Beast Wars Neo Dead End Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

General Information:
Release Date: 1999
Retailer: Japanese Market, Import Shops
Accessories: Tentacles/Weapon


Name: Dead End
Beast Mode: Ammonite
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Demolitions

Dead End is a model soldier who loves battle. Being cool and solitary of temperament, he doesn't care for joint operations. His cruelty is such that he can bring his enemy to a halt with the Spiral Bomb attack, which launches the shell off his right shoulder, then smile as he delivers the final blow with his Dead Gun.

Strength: 5.0 Intelligence: 8.0 Speed: 9.0 Endurance: 8.0
Rank: 7.0 Courage: 8.0 Firepower: 5.0 Skill: 6.0

Dead End is one of Magmatron's powerful Destron troops in the Beast Wars Neo Transformers series. Running with the theme of fossilized and extinct species, Dead End is another beast mode first from the Beast Wars Neo line: an ammonite.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Dead End's ammonite form gives off the sense of being new and sleek with its color scheme, but also gives off a sense of something ancient by utilizing a form as interesting as an ammonite. The majority of Dead End's beast mode is an off white, with bright orange lines, green eyes, gold teeth and purple tentacles. A really nice touch on this toy is the molding of cracked holes on both sides of the ammonite shell, giving off the feel that this shell is battle damaged and old. There really are no points of articulation for this beast mode, but a button sticking out of the shell can be pushed down to fire off the right side of the shell in a "Spiral Bomb" attack. The detailing is nice in this mode, especially on and around the tentacles where lethal looking teeth and a pair of creepy looking eyes reside.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Dead End's transformation by removing the two halves of the shell, and the gun (underneath the tentacles on the beast mode head). Next, fold the robot mode legs down and straighten them out. Then fold both arms out so they are in proper position to the sides. Fold the rectangular parts on the top of the beast mode down and outwards. Now fold the beast mode head piece up and over the main body, forming the chest and robot head. Finally, re-attach the shell halves and place his weapon in his hand and this ammonite is all set to fight!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Dead End carries over the transition from beast mode to robot mode well by continuing the trend of Beast Wars Neo toys to have their robot modes hark back to their beast modes. Dead End's color scheme remains intact here, but more purple is used with hints of gold. Dead End's robot head looks almost like a mini-ammonite head in itself, complete with tentacle like detailing. The white parts on his robot mode lower arms and lower legs appear to "crack open" to reveal robot parts, all painted in gold. This consistancy from one mode to the other is very nice to see.

As a robot, Dead End has thirteen points of articulation. In this mode, he can also use his "Spiral Bomb" attack, launching his right side shell half at enemies. This feature is activated by pushing the purple switch located above his "spark crystal". A cool, and fairly threatening looking robot mode.

Dead End works very well in both beast mode and robot mode, and the transition from one mode to the other is visually pleasing with great play value. Recommended. A