robots series. He is also the first completely vehicular and mechanical (meaning not partially organic or "techno-organic") Cybertron leader made in years, generating quite a bit of excitement. In this ultra sized toy, there are a lot of great features and fun play. For clarification purposes, the toy's "basic" name is Fire Convoy,\ but his combined mode is Super Fire Convoy. Both terms are used in this review depending on what mode the toy is in.

Vehicle ModeIn vehicle mode, Fire Convoy is a futuristic fire truck. Fire trucks have long been a staple of vehicular Transformers lines, so it's nice to see a brand new take on a classic toy \ vehicle. From front to back, he measures approximately one foot long (30 centimeters)! As one would expect, his primary color is red. Silver is used for several parts and four missile launchers mounted in the ladder are dark grey and red. Some orange peeks through from parts that will be part of the robot mode which also includes a silver chrome Autobot/Cybertron symbol. His windows are translucent blue, and his hubcaps are chrome silver. Like the Car Robot brothers, Fire Convoy has rubber tires, each with the words "Fire Convoy" molded into them.

The detailing in this mode is fairly sparse, with most of it concentrated in the ladder and the cross hatch detailing used on his silver parts. Some details are pretty cool. The ladder does rise, and press the red button at the end and two "water cannons" flip out. Each missile launcher in the ladder can fire a missile independent of the others, or you can press a button in the back of the ladder and fire all four at once! The right side of the end of the ladder has a little chair with control panel that can fit the smaller type of classic "Diaclone/Diakron" drivers.* Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.

Press a button in between Fire Convoy's siren lights and you will get one of four sounds:

  • A fire engine alarm sounding off once.
  • A fire engine alarm sounding off four times in a row.
  • Fire Convoy ordering the Cybertron troops to "Fire!" followed by a weapons sound.
  • Fire Convoy announcing his name and transformation.

Each sound is accompanied by flashing lights which alternate from siren to siren, overall an awesome and fun effect.

Transformation to Fire Convoy robot mode:Begin Fire Convoy's transformation by separating the front cab section of the fire truck from the rear section. Set aside the rear section for now. Swing back the siren sections. Swing out the sides of the cab where the front wheels reside. Fold down the front of the cab and straighten it out. Split the front section (with the blue translucent windshields) in half. Flip open the white panels on each leg and fold out the robot feet. Turn the legs around and fold the side wheel/door sections so they wrap around and the details show on the legs. Now swing the other half of the cab up, and press it down to reveal the robot head and form the robot mode's upper body. Swing out the arms from the sides and swing down the forward halves of the arms. Detach the small piece from the rear section that looks like a gun and place it into Fire Convoy's hand. Fire Convoy is now in robot mode!

This transformation is not over however. There's still the rear section, which transforms into a base! Remove the top piece of the rear which consists of the ladder and its connecting pieces. Now separate the forward most sections from the rear. Fold out the sides of each and then swing back the section with the double barrelled gun so each section rests flat. Now detach the next two sections, and set the rear most section (with the two wheels on each side) aside. Straighten out the ladder from the first piece you removed. Fold down the top most section of the ladder, and press the button to reveal the two "hoses". Flip out the sides of the ladder. Attach this piece to the section of the fire engine with the two tires on either side. Take the pieces with the dual barrelled cannons and attach them each via the peg in hole systems on each side of the base. The red pegs underneath each piece attach to the holes in the silver section of each piece with two tires. Now take the final pieces remaining and attach them to the parts with the blue curve to provide a stable base for the entire form to rest on. Flip up the front dark grey and silver piece and Fire Convoy's base is complete!

Robot ModeFire Convoy's robot mode is a complete dedication to the original Convoy/Optimus Prime. However, every aspect has been worked over to be smoother looking than the original, blocky and mechanical Convoy. First and most noticable is the color scheme. Just as the original Convoy/Optimus Prime had silver chrome, blue and red, as does this Cybertron commander. The front of his upper body is all vacume metallized. Two blue parts represent the "windows" so famous on the original Convoy/Optimus Prime's chest. The outlining parts are red while the abdominal area is silver. They all come together to make one impressive looking robot. The detailing on his legs really adds a mechanical look to his form. The detailing on his face looks fantastic, and is a great interpretation of the original Convoy/Optimus Prime face. In this mode, Fire Convoy has forteen points of articulation. He would have looked a bit more impressive with a larger gun. The weapon he does have looks much more like a pistol.

Fire Convoy can add on armor to himself. If you take the pieces that form the rear of the fire engine and split them up, you can mount them onto his shoulders, giving Fire Convoy some added firepower! The missiles are nicely detailed, and the shoulder packs look like part of the robot rather than just an add on.

The rear base mode takes a bit of imagination to work with since it's not the traditional type of base with ramps or control panels. The dual barrel cannons and hands (which look like missile launchers in this mode) create most of the visual effect along with the ladder section. There's not a whole lot to it, but it's nice to see that the pieces can come together to form more than just a part of the vehicle and armor for the robot.

Transformation to Super Fire ConvoyBegin Fire Convoy's transformation to Super Fire Convoy by separating all the pieces of the base mode. Take the pieces with the dual barrel cannons and fold them back into a rectangular shape, with the robot hands out. Attach each of these pieces to Fire Convoy's arms. Separate the parts with the two wheels each and fold down the wheels part way, then flip out the dark grey piece, then fold the wheels completely in. Flip open the silver panel and flip up the silver and dark grey piece inside. Attach each of these to Fire Convoy's feet and use the silver and dark grey piece to atttach the pieces firmly to Fire Convoy's legs. These form Super Fire Convoy's legs and feet. Attach the pieces with the silver "tubing" to Fire Convoy's shoulders. Stretch out Fire Convoy by pushing up the upper body (so the robot head disappears). Finally, straighten out the ladder and flip the end of the ladder up. Attach the ladder section to Fire Convoy by using the two pegs under the piece with the Super Fire Convoy head. Then snap the chest piece into place.

Although the packaging illustrations and instructions tell you to swing the ladder to the left side, I prefer to swing it to the right side so you can place the pistol/gun next to Fire Convoy's head. You can do this either way, the transformation still looks great!

Super Fire ConvoyAs Super Fire Convoy, this toy stands a little under a foot tall (this includes the length of the ladder in the back). His color scheme is much more diverse in this mode, with the various colors mentioned before all working together very well. Red is still the predominant color while the fiery orange reminds us that this guy is a fire engine as a vehicle while the silver and grey pieces offer the appearance of complex mechanics. Metallic blue accents the arms and legs. Most prominant of his features is of course the silver chrome Autobot/Cybertron symbol on his chest. Flip it open and you reveal a "Matrix" like chamber. This isn't terribly exciting compared to the removable Matrix of Big Convoy, but it is still nice to see this feature incorporated in some way to this large robot.

Sticking to the nature of being a rescue vehicle, Super Fire Convoy does not have any weaponry that looks particularly overwhelming. Even with the dual barrel guns on his arms and the pistol/gun next to his head, he looks like he is more oriented towards saving lives than taking them. However, if one lets imagination take over, you can flip his ladder over so that the two "hoses" point out and he looks like he has one big cannon on his back.

In this mode, Super Fire Convoy has eighteen points of articulation. This includes his hands and waist. Unfortunately, the ladder in the back restricts his arm articulation slightly, but not so much as to subtract from the fun of this toy.

Super Fire Convoy is a fantastic toy. He's fun to play with, has electronics and looks great. Highly recommended. A+