Beast Wars Neo Stampy Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

Stampy General Information:
Release Date: 1999
Price Point: $15 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: Japanese Exclusive
Accessories: None

Name: Stampy
Beast Mode: Rabbit
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Reconnaissance

Stampy is an extreme coward who frequently frustrates his teammates. For all that, he's quick enough to be cheery.... Yet his Mighty Ears hardly miss a distant sound, and his speed and intelligence-gathering abilities are outstanding. His favorite food is space carrots.

Strength: 4.0 Intelligence: 7.0 Speed: 8.0 Endurance: 4.0
Rank: 7.0 Courage: 4.0 Firepower: 5.0 Skill: 8.0

Stampy is one of the initial releases from Takara's Beast Wars Neo Transformers toy line. One of the interesting selling points of this line is its offering of unconventional beast modes. This time around, Takara offers us a first. Instead of the usual lions, tigers and bears, this time fans get: a Transformers rabbit!

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Stampy is a white, blue and grey rabbit. From the sides, front and above, Stampy very much looks like a real rabbit. Everything from buck teeth to furry patterns in the plastic molding to a cute bunny tail appear on this toy. However, if one looks at the rabbit while it "stands", the robot parts can easily be seen in the "underbelly". This does not get in the way of the toy at all, but it subtracts from the visual appeal of the toy. In rabbit mode, Stampy has ten points of articulation, which include his ears which can move back and forth. A good job in beast mode, but it would have been nice if the robot bits could have been covered up somehow.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
To begin Stampy's transformation, first straighten out his hind legs and fold out his robot feet. Next, swing back the upper back and upper rabbit legs to the back. Next, split apart the halves of his robot head to the sides and snap them into place to form the robot arms. Pull up his head and Stampy is a rabbit ready for battle!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Stampy's color scheme is the same as the rabbit's except the blue is gone, and gold elements appear on his legs, waist, chest, arms and head! His Cybertron "spark crystal" is located on his chest. The detailing on Stampy is great, especially around his lower arms where the rabbit ears become slicing weapons. Note that on the rabbit ears, parts are covered in fur while the rest is metallic, giving a great techno-organic look. This look is also most evident in the legs where metallic looking Transformers "parts" merge into furry "organic" parts. The head design here also deserves mention. Stampy's robot head has long ears on the sides, not too unlike his beast mode, and he has the funniest smirk molded in that makes him look smug and confident.

In robot mode, Stampy has eleven points of articulation. It was very nice to see that his head could turn since it tucks into a hole during transformation. It is good to see Takara made it into two seperate pieces rather than just one solid piece with the head facing front. Stampy's action feature is activated by pushing his bunny tail up and down. This causes his arms to move up and down, as if he were in battle using a "slashing action". A very nice robot mode overall.

Transformation to Weapon Mode:
Stampy's transformation to weapon mode begins with pushing the robot head into its compartment. Next, fold the robot legs over the back of the robot mode so they go over the two rabbit forearms. Next, stretch out the two robot arms to the front. Using the "slashing action" again, Stampy forms a dangerous looking pair of shears! The peg in the middle of Stampy's body can be placed into Longrack's hand to use as a gun.

Stampy has little detracting from it as a cool toy. Aside from the flaws mentioned regarding the beast mode, the toy is a good Transformer overall. Good transformation, fun action feature and good molding all make this a cool toy to have. A

Additional Comments (9/13/15):
Stampy remains of of my favorite "Beast Wars Neo" figures to this day. For those not in the know, I was born in the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac, so anything "rabbit" has an extra bit of meaning to me. Having one of the most prominent characters in this series have a "rabbit mode" is so cute and cool all at the same time. I also love the weapon mode, which adds a "Targetmaster" play pattern.