Beast Wars Neo Elephorca Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

General Information:
Release Date: 1999
Price Point: $30 (depending on import retailer)
Retailer: Japanese Exclusive
Accessories: Water Blaster


Name: Sling
Beast Mode: Dimetrodon
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Shock Trooper

Possesses the form of an orca whale and an elephant fused together. Takes pride in his enormous tusks. When he becomes angry, a powerful acidic liquid secretes from his body. Can penetrate any type of material with his Killer Tusks; shoots a liquid from his Killer Shooter that liquefies any material on contact.

Strength: 10.0 Intelligence: 9.0 Speed: 8.0 Endurance: 10.0
Rank: 9.0 Courage: 10.0 Firepower: 10.0 Skill: 9.0

Much of the "Beast Wars Neo" line was made up of brand new sculpts. However, some figures from previous years of "Beast Wars" were carried over into the line with new colors and identities. One of these was Torca, the Fuzor Maximal. In "Beast Wars Neo", the toy was given a new deco and became a "Blendtron" named "Elephorca". The Blendtrons were servants of Unicron, so the unusual appearance of the Fuzors was perfect to serve as "monsters" in the series. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release. For a more detailed look at the sculpt, check out Torca's review.

Beast Mode:
Rather than being an alien creature of some sort as you'd expect, Elephorca remains a fusion of an orca whale and elephant. Thanks to that the top portion of the figure is mostly dark blue plastic on top and light blue plastic on the bottom elephant parts. His tusks are cast in off-white plastic, retaining their bone-like appearance.

The colors used for the figure are red, silver, gold, purple, white and blue. If you're thinking that's a lot of colors you're right. Not many figures nowadays use so many different colors especially when a couple are just used for small details. For instance, the red is used for the eyes and the gums but purple is only used on the tongue. There are some really nicely done spray ops in blue on his front arms and gold on the fin. White is used on the claws on each leg to match up with the tusks.

Overall this color scheme feels a lot less like it's trying to be realistic than Torca (though to be fair, Torca was rather stylized in terms of colors as well). The gold and purple really send him over the top and I am very impressed how many different colors went into this figure. Despite some of the brighter colors, the figure still looks super threatening with its huge tusks and toothy mouth wide open!

All the joints on Elephorca are nice and tight, and that's not much of a surprise since this sculpt had only been used twice in the "Beast" era.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
The killer whale back section detaches to form his hand held weapon. His beast mode head splits apart, and his elephant sides fold back. His robot legs are formed by folding down his rear beast mode legs and swinging out the back foot supports under his rear beast mode feet. The front beast mode legs twist to form his robot arms. The lower part of the beast mode jaw lowers down on the robot chest, revealing his robot head. The dorsal weapon fits in either hand.

Robot Mode:
The various colors seen in beast mode appear in this form as well, but they are a lot less segmented than the beast mode. Instead, they work together quite a bit. Most of the robot is light blue, but the dark blue and off-white plastic is distributed throughout the figure. the paint colors add to this, with the red/gold/purple combination from the lower jaw giving his chest a particularly dramatic appearance. His head is painted red silver outlines around the orange eyes. He looks like he is literally "burning" with fury which sounds about right for a servant of Unicron.

Elephorca's beast mode joints all wind up being used in this form so everything remains nice and tight. Also his feet are big so that allows for good stability. The weapon gimmick works okay on my figure, but it's been so long since I first got the figure I couldn't tell you if it's any better or worse than when I first bought the figure.

Final Thoughts:
Elephorca is an interesting and cool redeco of a figure I already had an affection for. It's very wacky and really embraces the whole Fuzor/Blendtron concept. It was also cool to see how nicely the figure has held up over the years (though I admit, he's been in box in my toy closet for about seven years or so). Like many "Beast Wars" figures however, he's not for everyone. Let the pictures be your guide as he is much more of a "strange scifi creature" as opposed to your typical car or jet fighter other Transformers become.