Beast Wars Neo Sling Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

Name: Sling
Beast Mode: Dimetrodon
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Shock Trooper


Being straight of character, Sling doesn't think too deeply about things. He's evil, but has his dim, naive moments. His right arm becomes a Tail Bunker that pierces through his enemies, while his left becomes the Sling Shield to protect him. He's the gung-ho joe of the Destrons.

Strength: 6.0 Intelligence: 3.0 Speed: 7.0 Endurance: 7.0
Rank: 6.0 Courage: 9.0 Firepower: 4.0 Skill: 7.0

Sling is one of the many Destron offerings in the Beast Wars Neo line. What helps make Sling very exciting is that he utilizes a beast mode that has not been done yet in Beast Wars: a pelycosaur (not dinosaur) Dimetrodon.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Sling is a Dimetrodon. His color scheme is primarily dark green, with lavender designs and some yellow as well. A fairly reptilian scheme, the colors work well together since none of them, even the yellow, are too bright. In beast mode, Sling has six points of articulation, which include the ability to open and close the beast mode mouth. The detailing on the skin is very nice, with a nice wrinkled skin/scaly pattern being used all over. Unfortunately, some robot undercarriage parts can easily be seen, most notably the robot legs. However, the color scheme works well enough that one can easily ignore this drawback and admire the beast mode for the nice work that it is.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin transforming Sling by swinging out his robot body from underneath his beast mode body. Next, move the sail to one side, and lift up the tail/robot arm to the other. Swivel the beast mode head around and tuck it down over the Destron "spark crystal", and fold up the robot head before tucking the beast mode forelegs in the back. Next, rotate his waist and turn the lower legs around and straighten out his feet. Push open the halves of the beast mode sail and slide the tail back and Sling is now transformed!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Sling looks like a formidable opponent. The color scheme from the beast mode carries over except for the robot head where the eyes are red and the majority of his face is silver. Sling's tail forms what looks like a blaster of some sort, and his sail forms a shield, which can double as a "grabbing" instrument if the button in the center is pushed. There is wonderful detail in this toy, especially on the head which is molded to be reminiscent of Sling's beast mode, complete with a mini "sail" on the top of his head.

In robot mode, Sling has twelve points of articulation and none of his parts really get in the way of each other, allowing for some very cool poses. A nice robot mode.

Transformation to Trap Mode:
Sling's trap mode is best started from the beast mode. Basically, like his fellow Destron Guiledart, Sling can "play dead" in beast mode. Spread out the robot legs so that they appear from under his beast mode tail, let the beast mode legs stick out to the sides, and then open up his fin until the sides lock into place. The trap is set, but will any Cybertons fall for it? That's up to you to decide!

Trap Mode:
The trap mode is basically the beast mode with the very bright exception of the trap. The bright yellow and red pattern almost seems to resemble what Sling would look like if he was crushed. The trap here can work in two ways of course. First, by pressing the yellow button in the center, the "jaws" of the trap snap shut and grab enemies. Also, by looking disabled, Sling can trick enemies into coming close before he transforms and pounces them! Either way, a cute "variation" on the beast mode.

Sling is a great attempt at a new beast form with a fairly original transformation. The details of the toy are nicely crafted and the playability level is high. The only drawback is the obvious "undercarriage junk" in beast mode. Overall a nice job for a "basic level" toy. Recommended! A-