Beast Wars Neo Killerpunch Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo


Name: Killerpunch
Beast Mode: Styracosaurus
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Intelligence Officer

The best intelligence gatherer of the Destrons, specializes in laying out all manner of traps based on the information he gains, then lying in wait and launching attacks that outwit his opposition. His Head Punch isn't just an attack; it also has a homing function and lets no information escape its sight, making it feared by friend and foe alike.

Strength: 8.0 Intelligence: 7.0 Speed: 7.0 Endurance: 9.0
Rank: 6.0 Courage: 8.0 Firepower: 6.0 Skill: 7.0

Killerpunch is one of the later additions to the Beast Wars Neo toy line. Like the K-9 toy, Killerpunch is both a retooling and redeco of a previous toy. In this case Killerpunch is based on the Guiledart toy. However, this is no mere redeco, but rather an extensive reworking of the toy.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Killerpunch is a styracosaurus. His primary color is a metallic purple with blue dots detailing the back from the base of the neck down to the end of his tail. Bone white is used for his toes and the horns on his head. The beast mode eyes are yellow. While this is a drawback, it should be acknowledged that some red peeks through from the robot mode parts on the underside of the neck and the rear beast mode legs.

The detail on Killerpunch is strikingly different from Guiledart, thanks in part to the blue patches on his back and the remolded head. These elements work together to make him a distinctive dinosaur. In this mode, Killerpunch has four points of articulation, the legs. This is not too bad considering the most I would expect in terms of articulation is perhaps three more points (the mouth, head and tail).

Gone from this toy is Guiledart's "trap" mode where he can pretend to be a dead dinosaur. Although the legs can still sprawl out to appear like he's fallen flat and his "ribs" can still be exposed, the head mechanism is completely different. Rather than a head where the tongue sticks out and the eyes roll back, Killerpunch's head can be fired like a missile! In the center at the top of his head is a red trigger you can pull back to launch the head.

Killerpunch's beast mode is not quite as "funny" as Guiledart's since it can't play "dead" but having the head firing feature and the nicely done redeco makes up for that easily. Killerpunch has a nice looking beast mode that is fun to play with.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Killerpunch's transformation by removing the head piece (just fire it and catch it). Set that aside and now take off the tip of his tail. You will see that this is really a sword. Set that aside as well. Now take a look at the head. The piece that acted as the trigger can be folded down. Do so and then pull out the robot leg parts of the rear beast mode legs. Disconnect the rear section of the beast mode from the central body. Do the same with the sides. By now, several panels will be apparent. Swing the beast mode head section down and then lift the central body piece up (this is the piece with the "ribs" showing). Fold the halves of the waist together and rotate down the panels that were the sides of the beast mode. Swing the upper body half around so the robot head faces forward. Now take the forward beast mode legs and point them upwards, swinging out the antannae pieces inside so they face up as well. Now reattach the beast mode head piece and place the tail/sword weapon into his left robot hand. Killerpunch is now in robot mode!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Killerpunch retains the color scheme from the beast mode, but red appears as well. Also used for some minor detailing is light blue, silver, black and gold. Although a majority of his appearance does come from the original Guiledart mold, the robot head is completely different. This robot head looks much more like an armor helmet than the "styracosaurus type" robot head of Guiledart's. The sword weapon is also different than Guiledart's. Those who have Guiledart may recall that his tail becomes a missile launcher, Killerpunch appears to be more of a "hands on" warrior.

In this mode, Killerpunch has seventeen points of articulation. This is quite impressive if you consider how stout and compact the robot mode looks overall. Killerpunch may use a sword, but he's not without a firing weapon. The same firing beast mode head trick you used before can be used for this mode. A nice detail is the addition of an another pair of "eyes" once you have launced the head on the arm. This gives the impression that there is still a beast mode head on the arm. The Spark Crystal also looks nice on the mechanical detailing.

The only slight drawbacks to this toy are the two side panels which kind of get in the way of movement. However, this is not too bad since the toy can be put in quite a variety of cool poses.

Killerpunch is a cool redeco and remold of the Guiledart toy. If you're a Beast Wars or Beast Wars Neo fan, I recommend this toy. B+