Transformers Car Robots Gildo Toy Review

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Car Robots

Gildo is a repaint of the Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Night Glider toy. This time around, he's no good guy but rather a warrior serving the Destronger commander, Gigatron! For a complete review of the toy itself, please read Night Glider's review. This review will focus on the changes made to the toy for this release.

Beast Mode
In beast mode, Gildo is a much different color than his predecessor. Mostly silver, grey and light blue, Gildo looks quite alien. The detailing on the toy is really enhanced by the use of silver and gold paint detailing on the sections that are molded to resemble fur. The edges of the wings and tail all have silver vacume metallized parts. It is interesting to note that on his packaging, Gildo appears to have gold vacume metallized parts. Color changes are common in the toy industry, so it is possible a gold vacume metallized prototype was used for the photography on the packaging.

Robot Mode
In robot mode, Gildo has added color and a different Spark Crystal. Since he is a Destronger, his Spark Crystal is purple and holds the Predacon symbol. Purple is used to accent details on his robot head, chest and waist. The chest detailing is probably the nicest of all, outlining the Spark Crystal in red and extending out to details on the chest.

There's no mistaking, this is a different toy in color and in affiliation (and thus, the Spark Crystal). I do recommend this toy if you want all the Car Robots Destrongers. However, if you can get Night Glider instead, the toys are essentially the same. A