Beast Wars Neo Crazybolt Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

General Information:
Release Date: 1999
Retailer: Japanese Market, Import Shops
Accessories: Tail/Weapon


Name: Crazybolt
Beast Mode: Lizard
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Independent Infiltrator

Crazybolt is slow and sometimes seems low on strength, but is the Destron's fastest escape artist. When danger approaches, he spreads his frill and heads for the hills. His tail rifle is powerful enough to blast through even the hull of a mighty spaceship. He also tends to prattle and has a swindler's disposition.

Strength: 4.0 Intelligence: 7.0 Speed: 7.0 Endurance: 6.0
Rank: 6.0 Courage: 6.0 Firepower: 7.0 Skill: 6.0

Crazybolt is a repaint and re-release of the first year Beast Wars toy, Iguanus. This review will cover the changes made to this toy. For a more detailed review of the toy itself, please read Iguanus' review.

Beast Mode:
Crazybolt is mostly brown in beast mode. Gold is used for the front of his frill and the pattern that runs along the top of the beast mode head and back to tail. The beast mode eyes are green and the upper part of the forward arms are red. Open up Crazybolt's mouth and you'll see his tongue which is colored pink. The center of his back has some red due to the plastic piece which connects the spring loaded mechanism to the body. Since this toy was a repaint, it would have been nice to see some more paint details used. Specifically, the claws and teeth could have been painted another color instead of staying the main color of brown.

Robot Mode:
Crazybolt is still mostly brown in robot mode. Some additional colors do come into play. His upper legs and upper arms are red. The robot hands are silver and the robot head has silver and green. Like the beast mode, there are some missed opportunities to repaint this toy. With the original Iguanus toy, the mechanical details of the legs were left a plain color. The same was done with this toy, and that is unfortunate. The details would stand out a lot more if they were painted a metallic color.

Crazybolt is not the best repaint of the Iguanus toy. In some ways, the original had better colors. If Takara had taken the opportunity to use more colors to add visual appeal to the toy it would be more worth the purchase. B-