Bot Shots Stunticons 5-Pack Toy Review

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Bot Shots

General Information:
Release Date: December 2012
fPrice Point: $21.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


*Images with asterisks and text below in italics are from the Official Transformers web site:
Crash and bash your way to victory in the TRANSFORMERS BOT SHOTS Battle Game! This STUNTICONS pack has 5 BOT SHOTS vehicles that serve the DECEPTICON cause however they can. Will your MOTORBREATH vehicle convert to robot mode and make you the winner? Or will you send your DECEPTICON DRAGSTRIP or BREAKDOWN vehicles into the fray? Practice with your own vehicles, then take on your friends. Crash and bash your way to BOT SHOTS victory!

STUNTICONS Pack includes 5 Series 2 BOT SHOTS vehicles! Includes MOTORBREATH, DEAD END, DECEPTICON DRAGSTRIP, BRAKE-NECK and BREAKDOWN vehicles. Choose a power for one of these vehicles, then crash into battle with another. Two ways to win when you crash your vehicles together! If your vehicle converts to robot mode when your opponent’s doesn’t, you’re the winner! If both of your vehicles convert, the vehicle with the highest power wins! Blaster beats Fist, Fist beats Sword and Sword beats Blaster. If neither vehicle converts, crash them all over again!

Includes 5 vehicles and instructions.

Series 2 DEAD END T007
Series 2 BRAKE-NECK T009
Series 2 BREAKDOWN T010

Ages 5 and up.

Bot Shots are a game based expression of the Transformers brand that focuses on interactive game play between figures. Previous attempts at this such as "Attacktix" had relied on missile firing mechanisms and point systems as the primary elements of the gaming system. Bot Shots are much more action oriented and factor the transformation of the toy into the play pattern (which Attacktix did not).

In general, all Bot Shots figures have a vehicle mode and robot mode. The transformation is triggered by "bashing" the front of the vehicle into another Bash Bot (or a wall, book...any solid surface really) causing a spring loaded feature to activate and transform the figure. This generally means revealing the robot head, arms angled out to the sides and feet along with robot mode details.

The key to the game system is a three sided hinged mechanism built into the chest. On each side is a sticker with one of three icons: a fist, a sword and a blaster - each representing a different type of combat. Presumably without your opponent seeing your selection, you turn the panel on the chest and then crash the two Bot Shots together and when the robot mode is revealed each player will know what "weapon" the other chose. The way the game works:

  • Blaster beats fist
  • Fist beats sword
  • Sword beats blaster

In the case of two Bot Shots getting the same icon each icon has a number on it indicating that character's level of that skill. Whoever has the higher number wins. It's a simple and fun system clearly developed for kids who enjoy a game element to their action figures (such as lines like Bakugan).

As part of the expansion of the Bot Shots toy line, Hasbro took several of their molds from the 2012 line and gave them new decos as new characters. One of these sets featured five molds given new decos as the Stunticons. Based on the Generation One Combiner Decepticon team of the same name, each of these figures has a modern day version of one of the Stunticons from Generation One. Each review below will focus on the changes made to the individual figure for this release. If you want to check out the original reviews I wrote for each, follow the links in this list:

The reviews listed below are in order of the character's designations on the packaging: Motorbreath (T006), Dead End (T007), Decepticon Dragstrip (T008), Brake-Neck (T009) and Breakdown (T010).

Motorbreath Review


Robot Mode:
"Motorbreath" is the modern name (due to trademark reasons) for the character known as "Motormaster" in Generation One. The designers chose the Megatron figure from 2012 with a truck mode as the base figure. This makes perfect sense since Motormaster was a truck in vehicle mode and this was the only "evil" truck sculpt available. No sculpt changes have been made. Instead, the figure has now been given a new base plastic color: translucent purple. Though not labeled so, this translucent plastic and the high "Fist" score noted below would seem to indicate Motorbreath is a "Super Bot". This makes even more sense if you consider he is the leader of the team. He shows some black plastic in the form of his wheels and the "helmet" section of his head is painted black. His face is painted silver with yellow eyes, colors borrowed from his G1 counterpart.

Motorbreath's scores break down as follows:

  • Blaster: 170
  • Fist: 930
  • Sword: 520

The "930" score is high and further cements Motorbreath as a "Super Bot". I'm also glad to see a relatively high "Sword" score while the lower "Blaster" score balances out the figures' power.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:
Push the arms together and fold the front of the vehicle forward. Then push the feet up to lock the figure into place. The spring on this figure works just fine without a problem after several "test" transformations.

Vehicle Mode:
Motorbreath is all translucent purple with four black wheels in this form. The central wheel on either side isn't painted but is very easy to see. The purple is quite beautiful and looks great. He also serves as a really nice contrast against the other Stunticons.

Dead End Review


Robot Mode:
In the Generation One series, the Decepticon known as "Dead End" was not the happiest camper around. This makes the selection of the Leadfoot sculpt appropriate as the design of the character's face has a rather glum look on it. You could interpret this as gritty determination or general grumpiness. the latter works perfectly for Dead end. Dead End's primary plastic color is a dark red, similar to the original G1 character. His head/torso panel is grey. The deco pattern on this figure differs a bit from Leadfoot's. The lower legs aren't painted, the thighs are (in black) and the chest panel isn't painted, but it really doesn't need it since the color is already differentiated from the rest of the figure. The eyes are painted yellow and his face is red. These colors are also inspired by his G1 counterpart. Overall the homage is very clear and looks great.

Dead End's scores are as follows:

  • Blaster: 685
  • Fist: 270
  • Sword: 665

Dead End was never known for being a great fighter or carrying tons of firepower, so the numbers are really quite impressive, especially for the Blaster and Sword ratings, both of which are higher than many figures in the line.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:
Push the arms to against the main body and swing the front of the vehicle forward. Then swing up the feet. The transformation is stable without any problems after multiple test transformations.

Vehicle Mode:
Dead End's vehicle form borrows its colors from his G1 counterpart, just like the robot mode. Here he is mostly dark red in color with none of the weapons painted. The shame about that is they get a bit lost in the mix since there's no color to contrast against them (Leadfoot had unpainted weapons, but they were against parts that were painted red helping them stand out). He does however feature a black strip on the spoiler and front end of the vehicle, adding to the color diversity on the figure. His wheels are cast in grey instead of the typical black color. While not the most distinctive looking vehicle, he does pay proper homage to G1 Dead End.

Decepticon Dragstrip Review


Robot Mode:
"Decepticon Dragstrip" was known simply as "Drag Strip" in the Generation One series. He was one of the more brightly colored members of the team and the same can be said this time around. The main plastic color on this figure is yellow, differentiating him from the darker tones of Motorbreath or Dead End. Paint colors include purple on the "helmet" portion of his head, and dark metallic blue o his face. The eyes have been left unpainted, making them yellow and matching the package art of G1 Drag Strip's action figure. The thighs are painted black while he has red lines on his arms. This differs a bit from Jazz's deco, w hich painted most of the legs and face. The deco looks good with the purple helmet section being the most distinctive feature, contrasting nicely with the yellow plastic.

Dragstrip's scores break down as follows:

  • Blaster: 880
  • Fist: 245
  • Sword: 495

The "Blaster" score is quite impressive, almost reaching "Super Bot" levels. Given how high it is, I was surprised the Sword and Fist ratings were as high as they are. This is a good figure to have in the game!

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Push the arms to against the main body and swing the front of the vehicle forward. Then swing up the feet. The transformation is stable without any problems after multiple test transformations.

Vehicle Mode:
With his vehicle mode mostly being yellow, Dragstrip almost looks like another Bumblebee variant. However, there are red stripes on the doors and along the length of the spoiler that help differentitate him from the Autobot. These designs are inspired by red stripes found on G1 Drag Strip. The windows are painted metallic blue which has the unfortunate effect of making him still look like Bumblebee. A simple silver color may have done the trick since G1 Drag Strip had that color in vehicle mode. This is probably one of the less successful of the Stunticon redecos.

Brake-Neck Review


Robot Mode:
Brake-Neck is a redeco of Topspin. In the G1 era his name would have been "Wildrider", but he's been assigned this name due to trademark issues. There were no sculpt changes between the release of Topspin and this figure. The colors are completely different however. Based on G1 Wildrider's colors, his primary plastic color is dark grey. He uses a similar deco pattern to Topspin with his arms, eyes and face painted. Unlike Topspin, his entire torso panel is painted (instead of just the chest panels on Topspin). The eyes are painted yellow with the face and arms done in red. His torso panel is painted silver. The red face and arms along with his silver torso panel are all colors right out of his Generation One incarnation. The rest of the robot mode is unpainted.

The only slight defect in the toy involves its right robot arm. It doesn't angle out to the side as wide as it should. It's not a huge deal and doesn't affect the functionality of the overall figure, but it is noticable.

Brake-Neck's numbers break down as follows:

  • Blaster: 655
  • Fist: 345
  • Sword: 610

The numbers are pretty nicely distributed. His "Fist" rating is relatively low, but the others make him a formidable game piece.

Vehicle Mode:
Brake-Neck's primary color is a dark grey with lighter grey wheels offering some color contrast. His windows are painted red. Even though it's not a bright shade, it looks very bright contrasted against the the rest of the figure. The front end's engine pieces are painted silver. It's a good homage and quite distinctive from the previous iteration of this sculpt.

Breakdown Review


Robot Mode:
Breakdown is one of the members of this team that has carried over the name of his G1 counterpart. This name has actually been used for other characters in recent time, but usually with the spelling "Brakedown". He has the brightest colors of the team, with his base color being white plastic. In contrast, he has blue paint on his "helmet", arms and legs. His face is painted red with yellow eyes. The colors work perfectly as a homage to G1 Breakdown, who had all these key colors. I also like the way his colors differentiate him from the rest of the group, making him unique.

Breakdown's points break down as follows:

  • Blaster: 570
  • Fist: 685
  • Sword: 355

His numbers are a bit less impressive than those on some of his fellow Stunticons. However he stil makes a formidable foe with his Fist and Blaster ratings.

Vehicle Mode:
Like his robot mode, Breakdown's vehicle form does a great job of distinguishing itself visually. Most of the vehicle is white plastic, with the spoiler section painted dark blue and the front end painted red. Black paint is used on his windows and a bit of the section at the base of his rear thruster. I think he looks great and serves as a great homage to G1 Breakdown.

Final Thoughts:
Given that every single sculpt in this set has been released previously and no sculpt changes were made, it's hard to recommend this set whole heartedly to someone who already owns the previous iterations of each sculpt. Still, I appreciate the attempt to use decos that pay homage to the original Stunticons and the five pack does look rather striking on its own. This set is recommended for those looking to bolster their Bot Shots collection or completists. However for a casual collector this is probably not the set for you.