Bot Shots Megatron Launcher Toy Review

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Bot Shots

General Information:
Release Date: March 2012
fPrice Point: $7.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


*Images above with asterisks and text below in italics are from Official Transformers web site:
Get the edge in the BOT SHOTS Battle Game with this powerful MEGATRON Launcher! Choose your MEGATRON vehicle’s Sword, Battle or Fist power and face off against an opponent (other vehicles sold separately). With the push of a button, your MEGATRON vehicle’s trailer converts to a launcher that helps you roll into battle with extra force! Beat your opponent when your vehicle converts to robot mode while the other vehicle stays in vehicle mode. Use your launcher to win the next collision, then do it all over again! If you both convert, the vehicle with the stronger power is the victor: Blaster beats Fist, Fist beats Sword and Sword beats Blaster! May the strongest BOT SHOT vehicle win!

Launcher comes with vehicle. Series 1 BL002 MEGATRON Ages 5 and up.

MegatronBot Shots are a game based expression of the Transformers brand that focuses on interactive game play between figures. Previous attempts at this such as "Attacktix" had relied on missile firing mechanisms and point systems as the primary elements of the gaming system. Bot Shots are much more action oriented and factor the transformation of the toy into the play pattern (which Attacktix did not).

In general, all Bot Shots figures have a vehicle mode and robot mode. The transformation is triggered by "bashing" the front of the vehicle into another Bash Bot (or a wall, book...any solid surface really) causing a spring loaded feature to activate and transform the figure. This generally means revealing the robot head, arms angled out to the sides and feet along with robot mode details.

The key to the game system is a three sided hinged mechanism built into the chest. On each side is a sticker with one of three icons: a fist, a sword and a blaster - each representing a different type of combat. Presumably without your opponent seeing your selection, you turn the panel on the chest and then crash the two Bot Shots together and when the robot mode is revealed each player will know what "weapon" the other chose. The way the game works:

  • Blaster beats fist
  • Fist beats sword
  • Sword beats blaster

In the case of two Bot Shots getting the same icon each icon has a number on it indicating that character's level of that skill. Whoever has the higher number wins. It's a simple and fun system clearly developed for kids who enjoy a game element to their action figures (such as lines like Bakugan).

Megatron Review

Robot Mode:
Nowadays it's rare to have a Transformers toy line without Megatron's presence being felt somewhere, and in the case of Bot Shots his first appearance is with a trailer/launcher station. Megatron himself however is a standard Bot Shots sized figure that attaches to the separate trailer piece. `Unlike most of the Bot Shots who have forms that directly tie to their counterparts in some other line, Megatron's design is more like a design inspired by his live action movie appearances without being slavish to any of its design aspects. He does have some design influences from the movies to be sure. this includes a helmet with a very sharply defined "Y" shape to allow his face to show through. His helmet is very stylized, with hints of the Decepticon symbol on it including an arrow shaped design on the central crest. His chest design has several angled and pointed armor panels sculpted into it that resemble the design of the torso of Megatron from the movies. He also has a super pronounced chin piece, which is reminscent of the movie as well.

Where Megatron differs from his onscreen counterparts are the arms and legs. His arms have his alternate mode tank treads on them and he has regular looking fists/fingers instead of the thin, claw like fingers of Megatron from the movies. His legs end in regular "flat" Bot Shots styled feet as opposed to the clawed/toe style feet seen in the movies. It's a nice design and I dig having some original designs along with homages in this line.

Megatron is cast in a dark metallic brown color, again differentiating himself from other Megatrons. His wheels are cast in dark grey plastic. Silver, grey and red are used for his color details. The silver is found on his chest and face. The red is used to paint the eyes. The grey is found on the tread pieces on his arms. This color scheme really gives him the metallic look used for many of the Transformers in the films which featured the colors of silver and metallic browns quite a bit. I do find the choice of colors interesting as it's quite different from the more traditional silver color associated with the character.

There is no articulation to really discuss. Megatron does include a trailer accessory (discussed below). The main fun in the figure itself is in the "crashing" play pattern and seeing how many of your friends you can defeat! For those curious, Megatron's scores break down as follows:

  • Blaster: 900
  • Fist: 530
  • Sword: 210

    Megatron has one of the highest "Blaster" ratings among the earlier Bot Shots, which makes sense if you consider he does come with a trailer that includes a gigantic cannon it. He's also a tank in his alternate form, so I'm sure that enhances his firepower rating quite a bit. Keep in mind too that he's a tank in his alternate mode, adding even more firepower into the mix!

    Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

    1. Swing the front of the tank on the back over the robot head, this will also cause the arms to swing in.
    2. Swing the robot feet up against the underside of the car.

    Vehicle Mode:
    Like the robot mode, the vehicle mode is partly inspired by the vehicle form Megatron had in the movies, specifically his Cybertronian tank form. The design aspects that come right out of those designs include the angled panels on the front of the tank, the treads on either side and a small set of designs on the very front that are roughly shaped like his robot head. On top of that is a large central cannon leading to smaller missile pods and blasters on the back. Evidence of his angled panels from the torso can be found at the very back of the vehicle, where there's a fairly intricate set of patterns showing armor overlapping that section. Overall it's a pretty threatening looking tank and I wouldn't want to mess with it!

    Megatron uses silver and red for paint decos in this form. The silver is focused mostly on the top towards the back and the red is used on the end of the the main cannon's barrel. It's a rather subdued color scheme and I honestly would have liked to see a tad more silver, perhaps on the missile pods. However, there is much more to this vehicle than just Megatron himself.

    Trailer Launcher Review

    Trailer Mode:
    The trailer included with Megatron is like an extension of his tank form. It has a curved shape on the sides with angled sections on the bottom and top. Mounted on top is a large cannon that has hints of design elements borrowed from G1 Megatron's cannon such as the back looking like a thruster with ridged edges and an angled section leading to a tube-shaped barrel. While the trailer itself only has two wheels on the back to roll in concert with Megatron himself, there are four additional wheels sculpted onto each side. On the top towards the front appear to be raised weapon or perhaps sensor sections. Overall, the aesthetic of this trailer fits well with Megatron, offering up some nice and sleek curved sections to contrast against the more angled designs on Megatron himself.

    The trailer is cast in the same dark, metallic brown color as Megatron himself. The wheels and main cannon are dark grey while paint detail takes care of other parts such as the weapons/pods towards the front (painted grey) and a silver line pattern running along the sides with purple Decepticon symbols painted on top. It is interesting to note the Bot Shots themselves don't sport faction logos for the most part, so it's cool to see them on some aspect of the line since these little guys are duking it out.

    Megatron attaches to the front of the trailer via a series of clips. He holds with it well and if you push the vehicle along it rolls nicely on the six wheels (four on Megatron, two on the trailer).

    Transformation to Launcher Mode:

    1. Push down the main cannon and the sides of the trailer will swing out.
    2. Swing out each of the cannons on the sides.

    Launcher Mode:
    The Launcher Mode is very much akin to the old "Micromaster" bases of old, with a ramp in the center and some weaponry pointing forward. There's a lot of detail sculpted into this Launcher/Base form including corss hatching on the ramp itself and a series of line details including vent lines, "X" shapes and circles. I was really pleased at how intricate the details were, showing even with a "cute" toy line the designers want to deliver a solid product. The addition of the two cannons on the sides was very welcome and solidifies its connection to the Micromaster playsets of old.

    The interior of the launcher uses the same dark metallic brown and dark grey colors as it does in the trailer mode. The inside walls of the trailer's sides are painted silver, contrasting nicely against the dark grey cannons on the sides. The center of the ramp in the middle is painted silver from the back all the way to the front. It's a nice paint job and honestly more than I had expected.

    The launcher mechanism consists of two main parts: the cannon and two vertical pieces that you push back and lock into place. Put a Bot Shots toy on the ramp in vehicle mode and then press the canon down and the vehicle is launched! Now and then the force actually knocks a vehicle off to the side or something if you wind up pushing it, but press straight down and the vehicle should launch straight forward at your opponnent!

    Final Thoughts:
    I really love this little set. Megatron looks great and is quite distinctive from his previous incarnations in both sculpt and color while still borrowing influences from the movies. I like the use of influences from Generation One in the design of the trailer, and its launcher really is a fun feature on top of being a base for the Bot Shot Decepticons. Highly recommended!