Transformers Car Robots Clear Car Robot Brothers Set Toy Review

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Car Robots

At the 2001 Osaka Toy Fair, an exclusive three pack of the Car Robot brothers was available for purchase. This set was molded partially in clear plastic and was packaged in a box with some amazing artwork. Each was a redeco/remolding of the Super Car Robot Brother designs. This \three pack quickly sold out and is quite a collector's item. For reviews of the specific toys, please read the reviews of Mach Alert, Speedbreaker and Wildride. This review will focus on the changes made to the toys.

Mach Alert

Mach Alert is in his super mode, but most of the parts that are either dark blue or white on the regular version are now clear. This includes the doors, the front of the car and the rear. Despite being clear however, each of these parts do have the same detailing from the Super Mach Alert toy. For instance, the front hood still has the word "Police" on it and the side doors say "Police Mach Alert" on them.

As a robot, Mach Alert's head and chest plate are clear as well. However, his chest still has a gold vacuume metallized Autobot symbol and gold coloring on either shoulder.

The joints on this toy are still tight, which is important since remolding can sometimes cause the joints to become less than perfect. The only oddity with mine is that he came with two left launchers, so anyone with two right launchers, you know now where your other launcher is.


Speedbreaker is based on his Super Speedbreaker color scheme. In vehicle mode all the parts that were red on the original are now clear plastic. The effect this gives is surprising due to the flame patterns being painted onto the car. With the clear plastic, Speedbreaker looks almost like a car on fire! To their credit, Takara still kept smaller details such as the rear lights painted. Unfortunately, with the clear plastic it is very easy to see the jumble of arms and legs that Speedbreaker has to be in vehicle mode inside the driving area. The vehicle mode still looks great however.

In robot mode, Speedbreaker show much more solid color since he is mostly white, orange and red in this form. His arm shield and missile launcher are clear however. Since there are not too many different parts than the original version, Speedbreaker looks pretty much the same as the original.

Wildride Review

Wildride is probably the most extreme example of many panels that were solid colors being turned clear since he has so many, and is so radically decorated in vehicle mode. With all his red and green designs (along with the text designs), the clear plastic looks almost festive. Another nice side effect of the clear plastic is that the gold engine glistens through the hood piece.

In robot mode, Wildride pretty much looks the same as the original since almost every clear panel is facing backwards or to the side.

This set is really for the hard core collector and/or completist. The clear plastic is dramatic but it does not affect the quality of the toy. Also considering that the super versions of these toys were available as part of RID, the investment may not be worth it to most (up to $175 a set). B+