Transformers Car Robots Indy Heat / Super Indy Heat Toy Reviews

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Indy Heat is one of the two Flipchangers released for Transformers: Car Robots. This would have been part of a larger vehicular based Transformers line before, and thus Hasbro/Takara were experimenting with different types of transformations. In the case of Flipchangers, they each contain spring activated transformations such as those on first year basic Beast Wars toys. Both Flipchangers were previously un-released molds in Japan. However, in the United States, the two molds were used for four different toys in the Machine Wars toy line. In Indy Heat's case, he was originally released in two different color schemes as Mirage and Prowl for the Machine Wars line. Now he helps battle the Destrongers with Fire Convoy.

Vehicle Mode:

Indy Heat's vehicle mode is a F-1 race car. His color scheme is mostly shades of purple and lavender with white. His hubcaps are metallic blue and his details are orange. These details range from the words "Indy Flipchanger" on his rear spoiler to an Autobot/Cybertron symbol on his hood. These colors were perceived as some as being very "feminine" and some thought Indy Heat was a female, but the character is portrayed as a "he" on the television show.

Being an F-1 race car, Indy Heat has no posability in this mode, but the detail work is nice. The orange decorations all over help however.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

Begin Indy Heat's transformation by pushing up the rear spoiler. This will do most of the work for you. Swing the arms out to the sides a bit and detach the two halves of his weapon from his inner, lower legs. Put the two halves together and place them in his hand. Indy Heat is now in robot mode.

Robot Mode:

Indy Heat's robot mode is a bit more ornate than his vehicle mode. Metallic blue is now seen on his hands, feet and upper legs. His robot head is blue and white with a metallic purple streak on his crest. Translucent orange is used for the robot eyes.

In robot mode, Indy Heat has nine points of articulation. My only complaint is that the wheels from the front of the vehicle mode are a bit obtrusive to the arms. The arms can still swing up, but not before angling outwards a little. A mechanism to move the wheels in a bit first would have been nice to see.

Overall, Indy Heat is a nice toy. His current color scheme and detailing outdoes the previous two color schemes used on this toy (Machine Wars Mirage and Prowl). For cost purposes, you may wish to stick with Prowl and Mirage if you can get them cheap. However, if you are a completist, I recommend Indy Heat. B+

Super Indy Heat Review

As part of a promotion campaign, the two Flipchangers were remolded in translucent plastic and released in limited numbers. Designated as the "Super" versions of their prior selves (like the three Car Robot brother repaints), these items are nice to add to one's collection. See the review of the regular Indy Heat above for more detailed information on the toy. The review below focuses more on the changes from one version to the next.

Vehicle Mode:

Indy Heat has a color scheme which is immediately recognizable to classic Transformers fans. His primary color is translucent blue, and his detail work is mostly white. Blue and white were also the primary colors for the original F-1 Race car Transformers toy: Mirage. Not the Machine Wars Mirage, but the original release from the early 80's. I'm quite sure that this color scheme homage was intentional on Takara's part. In white letters on the spoiler are the words "2000 Exclusive" which is self explanatory.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

Warning: When using the spoiler mechanism, be very careful. The plastic pieces are not as strong as the regular Indy Heat release and the plastic can easily snap or break.

Robot Mode:

In robot mode, Indy Heat looks a lot like his predecessor Mirage. The main reason is that the Machine Wars Mirage toy (whose mold this toy is based on) was made to resemble the original Mirage as much as possible. This includes the robot head which has a crest and details on the sides of the face with lines. His upper arms and details on the head, main body and legs are white. His eyes are translucent blue.

The primary attraction of this toy is that it is an exclusive and that it is a homage to the original Mirage. However, in terms of cost, it is cheaper to get either the original Indy Heat or the Machine Wars versions of this mold. If you are completist however, this toy is recommended. B+