Beast Wars Neo Bazooka Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

Name: Bazooka
Beast Mode: Anklosaurus
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Fortress Guard

A rarity among Destrons, Bazooka is serious and single-minded, a rustic samurai type who will not renege on anything he's said. Even Magmatron trusts him for this. Using the hammerlike lump attached to the end of his tail, Bazooka smashes open enemy head modules with his Gigaton Stamp.

Strength: 7.0 Intelligence: 5.0 Speed: 3.0 Endurance: 9.0
Rank: 6.0 Courage: 6.0 Firepower: 5.0 Skill: 6.0

Bazooka is one of the second wave of toys in the Beast Wars Neo line. This Destron has a beast form which fans have hoped for since the original five Dinobots were released: an anklosaurus.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Bazooka is an orange, green, grey and white anklosaurus. The orange is the most prevelant color. His legs are grey and his tail barb white. The spikes all over his beast form are colored green. Instead of being posed in the very standard "staring straight ahead" pose, this toy is molded so that it looks as if the anklosaurus is turning a bit to face something or someone. This gives the body a slight curvature, most noticable in the head. This also affects the way the beast mode legs were molded. Each leg is in a slightly different position, giving more indication that the great beast is moving around.

In beast mode, Bazooka has six points of articulation. This includes the tail, which can be lifted up, and at the touch of a small grey switch on the toy's back, be slammed down on an enemy! Pulling the small switch on his head causes the mouth to open, however, the same mechanism does not close the mouth. You have to do that manually. The detail on this toy is well done. Although the bright orange color can obscure it slightly, thre are actually a lot of bumps and ridges along the back, tail and head of the beast mode.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Flipping Bazooka over onto his back reveals most of what you need to know to transform this Destron warrior. First, pull out the waist area from the shell. Then split the orange shell in half. Next, fold the beast mode head down, and then the right side hind leg. Now twist and fold down the robot legs. Flip the small foot pieces out. Fold the shell half with the tail attached to the right side of the body, then swing up the robot head. Fold the other half shell to the back of the figure. Swing out the fist on his right arm and detach the axe/gun from underneath the tail and fit it into his hand either as a gun or an axe weapon. Be sure to use the tail of the beast mode to support the robot mode. It is difficult to keep the robot standing otherwise.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Bazooka's beast mode colors are still very prominant, but more dark grey can be seen on his upper legs, arms and main body. The detailing in this mode is very suggestive of his beast mode. On his head, chest and upper legs are spikes. Much of the detailing on the dark grey parts of his body are rough and scaly. His "Spark Crystal" is in the center of his waist area.

In all, Bazooka has thirteen points of articulation. Aside from the large shell piece on the right hand side, this robot mode is well proportioned. Having the weapon able to act as an axe or gun was a great touch, and shows that sometimes it's the smallest touches which add a lot to a toy. Bazooka is a fun toy and a treat despite being a "regular sized" Beast Wars toy. Highly recommended. A