Beast Wars Neo Sharp Edge Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

Name: Sharp Edge
Beast Mode: Shark
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Deep Sea Assault

While a bit short on sense, Sharp Edge is the scary type who will charge right in without thinking too deeply once he receives an order. He believes that continuing to fight is proof that you're alive. He has a capacity for incredible speed, and the powerful cutter hidden in his flukes, known as Diamondtail, is his highly deadly ultimate weapon.

Strength: 7.0 Intelligence: 5.0 Speed: 9.0 Endurance: 6.0
Rank: 7.0 Courage: 7.0 Firepower: 7.0 Skill: 6.0

Sharp Edge is a redeco and remold of the original Cybershark toy. The toy has been extensively reworked to be a new character and a new kind of shark. In a versus pack he is packaged with Hardhead, also a repaint and remold of an original Beast Wars toy (Dinobot).

Beast Mode:
It is easy to immediately label Sharp Edge as a swordfish, but he more closely resembles a goblin shark (with some more fierce looking details). His primary color is dark grey but a lot of light blue details run along the body. The underbelly of the shark is an off white color spray painted against the grey. The beast mode eyes are yellow.

The detailing on this toy is nicely done. The snout on the front of the beast mode ehad is designed to look like a saw with two sharp protrusions coming out the sides. The tail fin looks great with nice line details to give the appearance of real fins. Sharp Edge has only two points of articulation, the side fins.

The beast mode is cool looking, and considering the transformation, the lack of articulation is expected. One word of warning: be careful with the side fins. They are on ball joints and can pop out if enough pressure is applied.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Detach the tail section and press the trigger to activate the cutting mechanism. Now press the trigger on the top of the beast mode head to launch the beast mode head piece, catch it and set it aside. Swing back the sides of the main body. Fold down the robot feet which will swing down the chest piece as well. Straighten out the robot feet. The robot arms are visible at this point, move them into position so he can hold each of his weapons. Sharp Edge is now in robot mode.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, three colors join the aforementioned beast mode colors. The insides of the beast mode body and the lower part of the chest piece are red. The robot legs and arms are a combination of light and dark grey. Sharp Edge's detailing is very well done. The robot head is the most obvious mold change from Cybershark. Instead of the original head, this head is more robotic looking, made up of sharp mechanical edges and sleek lines. A fin running from the top of the head to the nose is reminscent of the beast mode. The other obvious remolded parts are the weapons. In the case of the head piece, it works very well as a weapon since it looks like a sword.

In this form, Sharp Edge has fifteen points of articulation. Sharp Edge retains the same action feature as the original Cybershark. Behind his head are two missiles. These two missiles are made from the same mold as Cybershark's missiles. The missiles have little shark teeth, designs and details molded on them, giving them an almost comical appearance. You can raise the launcher on Sharp Edge's chest to insert one of the missiles and then press the trigger to fire the missile.

Overall, Sharp Edge is a great repaint and remold of the original Cybershark toy. If you're into Beast Wars Neo toys or remolds, Sharp Edge is a recommended purchase. A