Beast Wars Neo Guiledart Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

General Information:
Release Date: 1999
Retailer: Japanese Market, Import Shops
Accessories: Tail/Launcher, Missiles x 2


Name: Guiledart
Beast Mode: Triceratops
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Destron Staff Officer

Magmatron's right-hand man, Guiledart is a supporter of reason and can construct various operations as a tactician. The Thunder Horn blast he releases from his horns can heavily damage an enemy, while his tail can become a Tail Shooter, which fires powerful missiles. The ambitious type, he is watching for his chance to advance in the ranks.

Strength: 8.0 Intelligence: 9.0 Speed: 8.0 Endurance: 10.0
Rank: 9.0 Courage: 7.0 Firepower: 6.0 Skill: 9.0

Guiledart measures up as a fairly heavy deluxe sized Beast Wars Neo Transformers toy. He borders on being a mega however, due to some of the nice and interesting features of this toy. Although the Transformers line has had triceratops dinosaurs before, this is the first attempt at a realistic looking triceratops.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Guiledart is a triceratops dinosaur. The beast mode is very solid since so much of the alternate mode is tucked inside the dinosaur body. The color scheme is primarily a dull yellow with a pea soup green finish. His horns and nails are painted brown with a bright orange beak. The detail level on this toy is fantastic. From molding showing Guiledart's beast mode spinal column to bony textures etched into his horns, this toy delivers on details. For the most part, robot mode parts are not visible unless you flip Guiledart over on his back and take a good look. In beast mode, Guiledart has six points of articulation, focused on the beast mode legs.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Guiledart's transformation by removing the triceratops tail and fold down the red handle on the bottom side. Set it aside for now. Next, fold out the robot legs from the hind beast mode legs. Straighten out the feet and the robot legs are formed. Fold out the panels on the sides and pull back the rear rump section from the main body. Fold down the beast mode head and fold up the beast mode's back (where the rib/flesh detail is). Twist around the upper body and push the two halves of Guiledart's waist together. Fold the rear rump section up in the back and move the triceratops flank panels down. The two panels do connect using the small tabs on each. Swing the arms down and place Guiledart's gun in his left hand fist. If you wish, you can take a missile from his left arm storage component and place it into the gun. Place the gun in his hand. Finally, raise up the triceratops feet towards the air and fold out the two red antannae in them and he's ready to rumble!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, what Guiledart lacks in height he makes up for in sheer bulk! Between having triceratops parts in this mode, Guiledart's robot parts are also big! In robot mode, Guiledart has the same colors as the beast mode and more. A majority of his robot parts are gunmetal grey with light silver parts and touches of red. A bit of brown comes from a "gun belt" type design going across his chest. The gunmetal color really works well, adding a very robotic element to a very organic looking robot mode.

Guiledart continues the Beast Wars Neo theme of carrying over elements of the beast mode in the robot parts. This is most noticable in the head design, where the forehead sweeps upwards into a horn shaped design, and panels on the side of his head sweeping back are reminscent of the armor plating triceratops has on its head.

In robot mode, Guiledart has forteen points of articulation. The only slight drawback to this toy is that the transformation complexity manages to hinder movement of the left arm a bit. When you try to have Guiledart aim his gun, it will point forward, but it's a chore to get it into that position at times. Overall however, Guiledart has a strong robot mode.

Transformation to "Trap Mode":
Guiledart's transformation to "Trap Mode" is best done beginning with the beast mode. There is not that much to do really, but the mode's results are a bit comedic and gruesome all at once. First, press the horn connected to his beast mode nose and the tongue will stick out and his eyes will roll back. Then simply open up the panels on either side of his body to show his bones and rib meat and lean him to the side.

"Trap" Mode:
The result of this bizarre transformation is one dead looking dinosaur. However, as soon as enemies get close enough, he can transform and crush'em! The rolling back of the eyes and the tongue moving out is funny, but at the same time it shows a lot of attention to detail to make such a mechanism work properly. It was a good idea to make the panels on either side of the body open up, it gives a consistancy to the toy that doesn't leave fans wondering "How come one side but not the other?". This "mode" can also be used as "battle damage", a feature all to often not employed in toys.

Guiledart is a toy which offers up fun mechanisms, a complex transformation and a great potential for fun. Highly recommended. A