Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

Name: Big Convoy
Beast Mode: Wooly Mammoth
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Cybertron Supreme Commander

Big Convoy

Big Convoy, the Convoy warrior known as the one man army, is astoundingly powerful, but prefers being alone, heading onto battlefields by himself. He weilds a Big Cannon, which can blitz enemies with a single shot. On orders from Vector Sigma, Big Convoy has been appointed as an instructor to a group of young warriors.

Strength: 10.0 Intelligence: 10.0 Speed: 9.0 Endurance: 10.0
Rank: 10.0 Courage: 10.0 Firepower: 10.0 Skill: 10.0

Big Convoy is the leader of the Cybertrons in Beast Wars Neo. This toy is fairly ambitious, building upon toy design lessons learned from the past three years worth of Beast Wars Transformers and Beast Wars II toys. The result is a fun toy that is well crafted!

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Big Convoy is a wooly mammoth. His primary color scheme is dark brown and light brown. His beast mode eyes are green and his tusks are ivory white. The detailing on this toy is fantastic. Besides the requisite fur mold, the tusks are nicely curved with lots of grooves and scratches molded in to give them a "worn" look.

Unfortunately, Big Convoy does not really have any articulation in this mode. The necessity of using much of the woolly mammoth "fur" detail and parts on the body prohibits any real movement. However, a couple of nice action features were incorporated into this mode to make up for it.

  • Tusk movement: Push the woolly mammoth ears back and Big Convoy's tusks move upwards, as if he were going to fight off an enemy. This helps give the mammoth somewhat more of an offensive attack in this mode other than just standing there.
  • Trunk movement: A switch on top of the woolly mammoth head (blended into the head fairly well) can be pulled back to move Big Convoy's trunk up. This effect is very nice and adds a great level of realism to this mode.

Transformation to Beast Attack Mode:
Big Convoy is not without his surprises in beast mode however! Simply lift up his tail and rear cover, slide out the two panels which make up most of his beast mode back and lift up the trunk. Next, twist the entire trunk to tail piece around. Fold up a few panels and move the piece down to lock the cannon into place. Two round panels can be pulled out a bit to reveal his crescent missile launchers. Big Convoy is now in beast attack mode!

Mammoth Attack Mode:
In Attack Mode, Big Convoy is one powerful mammoth! By rotating the gold circle on the missile launcher, the missiles launch. On his sides, pressing the dark brown strips launch his crescent missiles. Be careful when holding this toy in this mode. The crescent missile launchers can be very sensitive and you may send your crescent missiles flying across the room to parts unknown. This mode really has no poseability, but one can still pull his ears back to raise his tusks.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Big Convoy's transformation by raising his tail and rear end panel. Next, split up the halves of his back, then lift the entire piece up. Raise the trunk and forehead and detach the resulting piece. Near the forehead piece, you will notice a white peg, fold it down and set this aside for now. Next, fold down the lower robot body. Move the crescent missile launcher panels outwards. Next, straighten out the robot legs and fold up the mammoth legs on them so they fit nicely in the back. Fold out Big Convoy's feet and then twist the waist around. Fold out the arms and straighten them out, making sure the silver shoulder pieces are facing side to side. Fold the silver horns on the head to the side. The resulting halves of the mammoth head can either be folded down or up, depending on your taste. Place the cannon you formed originally into his hand and Big Convoy is ready to battle the Destrons!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Big Convoy is easily recognizable as a Convoy type robot. His face has the same crest on the forehead, horns to the sides and faceplate that previous Convoys have had. His color scheme is mostly like that of a Convoy as well being primarily red, silver, blue and white. The brown on him is mostly from the mammoth parts. Big Convoy's eyes are metalized gold and his left arm is molded in translucent red with silver detailing. Big Convoy has a Spark Crystal like other Beast Wars Neo toys, but it is actually inverted on his chest, which has translucent red plastic as well.

As a robot, Big Convoy has sixteen points of articulation including wrist and foot articulation. The waist articulation is very tight, so be careful. One interesting point of articulation is Big Convoy's feet, which are actually split up into two halves, each on a ball joint. Very nicely done. The detailing on this toy is excellent, with an abundance of machine like qualities from tubes, to screws, lights, vents and pistons.

This version of a "Convoy" is perhaps one of the most heavily armed of all. The two shoulder pads (really the halves of the mammoth head) fold up to reveal missile banks. On his hips, Big Convoy has gatling guns. The undersides of the mammoth feet seem to indicate boosters while under his lower arms are hand held tonfa weapons. Add to that his Big Cannon and crescent missiles, and Big Convoy is armed to the teeth!

One of the nicest features on this toy is a feature that Transformers fans have wanted in a Transformers toy for well over ten years. Fold down Big Convoy's chest plate and inside is a Matrix! Styled after the original Matrix of Leadership first shown in Transformers: The Movie, this new Matrix is a gold ball with handles on each side. The middle of the Matrix has a translucent red plastic ball, giving it a very nice appearance. Big Convoy can hold this Matrix in his hands to strike some very neat poses.

Overall, Big Convoy is a load of fun, and kids with lots of imagination to spare will enjoy hours of adventure with this heavily armed Cybertron leader. The Matrix just adds the final perfect touch to an awesome toy. A+

Updated Thoughts (July 13, 2019):
Many years and redecos later and I still have a very deep affection for this figure. I remember being so incredibly excited at finally having a "Convoy" that could remove its Matrix from its chest and hold it. Even to this day most Prime figures that come with a Matrix cannot actually hold the Matrix in their hands the way this one can. Sure the beast mode is a brick, but taken as a whole this figure has a level of creativity and play value that rivals many figures being released at retail today!