Beast Wars Neo Cohrada Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

Cohrada represents one of the more experimental Transformers to be released over the course of the Beast Wars era. Why? Because his beast mode is rather unconventional - a snake. To be fair, he is not a typical snake that is completely tubular. Rather, he is a cobra, allowing slightly more bulk to the beast mode, allowing for greater possibilities in transformation schemes. Still, it is nice to see something most people wouldn't expect being turned into a Transformer.

Beast Mode:
Cohrada's beast mode is mostly dark blue, but many other colors blend with this blue. On his tail, the dark blue fades into a lighter blue which in turn becomes a metallic blue. On the underside of the tail he is grey. The edges of his hood are silver and details on his head and body are gold. The hood itself has two designs on the other side colored red and yellow.

In this mode, Cohrada has fifteen points of articulation. Most of this is focused on the tail, of course. However, his beast mode mouth can open and close. The detail on Cohrada is well done. His stare looks mesmerizing and the appropriate cross hatch patterns and segmented designs are present.

There is only so much playability to a snake toy of any sort. Aside from his posability, Cohrada can also spew "venom". Inside his mouth is a bladder which can be filled with water. You can then life the panel on the top of his head and push the bladder to spray Cohrada's "venom" at his enemies. With this cool action feature and a very nicely made mode, Cohrada has one cool beast mode.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Flip open the panel on the top of the best mode head. Lift the beast mode head upwards. Flip the robot arm with the bladder attached to the side. Swing out the sides of the snake body out. Move the robot head through the panel opening you had flipped open earlier. Rotate the main section that the legs are attached to around. The tail of the snake becomes Cohrada's right arm. Fold down the snake face so it becomes the robot chest. Straighten out the legs and flip up the feet and Cohrada is now in robot mode!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Cohrada carries over all his colors from the robot mode. The robot head is a mix of silver and gold with green eyes. The robot waist is gold and the legs are metallic blue and silver. On his left upper arm is the red Spark crystal.

Cohrada's robot mode has a very interesting design. Although on one level it looks as if they just fit the beast mode parts at random (or wherever they could), the look of the robot mode is actually very cool. The back of the beast mode and the beast mode parts fit over the shoulders and chest resemble a cloak. His robot head is designed to look like an ancient helmet.

In robot mode, Cohrada has twenty one points of articulation. Keep in mind that twelve points of this articulation is on the right arm (the snake tail). The bladder mechanism can be used in this form (and is in fact easier to use in this form).

Setting the precedent for being the first snake Transformer already wins Cohrada some kudos points. However, he is actually done well too. The sculpt is excellent and he's fun to play with. Highly recommended. A+