Transformers Car Robots Spychangers set Toy Review

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Car Robots



The "Spychangers" were a set of small Transformers figures on the side of the Cybertron (aka Autobots). Each was a redeco of figures that had previously been released for Generation 2. These figures were released in both a six pack and they were individually carded. The figures in this review came from the six pack.

Each Spychanger has a "hidden" Cybertron symbol on it somewhere. These symbols can be revealed by rubbing the area where the symbol is located. The heat sensitive sections will reveal a red Cybertron symbol underneath. Each review will indicate where the symbol is located. Since the colors of the weapons do not necessarily match the colors of the figures, the color of each figure's weapon will also be noted.


Each Spychanger has the same basic transformation. Pull the rear of the vehicle back to form the legs. Swing down the front of the vehicle to form the robot chest and reveal the robot head. Pull back the rear of the vehicle to form the robot legs. Stand the robot and insert its weapon into the hand. The only slight problem is that there is no place to store the weapon in vehicle mode, so be careful with them.

Autofire (a.k.a. Artfire) Review

Artfire Images

Artfire is the leader of the Spychangers. He is mostly black with a flame pattern on his side doors and hood. His weapon is black. His face and some detailing on his legs are silver. The "hubcaps"/sides of the wheels are gold. Some of the parts here are translucent plastic such as his upper legs, and eyes which have the "light piping" action commonly used in Transformers today. Autofire's Cybertron symbol is located on the top of the vehicle mode.

Counter Arrow

Counter Arrow Images

Counter Arrow is a F-1 race car in vehicle mode. He is mostly off metallic white with blue stripes and detailing. The front of his vehicle mode has black detailing with red outlines. Rub the black area in the middle of the two front wheels to reveal his Cybertron symbol. A nice touch is the word "Transformers" in an appropriately blocky font on his spoiler, with a "TM" to indicate trademark of course. His "hubcaps"/sides of the wheels are gold. In robot mode Counter Arrow has the same color scheme, but no light piping for his eyes. His weapon is off white.

Eagle Killer Images

Eaglekiller is a lambourghini in vehicle mode. His details consist of a subtle pattern of thin orange lines running across the vehcile body. A red "eagle" pattern is printed on his hood with the letters "TF". His hidden Cybertron symbol is on the windshield. In robot mode, Eaglekiller has a fair amount of detail for such a small toy. His legs have details which could easily be engines and tailpipes in the vehicle mode. Although his chest piece hides it, he has some piping and mechanical details on his chest. Eaglekiller's weapon is yellow.


Ox Images

In vehicle mode, Ox is a pickup truck. He is mostly white with black details similar to the black splotch patterns on a cow. His hood has a red ox head painted on it, and his front grill, windows and bumper are silver. The "hubcaps"/side of the wheels are silver. In robot mode, his colors remain the same except yellow was used for his upper legs and robot head. His robot eyes are colored red, with no light piping. His hidden Cybertron symbol is on the side of his right arm. His weapon is colored off metallic white, which seems to indicate the colors of his weapon and Counter Arrow may have been mixed up.


Wars Images

Wars is a race car in vehicle mode. A nice symbol is painted on his hood in black with a silver "splash" pattern in the back. On the side of his doors he has the word "Wars" painted on using the Beast Wars font! In this mode, Wars is mostly red with black for the windows and silver for his front bumper. His windows have some nice detailing including a cross hatch pattern on the sides and a grill in the front windshield. The "hubcaps"/sides of the wheels are gold. His hidden Cybertron symbol is located on the left side passenger window. In robot mode, Wars has some black coloring (for his head and upper legs) and yellow for his lower legs. Like Eaglekiller he has detailing representing engines and tailpipes. His weapon is a clear plastic, which seems more appropriate for X-Car.


X-Car Images

X-Car is a futuristic car in vehicle mode. He is actually mostly clear plastic, allowing one to see an underlying layer of translucent green plastic. With some silver detailing (including an "X" on his hood) he looks very tech like, almost like a microchip taking the form of a car. Quite appropriate for the scientist of the team. The "hubcaps"/sides of the wheels are silver. X-Car's hidden symbol is on the driver side/left side window. In robot mode, X-Car has the same colors, with the addition of red for his waist and upper legs. His robot head is silver and red. His weapon is red, and although it matches the red on his robot mode, it seems that it would be more appropriate for Wars.

Overall Review
Personally, I have always been a huge fan of the Gobots. To me, they were a step up from the original mini-bots. They had sleek modes and weapons, but with relatively simple transformations. That thought carries over to the Spychangers. However, since these are currently foreign imports and most places have them at different prices individually carded as opposed to the boxed set, it is preferable to get the boxed set. The boxed set looks great, is fairly compact and you get the whole team at one time. Completists may want to seek out the carded versions as well.

If you are a fan of the Generation 2 Gobots, or just want a cool "small size" addition to your Cybertron team, this is a cool buy. They're not perfect, but they are worthy of the name Transformers. Recommended. B