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God Fire Convoy is the combined form of the two Cybertrons Fire Convoy and God Magnus. The two Transformers were sold separately upon their original release. As a special Japan Toys R Us exclusive release, the two Transformers were molded with translucent colors and some minor repainting in a two pack. This review will focus on the changes made to Fire Convoy and God Magnus, and then their combination as God Fire Convoy. For more detailed reviews of the two components of this giant, please read the Fire Convoy or God Magnus reviews.

The Sword:

This two pack included an extra item - a sword. This sword has a bit of a history behind it. Originally, this giant sword was included with the Japanese release of the large Transformer Fortress Maximus (it was deemed too dangerous of an item for American release at the time). Unfortunately, it is because of this fact that there has been some confusion about this item. When Fortress Maximus was repainted and re-released for Car Robots, he did not include several items, including the sword.

When rumors first surfaced about this two pack, many (including myself) assumed that this meant the sword would be for Brave Maximus to use. A picture floating around on the internet showing Brave Maximus holding the sword helped promote this train of thought. However, the truth is a bit of a let down.

Brave Maximus cannot use the sword. When he was shown in a Japanese magazine holding it, the handle of the sword was one that would allow for Brave Maximus to hold it. However, in the final release of this toy, there is no handle for Brave Maximus to use. Rather, the handle included with the sword is made to allow God Fire Convoy to hold the blade.

Not to start this review on a low note, but before going out and purchasing this toy, be sure you're not buying it only in hopes of getting the sword for Brave Maximus.

Fire Convoy:

The primary change to Fire Convoy is the plastic used for his main color: red. Instead of the solid red used in the regular Fire Convoy toy, the red here is translucent with sparkles in the plastic, giving a nice shimmering appearance. The windows to Fire Convoy's vehicle mode are a lighter translucent blue than in the first release and some of the grey plastic parts have been changed to an off-white color (including the ladder to the fire truck mode). Another significant recolor is the Cybertron/Autobot symbol on Super Fire Convoy's chest. Whereas it was silver before, it is now gold.

The quality of the toy remains the same. Usually with remolds, some parts fit incorrectly (too loose, too tight etc.). The parts still fit together just fine. Translucent colors are always nice and this toy looks fantastic. The decision to use not only red translucent plastic, but red translucent plastic with the sparkles inside was a good choice.

God Magnus:

Like Fire Convoy, God Magnus also has some plastic remolded in different colors. The most obvious is the use of clear translucent plastic in place of the grey and white plastics used for parts of his arms and the sides of the trailer. The same sparkly red plastic used for Fire Convoy in this set is used for some key red parts of God Magnus including parts of his upper body and weapon. Some of God Magnus' blue parts have also been replaced with translucent plastic, but in this case the transition is a bit more expected. The robot legs are now mostly translucent dark blue and the palms of the robot hands are also this color. Finally, the targetting scope and the windows to the cab of the vehicle are a light translucent green.

Like Fire Convoy, all of God Magnus' parts fit together fine without any of the problems that remolds usually have. The clear translucent plastic looks a bit odd, another color with more substance may have been a bit better. Other than that however, the toy looks great.

Transformation to God Fire Convoy:

This transformation description assumes that you are starting with the two toys with their parts separated as they come when you first take the toy out of the box. If you have any missiles loaded in the missile firing mechanisms, take them out of the firing mechanisms to prevent accidental firing of the missiles during transformation.

Take Fire Convoy's main body (the front cab of the fire engine) and pull up the upper body section so the robot head is not visible. Now separate the lower arms from God Magnus and then turn them inside out so the red and white fist is on the outside. God Magnus' blue and white hand attaches to Fire Convoy's hands as if the two are shaking hands. Use the two pegs on the outside of Fire Convoy's lower arms to connect to the two holes on the God Magnus pieces.

Now take the upper body portion of God Magnus and separate the legs if they are attached. Fold down the grey piece that is God Magnus' chest. Swing the upper robot legs in. From the top of the cab, swing up the God Fire Convoy head. Swing up the "wings" on God Magnus' back and be sure the "thrusters" are pointed downwards. Fold out the side panels of the vacume metallized section with the Cybertron/Autobot symbol on it. Then swing back the upper robot arm/shoulder sections and then swing up the blue sections that connect to God Magnus' weapon. Now swing out the red pieces with the tire at the end. In the middle of the underside of the red sections, flip out the small shoulder cover. Now connect this section to Fire Convoy's body in the same manner you would connect Super Fire Convoy's body piece to Fire Convoy.

Take God Magnus' legs and transform them as follows: Fold down the light blue upper leg piece. Flip out the rear end piece of the trailer's sides. Flip the large grey foot on the underside forward so it is under the wheels. Now swing the side of the trailer outwards so you can fold back the thin, rectangular blue piece that the sides connect normally connect to. Fold up the grey piece with the yellow and red detail on them. Swing up the rear section of the trailer half and push the section in the middle down so the peg on it connects to the hole on the middle piece (between the grey and blue piece). Now fold in the three side pieces so they collapse into one piece. Attach Fire Convoy's foot to the blue piece you folded down on God Magnus' trailer half. Now fold in the side piece and flip the "L" shaped piece over so its peg connects to the hole in the middle of Fire Convoy's lower leg. Then attach the grey section with red and yellow details over that, using the peg and hole to connect the two sections. Do this for each of God Magnus' legs.

Attach God Magnus' weapon to either one or both of the blue mounts near God Fire Convoy's shoulders. If you have it mounted on both mounts, you can insert God Magnus' missiles into the weapon.

The sword has a long handle so part of it may rest on the floor/table etc. while the toy holds the upper handle.

After all that, God Fire Convoy is now fully assembled, at
least according to the package illustrations. However, either
by accident or design, you can actually use all of Super Fire
Convoy's parts in this form. Here is a list of what to do
with the extra parts:

  • Super Fire Convoy's shoulder pieces can slip right onto God Magnus' wings on God Fire Convoy's back.
  • The main body/ladder piece of Super Fire Convoy can connect to God Fire Convoy's lower arm as a cannon. Fire Convoy's hand gun can attach to this piece.
  • Super Fire Convoy's feet, which double as missile packs can connect to the sides of God Fire Convoy's lower legs.
  • Super Fire Convoy's lower arm pieces can be connected to the upper arm sections of God Magnus which are on the back of God Fire Convoy. These pieces wrap around to the front and the dual barrelled cannons face forward. The result: hip/waist armor with a weapon on them.

Do all this and you truly have one super robot!

God Fire Convoy:

The choice of colors would lead one to think that this will look like a nightmare conglomeration of colors, but it actually works out well. With the regular version of God Fire Convoy, the red, white and blue works well as eye candy while the vacume metellized silver and blue chest piece makes the toy look majestic. The gold Cybertron/Autobot symbol in the center looks fantastic partly because of its color and party because it is so prominant. The grey and silver pieces offer a nice contrast to the red, white and blue, giving the toy a more "mechanical" color scheme.

The clear version shares the same color scheme, but perhaps the most drastic change are the clear parts. The best of the translucent colored plastic is the red plastic with sparkles. Personally, I do not think clear plastic was the best choice. An off white or smokey color would have been preferable. Part of this is because of the Cybertron/Autobot symbols on the lower arms are barely visible with the clear plastic.

God Fire Convoy has seventeen points of articulation. He is one big robot, tall, wide and impressive looking. As mentioned in the transformation details, you can attach his weapon to him in three ways. Press God Magnus' voice button to hear him yell out some Japanese phrase followed by "God Fire Convoy!".

The toy looks fantastic and powerful, especially with the sword in hand. However, it does not have a whole lot of play value for kids. The center body hinge (part of Fire Convoy's body) tends to fall back or forward due to the heavy weight of the main God Magnus body piece fitted over Fire Convoy's body.

One design flaw of this toy rests in the central body piece. The hinge that connects the two halves of God Magnus' cab together is entirely plastic with a metal rod holding them together. This is extremely dangeorus as this toy is fairly heavy, and the plastic on the hinge can snap with enough pressure. A metal hinge would have been much more reliable.

Honestly I have mixed feelings about this toy. On the one hand, it's a fun transformation and it's cool to see two such large toys being able to combine. As stated before, the toy looks fantastic too. But all that does not quite make up for the fact that it's a robot that is very difficult to play with. Try to pick him up and have him thrash your Destronger forces and parts easily fall off.

In terms of purchasing the regular Super Fire Convoy and God Magnus toys to get God Fire Convoy, that is recommended. In terms of purchasing this exclusive set, you may want to save your cash unless you are a completist or collector. B-