Transformers Car Robots God Magnus Toy Review

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Car Robots

God Magnus is one of the few original toys created for the Transformers Car Robots toy line. This toy is a direct homage to the classic Transformers: Ultra Magnus. Both characters are car carriers in vehicle mode, and both have red white and blue in their color schemes. Despite this however, God Magnus is not Ultra Magnus, but an all new character.

God Magnus can combine with Super Fire Convoy to create the character God Fire Convoy. This toy is covered in a separate review.

Vehicle Mode:

God Magnus' vehicle mode is a car carrier truck. His front cab is white with translucent blue windows. The front grille is vacume metallized silver, and the sections underneath the grille and the sides are vacume metallized blue and silver. Dead center on the cab is a large Autobot/Cybertron symbol in vacume metallized gold. On the top of the cab are lights detailed in orange. Above the cab, mounted on the top level of the trailer is a blue, dark grey and red dual missile launcher. The sides and top tracks of the trailer section are silver. The lower section is blue.

Unlike his predecessor Ultra Magnus, God Magnus seems to be heavily armored and armed. To the sides of the grille on the cab are two small gatling guns. The missile launcher is mounted on the top and can be fired by pressing the silver tabs on the top. The heavily angled design of the cab along with the vacume metallized section makes the front of the vehicle look like it can ram through some enemies, and the sides of the trailer towards the front is completely covered, presumably protecting anyone inside. Check out each of the tires. The front large tires say "Transformers" on them. The middle two say "Cybertron" and the rear two say "God Magnus".

God Magnus has two other features that the original Ultra Magnus did: a) rubber tires. All ten tires are rubber with vacume metallized hubcaps and b) he can hold three vehicles, two on top and one on the bottom. All three Car Robot brothers can fit on God Magnus. If you want to let them out of the trailer, fold down the rear of the trailer. It holds in place nicely due to the peg in hole system connecting the silver and grey piece to the blue piece. Fold down the silver and grey piece to let the vehicle on the bottom out. Want to let the ones on the top roll out? Just swing the blue pieces out to the sides and fold down the top track and the cars on the top can roll down.

God Magnus' vehicle mode is a great piece of work. Fantastic detailing, cool features and a great aesthetic design.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

Begin God Magnus' transformation by removing the weapon on the top of trailer and set it aside. Now separate the side panels from the main section and separate the rear section from the front. Fold the rear half of the top track section on top of the front one. Pull the section up and then swing them around until they form a "V" shape. The point of the "V" shape should be pointing in the direction of the parts of the backpack that look like thrusters. Swing down the white cab section and rotate down the light blue parts which will become the robot's upper legs. Now fold up the vacume metallized section of the cab so it covers the windows. Swing the robot arms out to the sides and lock them into place. By now, the robot head should be visible. Rotate it around and connect it to the silver and grey piece (between the two large wheels).

Returning to the other section of the vehicle, separate it in half. For each half, swing the silver piece to the side and then fold the forward most section up. Fold down the grey and silver piece (with the yellow and red detailing) and then fold up the light blue piece that will connect to the upper body. Attach each leg to the main body and God Magnus is in robot mode!

Robot Mode:

God Magnus' robot mode is one tall robot. As previously mentioned, he has red, white and blue in this mode. Along with that is dark grey, silver, yellow and red. The robot mode head is blue with a silver face and vacume metallized gold eyes.

God Magnus' appearance is a bit strange at first since his legs make up most of his height. This is of course because the legs form most of the length of the truck mode. However, one can get used to the appearance after a while, especially since the detailing is so nice on this toy. The robot legs (as out of proportion as they are) have great robotic detailing on them. The arms are bulky and have great mechanical details such as cylinders and wires. Take a look at the crest on his head and you will find a small Autobot/Cybertron symbol molded right in!

In robot mode, God Magnus has seventeen points of articulation. A nice feature is located on the "backpack" (the section on the back that has thrusters on it). Press the button between the thrusters and God Magnus yells "God Magnus, transform!". This feature is utilized in other ways as well, read on.

God Magnus' weapon is a large cannon with a missile launcher mounted on top. The weapon is large, and would not be supported by the arms alone, so they mount onto pieces behind his shoulders. The left side connects via a round peg in hole system to the cannon. The right side connects via a square peg in hole system to the cannon. You can mount the cannon on one side at a time, or you can mount both sides on at the same time. Depending on how you mount the weapon, there will be a different sound effect played out! The sound effects are:

  • (Both sides mounted) God Magnus yells, followed by an intense round of firepower
  • (Square peg side mounted) A "rat-ta-ta-ta" type sound, much like a machine gun
  • (Round peg side mounted) A more powerful sounding blast

God Magnus is a solid toy. He's big, has cool features and looks fantastic. Add to that the fact that this toy is a homage to the original Ultra Magnus, and this toy is highly recommended. A+