Beast Wars Neo Hardhead Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

Name: Hardhead
Beast Mode: Pacheycephalosaurus
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Ground Forces Commander

A large bump on Hardhead's cranium makes for a strong skull, but as its interior isn't exactly packed with cerebral circuitry, he's not that intelligent. He's a stubborn type who doesn't listen to what people tell him. His Head Attack, a head-bump-first charge is surprisingly destructive. Hardhead also wields a Pilesaber blade, and is an expert in swordplay.

Strength: 7.0 Intelligence: 4.0 Speed: 8.0 Endurance: 8.0
Rank: 6.0 Courage: 7.0 Firepower: 5.0 Skill: 7.0

Like his predecessors Grimlock and Thrustol, Hardhead is a reuse of the original Dinobot mold. However, this time the mold is not meant to represent a raptor, but rather a pacheycephalosaurus. As a side note, for those who swear they've heard the name Hardhead used in Transformers before, you have. Hardhead was originally the name of one of the Generation One Autobot Headmasters. This is a different character however, and a Destron to boot.

Beast Mode:
In order to rework the toy so that it would look like a different dinosaur species altogether, the entire head/neck piece was reworked. This, coupled with a dramatic new color scheme goes very far in making this toy look different than its predecessors. Hardhead's primary color is purple. Metallic green spots run down his entire body. Other parts such as his arms and claws are light, aqua green. The ramming plate on the top of his head is silver and the inside of his mouth is red with white teeth.

As remoldings go, Hardhead is a reasonably nice one. The main body, arms, legs and tail are the same mold as Dinobot's, however the head and neck piece has been reworked extensively. The silver "ramming plate" on top of his head is the biggest change, and the snout is shorter than Dinobots and comes to a point more at the ends. Inside Hardhead's mouth his tongue has actually been molded in (rather than just painting the inside red to simulate one). On top of all this, a mechanism has been added too. Open his mouth and the ramming plate rises up a bit. Then, if you impact on an enemy, the mouth closes as the plate collapses. Very nice little touch. In beast mode, Hardhead has thirteen points of articulation, mostly focused in the legs.

This remolded beast mode looks great and the colors used are unusual, but work together well.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Hardhead's transformation by separating the tail from the main body. Open up the tail and take out the sword inside. Set the weapons aside for now. Swing up the rounded piece that the tail was connected to on the main body. Now swing down the robot legs (which form the chest of the best mode). Turn the lower legs around and fold out both sides of the robot feet. Swing up the sides of the robot (the parts with the beast mode legs on them) and rotate the beast mode arms back so they are out of sight. Straighten out and rotate the beast mode legs to form the robot arms. Swing down the beast mode head to form the robot chest, and then turn the robot head around. Place the weapons in his hands and Hardhead is in robot mode.

Robot Mode:
Hardhead's robot mode has much of the coloring from the beast mode, but a lot more silver and aqua green is visible. Mechanical details on his leg are colored silver while his robot feet, sword and upper legs are aqua green. Another interesting color thrown into the mix is orange, seen inside his spinning blade weapon. The robot head is purple with a silver face and yellow eyes.

The robot mode shows a couple more mold changes made to this toy. The most obvious is the robot head. Gone is the Dinobot head and "mutant head". Rather, this head is a new sculpt showing a full face with eyes, nose and mouth rather than the eyes and faceplate head of the original Dinobot. Without Dinobot's head, the mutant head halves are not there to be in the way of the head movement and also creates a much more proportioned. The other parts that were significantly altered are the lower legs. Instead of the translucent, bony mold of Dinobot's legs, these legs are more sleek in shape and are half organic and half mechanical. The organic half is purple and the mechanical half is silver.

Hardhead has seventeen points of articulation. Also, for those curious you can use the undocumented feature for storing his weapons (this can also be done with the Dinobot toy). Place the sword inside the tail blade weapon and then flip down the rounded part on his back. Straighten out the double hinge piece. Use the peg on the tail/weapon piece and then attach it to the hole. Now fold up the piece and use the peg on Hardhead's back to connect to the hole on the tail. This is a neat way to store the weapons if you do not want to have Hardhead holding them.

As a redeco and a remold, this toy is very cool. If you can find this for a reasonable price (no more than $25 dollars), and you are a Beast Wars Neo enthusiast, this toy is definitely recommended. However, for those who wish to go with a cheaper option, this toy was repainted and released in America as Dinotron, a member of the Beast Machines sub-line, the Dinobots. The mold is the same, but the colors are very different. However, this will only cost you about $10 at Toys R Us (at least by the writing of this review). A