Beast Wars Neo Mach Kick Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

Name: Mach Kick
Beast Mode: Horse
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Express Courier

Mach-Kick was second-in-command of the Thoroughbred Corps, which has since been destroyed. He has copious battlefield experience and stores of all manner of wisdom. His Elastic Hand attack, which shoots out the horse's head from his arm, is amazingly destructive, while his Tail Tomahawk, a combination axe/whip, can slice an enemy in two.

Strength: 6.0 Intelligence: 10.0 Speed: 5.0 Endurance: 10.0
Rank: 8.0 Courage: 5.0 Firepower: 7.0 Skill: 4.0

Mach Kick is one of the second wave of Beast Wars Neo toys. Like other Neo toys including Break and Longrack, Mach Kick takes on a form that has not been seen previously in the Beast Wars line; that of a horse.

Beast Mode:
Mach Kick's horse mode is a solid piece of work. His main color is a dark grey, which border lines on purple in some light. His mane and hooves are black, and there is a white patch on his beast mode head. Being a horse, there aren't many bumps or ridges on this beast mode. Mach Kick's body is mostly smooth, but on some parts of the legs and neck, veins can be seen protruding slightly. This beast mode is one lean machine!

In beast mode, Mach Kick has eleven points of articulation. Most of these are concentrated in the legs. The front legs have three points of articulation each, the rear legs have four points. This allows Mach Kick to rear up with his front hooves batting off enemies. The great thing about this pose is that the toy can actually stand on its own in this pose without support. Mack Kick also sports imitation "plastic" hair for his tail, adding a great level of realism to this mode.

Mach Kick only reveals small bits of the robot mode in this mode, and generally that requires flipping him over to see them. This is one of the nicest beast modes to come along in quite some time.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Mach Kick's transformation by swinging up the piece covering most of his back and rear. Separate the two rear legs from each other and straighten them out. Now fold down the red piece in the middle of the legs. Fold up the parts of the rear legs with the horse hooves so that the red piece fits into the leg, and then swing down the black and grey piece with the hooves and lower horse legs down again. Now rotate the lower halves of the legs so they face the other way. This completes his robot legs.

Next, separate the two front parts of the horse which make up most of the upper body. Swing the horse head down. Swing the two front halves down and adjust them so they hang to either side of the robot hips. Flip up the robot head and swing the piece with the two front legs to the back. Rotate it and adjust the beast mode legs so the hooves face up. Fold out the arm that is resting against Mack Kick's robot chest and then swing it back so it locks into place. Detach the tail weapon and place it into his hand. Mach Kick's robot mode is ready to go!

Robot Mode:
Mach Kick's robot mode adds a new splash of color in addition to those of the beast mode. His face and body are mostly red, with white and gold detailing. Portions of his face are silver as well. His "Spark Crystal" is located on the side of his left leg. In robot mode, Mach Kick has eleven points of articulation. The left arm has a bit of difficulty moving since it has the horse piece over it, but it can be lifted a bit to help movement. Interestingly enough, his waist is ball jointed. This makes him more poseable, but it also makes this toy easier to break, so be careful.

Mach Kick's primary "gimmick" in robot mode is the horse head arm. Press the last part of the mane and the head springs forward! He also has a small red piece on the beast mode head which can flip out a bit and allow him to grab objects. The only part which could be different are the robot mode feet. Instead of full sized feet, there are just small plastic pieces which keep Mach Kick from falling over. A flat pastic piece would have worked better, however the toy does stand, but one must take a moment to balance it properly. A good robot mode overall.

Transformation to Attack Mode:
Begin the transformation to attack mode by flipping Mach Kick's head back down into its slot. Lift up the horse shoulder piece that is over the left arm. Place the axe weapon back into its place on the horse shoulder piece. Fold up the left arm and set it into its place against Mack Kick's chest. Now swing the piece with both front horse legs on it around. Next, fold down the red robot parts of the legs. Move the horse parts that are on the robot hips up. The attack mode is now complete!

Attack Mode:
The attack mode of Mack Kick is really more an improvisational mode than anything else. All it does is suppor the body so the horse head can be sprung forward to "snap" at enemies. The nice part is that since the horse head rests on a ball joint, it can turn all around. However, that's all there really is to say about this mode.

Overall, this is a fun toy. The beast mode is strong, and the robot mode is nice. The transformation is fairly involved. The color scheme works well and the plastic "hair" adds something fantastic to this toy. Highly recommended. A