Transformers Car Robots Speedbreaker / Super Speedbreaker Toy Reviews

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Car Robots


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  • Robot Mode
  • Both versions in Vehicle Mode
  • Both versions in Robot Mode

    Speedbreaker (Original) Review

    Speedbreaker is one of the three Car Robot brothers. The Car Robot brothers represent some of the best elements of Generation 2/Beast Wars toy technology with the nostalgia of the classic Generation One Autobot cars. The brothers are each roughly in scale with the original Autobot cars as well.

    Vehicle Mode:

    In vehicle mode, Speedbreaker is a Dodge Viper. The car is slightly modified (enough to not be an exact replica, and thus possibly saving legal fees). The primary color of the car is metallic dark blue. Flame details adorn the hood and doors, these details are light metallic blue with white outlines. The windows are tinted yellow plastic, as are the headlights. The rear lights are red. The engine showing on the hood is vacume metallized silver and red. Look at the rear window, and you can see the Autobot/Cybertron symbol!

    Speedbreaker's vehicle mode is very nicely detailed. The original Autobot cars were designed to resemble "real" cars, and this car does the same. Its lines are very similar to those of the real life Viper. The colors work very well together, and the Autobot/Cybertron symbol in the rear is a great touch. The tires are all rubber, another great touch which the original Autobot cars had as well. Another great detail is the rear tailpipe which actually becomes part of Speedbreaker's weapon! The doors can swing open as well.

    This is one sleek vehicle mode which looks great and is reminscent of the original Autobot cars.

    Transformation to Robot Mode:

    Begin the transformation by detaching the tailpipe piece and setting it aside. Now detach the rear section of the car (which includes the rear bumper and tail lights). Insert the tailpipe into the hole in the piece you just removed and set the weapon aside. Open both side doors and fold down the front section (which has the headlights and front bumper). Move the rear halves of the car forward a bit and fold down the robot legs and straighten out the feet. Fold the halves of the front hood to the sides and raise the top of the car a bit and you will see a silver weapon. Detach that weapon and set it aside. At this point, you can see one of Speedbreaker's arms underneath the section with the engine. Swing out the arm and turn the piece so the tire connected to the blue piece will be under the chest piece. Swing up the robot head. Now turn the hip/waist section to the side and fold up the other robot arm. Rotate the hip/waist section back into place and then fold down the chest piece. Now place the weapons into the robot hands and Speedbreaker is in robot mode.

    Robot Mode:

    Speedbreaker's robot mode is mostly blue, but many parts including the arms, upper legs and robot head all have white, offering up a very bright contrast. The detailing of this mode is fantastic. Starting with the robot head, part of the robot head seems to have a "targeting helmet" on one side. This would seem to help a robot whose primary weapon is a crossbow. On Speedbreaker's waist piece, a monitor seems to be keeping track of something as a "graph line" has been molded into the plastic. The inner sides of his upper thighs have nice mechanical detailing including tubing.

    Speedbreaker's weapons are also nicely made. The crossbow weapon can fire the blue tailpipe missile by pressing the blue button on top. The silver weapon can either be held like a gun or a blade. The top of the car is connected to the left arm and looks like it can act as a shield. As a robot, Speedbreaker has thirteen points of articulation. This includes the shield piece which can be swiveled a bit.

    The robot mode is very nice, but has one bad point - the cars bits hanging off of him. Many Transformers are like this, but the hood/door pieces can be a bit cumbersome sometimes.

    Overall, this is a fantastic toy. The "car parts" problem does not completely subtract from how fun this toy is. Recommended. A

    Super Speedbreaker Review

    As part of the later Transformers Car Robots releases, each of the Car Robot brothers gained new powers and enhanced strength. They also gained new paint jobs, and thus the three Car Robot brothers were re-released with new and exciting paint schemes.

    Vehicle Mode:

    Super Speedbreaker's color scheme is virtually the exact opposite of his original color scheme. Whereas he was blue before, Speedbreaker is now a bold red with yellow and orange flame details on his hood and doors. Classic Generation One Transformers fans have likened this color scheme to that of the classic Transformer Hot Rod and the analogy is apt.

    Each of the Super versions of the Car Robots brothers use vacume metallized gold on some parts of the body. In this case, Speedbreaker's hubcaps and Autobot/Cybertron symbol (visible in the rear window) are all vacume metallized gold. The engine sticking out of his hood is a combination of vacume metallized gold and silver.

    Robot Mode:

    In robot mode, Super Speedbreaker continues to appear to be a homage to the original Hot Rod toy. His red colors carry over to this mode, but two new colors appear: white and orange. His chest and lower legs each have orange detailing. Orange was one of the key colors used in the Hot Rod toy along with red.

    The visibility of the vacume metallized gold parts (Autobot/Cybertron symbol, engine and weapon) enhances the appearance of this toy a lot.

    This toy is a great color homage to a classic toy, but it is still a repaint and fans may be hesitant to pay a lot of money for a toy they already have. For completists or hardcore collectors however, this toy is a joy. A