Bot Shots Leadfoot Toy Review

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Bot Shots

General Information:
Release Date: August 2012
fPrice Point: $3.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


*Images with asterisks and text below in italics are from the Official Transformers web site:
Crash and bash your way to victory in the TRANSFORMERS BOT SHOTS Battle Game! Will your LEADFOOT vehicle convert to robot mode and make you the winner? Find out when you crash your vehicles together! Crash and bash your way to BOT SHOTS victory!

Choose your LEADFOOT vehicle’s power, then crash into battle with your opponent. Two ways to win when you crash your vehicles together! If your vehicle converts to robot mode when your opponent’s doesn’t, you’re the winner! If both of your vehicles convert, the vehicle with the highest power wins! Blaster beats Fist, Fist beats Sword and Sword beats Blaster. If neither vehicle converts, crash them all over again!

Includes vehicle. Series 1 B015 LEADFOOT. Ages 5 and up.

LeadfootBot Shots are a game based expression of the Transformers brand that focuses on interactive game play between figures. Previous attempts at this such as "Attacktix" had relied on missile firing mechanisms and point systems as the primary elements of the gaming system. Bot Shots are much more action oriented and factor the transformation of the toy into the play pattern (which Attacktix did not).

In general, all Bot Shots figures have a vehicle mode and robot mode. The transformation is triggered by "bashing" the front of the vehicle into another Bash Bot (or a wall, book...any solid surface really) causing a spring loaded feature to activate and transform the figure. This generally means revealing the robot head, arms angled out to the sides and feet along with robot mode details.

The key to the game system is a three sided hinged mechanism built into the chest. On each side is a sticker with one of three icons: a fist, a sword and a blaster - each representing a different type of combat. Presumably without your opponent seeing your selection, you turn the panel on the chest and then crash the two Bot Shots together and when the robot mode is revealed each player will know what "weapon" the other chose. The way the game works:

  • Blaster beats fist
  • Fist beats sword
  • Sword beats blaster

In the case of two Bot Shots getting the same icon each icon has a number on it indicating that character's level of that skill. Whoever has the higher number wins. It's a simple and fun system clearly developed for kids who enjoy a game element to their action figures (such as lines like Bakugan).

In earlier waves of Bot Shots figures included Topspin, a figure inspired by an Autobot from the "Dark of the Moon" interpretation of the infamous Autobot "Wreckers" team. This team has undergone many permutations over the years since their introduction in the Generation One comic book. Members have included Autobots such as Springer, Twin Twist and Whirl. In "Dark of the Moon", Leadfoot is the leader of the group and now he is part of the Bot Shots universe!

Robot Mode:
I think it's fair to say that in "Dark of the Moon", Leadfoot had a rather ungainly appearance. Short, with a big "belly" sticking out and a head design that looked like he had a long beard, he definitely did not look like a warrior that you'd expect from a group called "The Wreckers". In his Bot Shots incarnation, many of these details have been downplayed or eliminated in favor of more traditional Transformers stylings. Leadfoot's robot mode is much more traditional in design. The head is perhaps the best example of this. he takes key features of his movie counterpart, but refines them to be smoother and more sectioned off from each other (instead of the mass of metal and panels that most Movie characters appear to be). The helmet section has a large central crest, two antennae like protrusions on the sides and visor eyes. He has a regular looking mouth with a large chin piece, which is essentially substituting for the "beard" seen on "Dark of the Moon" Leadfoot. His chest design has hints of the "warped metal" look used on the Movie Transformers, but overall it looks fairly generic. His leg design seems to have less of the tubes/wires sculpted into them (found on other figures) and looks more angular and straight forward in design. I like this look a lot as it dials the "weird" factor of the Movie designs back and shows us a peek of what Leadfoot would look like if he were a regular "G1" style robot (albeit, one done in a Super Deformed style).

Leadfoot is cast in grey and black plastic, which serves as a good base color for the figure based on his "Dark of the Moon" appearance. His eys are painted light blue and the face is silver, offering a nice, bright contrast against the darker grey. His torso panel and parts of his legs are painted red, which was the other defining color of the character in the film.

There is no articulation to really discuss and Bot Shots don't come with any accessories. The main fun in this figure is in the "crashing" play pattern and seeing how many of your friends you can defeat! For those curious, Leadfoot's scores break down as follows:

  • Blaster: 445
  • Fist: 425
  • Sword: 750

I was a bit surprised by the statistics on this figure, especially the "Blaster" and "Fist" ratings, but then I thought more about his portrayal in the films. He wasn't the most imposing looking figure so maybe those numbers are a play on that. I am relieved he has a high number for the "Sword" rating is high otherwise he'd be practically useless in game play!

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the car hood on the back over the robot head, this will also cause the arms to swing in.
  2. Swing the robot feet up against the underside of the car.

Through circumstance, I wound up with two Leadfoot figures so this is one of the few times I've been able to "test transform" two different copies of the same figure. In both cases the transformation went without a hitch in five continuous transforms.

Vehicle Mode:
While the robot mode is a heavily modified interpretation of the robot mode shown in "Dark of the Moon", Leadfoot's vehicle mode is much closer in design to what was seen in the film. The base vehicle looks like a sleek race car, but the hood has several grille and vent designs towards the front with fierce looking claw details over each front wheel well. Mounted on the sides in the back are large rocket boosters and in the center he has one mean looking gatling gun. Topping all this off is a large spoiler in the back that angles high and extends wide. Overall it looks great and is easily one of my favorite vehicle modes in the line thus far.

Like the robot mode, most of the plastic here is grey, with the wheels cast in black. Red is painted on the spoiler, the otp of the cabin section and on the hood while the windows are painted metallic light blue. The colors work out nicely and while I do miss the almost garish amount of sponsor detailing on the "Dark of the Moon" version of the character, as a simplified version this guy looks great!

Final Thoughts:
I really like Leadfoot's design and he evokes the "Dark of the Moon" character beautifully. My only regret is that his stats are not a bit more formidable. If you just want a neat Bot Shots figure, absolutely pick this guy up. However if you're looking for a game changing piece to play against others, this may not be the guy you're looking for.